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Countdown to Christmas With a DIY Advent Calendar — LANGRIA

These cute DIY advent calendar ideas are guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit. They are simple to make and barely cost you a thing. Making these DIY advent calendars will treat you to a fun-filled afternoon with friends and family. And best of all, they are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face every time they can open a new door while counting down to Christmas.


When I was still a child, nothing said ‘’Christmas is coming soon’’ more than to receive my very own advent calendar. Although Christmas is still a month away, the countdown has definitely started. And what could possibly better than to count down to the holiday season with your homemade DIY advent calendar?

Making a DIY advent calendar is luckily easier than it may sound like. Like with any other DIY craft project, there are plenty of different ways to build one. All you need is some creativity and time, and you’ll be ready to go. Below, LANGRIA has listed down 5 of the cutest DIY advent calendars that we believe will certainly meet your taste. They are easy to make and, most importantly, great fun for your child to open. Add a personal touch to the upcoming holiday season and start counting down with your very own DIY Christmas calendar.


DIY envelope advent calendar

Let’s start of our list of DIY advent calendars with something easy. This cute home-made Christmas calendar made from envelopes is extremely easy to put together. Nevertheless, it looks very cute once finished. You can either fill up the little envelops with a sweet note, or add small presents such as candy, baseball cards, or a toy car.


DIY Advent Calendar Envelopes
Source: Pinterest


All you need for this DIY advent calendar are 25 brown envelopes, glue, colorful pens, and additional crafting papers or labels for decoration. Simply grab your envelopes and decorate them one by one. How you decorate them is entirely up to you. You can cut out some colorful Christmas-shaped labels, or use your pen to draw something. Just remember to number them! Once finished and filled up with some small presents, you can either glue them on a large piece of paper or pin them to a frame by using a needle.


Matchbox advent calendar

Yet another simple yet oh-so-cute DIY advent calendar idea. Instead of using envelopes, this crafty idea uses matchboxes. Similar to the first idea, this cute Christmas calendar can be filled up with sweet messages or small presents. An advantage is, however, that matchboxes are stronger than paper envelops. This allows you to give a special shape to your calendars such as that of a star or Christmas tree.


DIY Advent Calendar Matchboxes
Source: Pinterest


The items needed to make this cute DIY advent calendar are things everybody has at home. First, you’ll need 25 empty matchboxes. Besides that, you’ll need Christmas wrapping paper, glue, a pair of scissors, and a pen. To start off, create 5 layers of matchboxes with sizes ranging from large to small. Use 9 boxes for the lowest layer, 7 boxes for the layer on top, followed by layers of 5, 3, and 1 box. Use the glue to stick the layers together and finish them off with a layer of colorful Christmas wrapping paper. Now, glue the layers on top of each other and us your pen to add random numbers ranging from 1 to 25 on each box. As a finishing touch, you can put a star on top of your DIY advent calendar Christmas tree.


DIY toilet paper roll calendar

The following craft idea certainly is one of my favorites when it comes to DIY advent calendars. It is extremely simple to make yet still looks adorable when finished. Another thing I like about it is that it can hold slightly larger presents compared to the previous two DIY Christmas calendar ideas.


DIY Christmas Calendar
Source: Smashedpeasandcarrots


If you wish to make this DIY toilet paper roll calendar by yourself, all you need are 25 toilet rolls, colorful wrapping paper, thin rope, paper labels, a pen, and glue. The first step to take is to cover each toilet paper roll in a colorful paper in order to make them look better. Now, insert a present and fold the rolls closed as seen on the picture – use glue to keep it in place. After that, use your little rope to attach a label to each roll, and you’ll be ready to go. To make it one complete piece, you can pin them together on a pinboard.


Tin can advent calendar

Making your own DIY advent calendar does not have to be difficult. In fact, you can use almost every type of container you wish. All you need to do is add a label, fill it up with a present, and you’re all done. If you wish to treat your kids with some larger presents this holiday season, the following DIY advent calendar is perfect for you.


Tin can advent calendar
Source: Look-what-I-made


Instead of using envelopes, small matchboxes, or toilet paper rolls, this DIY advent calendar uses metal tins. The idea is very simple and straightforward. Collect 25 tin containers (can be different sized tins, if you like), add a label, and fill them up with candy or a present. I personally would advise you to use different sized tins. This allows you to change between smaller and bigger presents every day to keep your kids excited while counting down for Christmas.


Shoe organizer advent calendar

This final DIY advent calendar truly is unique, which is why I love the idea. It is extremely simple to make with materials that can be found in any general store. The best part of it is that this advent calendar is larger in size and, instead of boxes, it features pockets to fill. This leaves you with more space to leave plenty of presents.


Shoe rack advent calendar
Source: Elizabethjoandesigns


What you need for this DIY shoe organizer advent calendar is a 24 pocket plastic shoe rack (can be found at any major furniture store or IKEA), red wool, gold paint, scissors, and glue. The idea itself is very simple and straightforward. First, take the plastic shoe rack and use your paint to mark each pocket with numbers from 1 to 24. After this, cut out 4 strips of red wool the same length of the sides of your shoe organizer. Now, use your glue gun and glue the red wool strip to the edges of your shoe organizer to give it a beautiful finishing touch. After this, all that’s left to do is to hang it from your wall and fill it up with presents!

And there you have it; 5 simple yet adorable DIY advent calendar ideas. For more fun holiday-themed DIY projects, please head over to the LANGRIA blog

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