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Flower Color Meanings — LANGRIA

When you see a flower, one of the first things the notice is its color. Colors are what makes a flower so beautiful. But did you know that, traditionally, flower colors actually have a meaning? By knowing the right flower color meanings, you’ll be able to give a beautiful and, most importantly, suitable flower bouquet on every occasion.


Flower Color Meanings
Source: 1800 Flowers


Nowadays, flower color meanings may be less important than they were in the past. Nevertheless, many people still add a lot of value and importance on the true meaning behind the flowers they receive. Therefore, it is always a good idea to understand the meaning of flower colors before giving somebody a lovely bouquet. Whether it’s for Valentine’s day, a Birthday, or simply a random gift; by knowing the right flower color meanings, you can’t go wrong!

Whether it’s deep red, bright yellow, or warm orange, every flower color had its own rich and meaningful story. In fact, the flower colors you choose for your bouquet are just as important as the type of flowers you use. Not only because of its traditional meaning, but also because of the fact that the color simply is one of the first things you notice when you see a flower. Throughout this article, LANGRIA will introduce you to the most commonly used flower colors and their meanings.


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**Please note that flowers and colors may have a different meaning depending on your country and culture. If you wish to give flowers to a person from a foreign country, it is a smart idea to double check the flower color meanings in their culture**


The Meaning of Red Flowers

When we think about flower color meanings, people usually associate red with true love and passion. The truth is, however, that red colors can be used for much more than simply expressing love for your partner. In fact, the true meaning of red flowers stands for respect, desire, and courage. As of such, red flowers can be used in many occasions. The most popular red flower, naturally, is the rose. Besides roses, other popular flowers that are red include Geraniums, Poppies, and Tulips.


Red Flower Bouquet 
Source: Frank Gallo Florist


The Meaning of Orange Flowers

Orange is a bright and bold color that is similar to red, however, less strong. Flowers that have this color are often used to symbolize excitement and enthusiasm. As of such, orange flowers are often used for birthdays and other happy occasions. As orange is a warm color, it is often used together with red and yellow flowers in autumn and winter bouquets. Commonly used orange flowers include Tulips, Lilies, Zinnias, and Marigolds.


Orange Flower Bouquet 
Source: Send Flowers


The Meaning of Yellow Flowers

Yellow is a bright color that is normally associated with spreading happiness and joy. However, when it comes to flower color meanings, yellow also is ideal for symbolizing friendship. The bright color and positive hue of yellow colors are famous for cheering people up and putting them in a good mood. Yellow flowers are most commonly used in spring and summer bouquets, however, they are also used in winter and autumn when mixed with other warm colored flowers. The most commonly used yellow flowers are Daisies, Lilies, Tulips, and, of course, sunflowers.


Yellow Flower Bouquet 
Source: Floral Affairs of Greenfield


The Meaning of White Flowers

When we talk about flower color meanings, white traditionally stands for purity, sympathy, and innocence. Due to their meaning, white flowers and especially white flower bouquets are most commonly found at either weddings or memorial services. There are many flowers that have a white color, the most popular of which include Orchids, Roses, Daisies, and Carnations.


White Flower Bouquet 
Source: The Knot


The Meaning of Pink Flowers

The meaning of pink flowers is pretty similar to those of red ones as they mainly symbolize love. Besides that, pink flowers furthermore stand for happiness, gentleness, and femininity. Because of its happy and soft meanings, pink flowers can often be found back in bouquets used for Mother’s Day. There are many flowers available that have a lovely pink color. The most popular pink flowers include Tulips, Carnations, Azaleas, Lilies, and, of course, Roses.


Pink Flower Bouquet 
Source: Kremp


The Meaning of Lavender-Colored Flowers

Lavender, pink, and purple are similar colors, however, their flower color meaning is completely different. Lavender-colored flowers symbolize grace, youth, and elegance. They are often used in lightly-colored bouquets along with pink, green, and white flowers. Popular flowers with this color include Petunias, Orchids, and Daisies.


Lavender Flower Bouquet
Source: Send Flowers


The Meaning of Purple Flowers

Purple is a strong color that symbolizes success and, in some countries, even royalty. When it comes to flower colors, this meaning is no different. Purple flowers are used to express success along with feelings of admiration. Purple flowers may be a bit more difficult to find compared to other colors. Some flowers we know that are purple include Iris, Allium, Bellflower, and Clematis.


Purple Flower Bouquet
Source: Pixabay


The Meaning of Blue Flowers

Blue flowers are less commonly found in bouquets, however, this does not mean that they are less meaningful. When it comes to flower color meanings, blue stands for tranquility and peace. The soft blue hues are known for spreading a feeling of relaxation and comfort. This makes people feel more at ease and reduces their negative feelings and stress. Blue flowers can be found in colorful spring bouquets but are also used for cheering people up in case of, for example, sickness. Blue flowers you most likely recognize are Hydrangeas, Cornflowers, and Morning Glories.


Blue Flower Bouquet
Source: Mother Nature Networks


The Meaning of Green Flowers

Last but not least, we have green flowers. Green flowers are associated with renewal, purity, and rebirth. Added to that, green flowers are used to express good health, youth, and fortune. In order to add green to a bouquet, people often use regular leaves. There are, however, also certain flowers that have a green hue themselves. These flowers include Bells of Ireland, Anthurium, Green Cymbidium Orchid, and Button flowers.


Green Flower Bouquet
Source: 1800 Flowers 


And there you have it, all the most popular flower colors and their meanings. Keep these flower color meanings in mind, and you can always give a suitable and beautiful bouquet to your friends or lover at any occasion. For more interesting articles, please check out our LANGRIA BLOG.

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