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Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girl — LANGRIA

 Today we bring you the best Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girls. Christmas is around the corner, this is why at LANGRIA we want to help you find original gifts for your beloved ones, and more particularly, some great Christmas gift ideas for teenage girls.

When looking for presents, let’s admit it, some people are easier to gift than others. If you ask me, finding a nice gift for women is a lot easier than for men. However, there is one exception to this rule: teenage girls. Teenage girls are in the gray area for me, too old for toys, too young to put them in the women basket.

If like me you also find it hard to find the perfect Christmas gift for a teenage girl, have a look at these LANGRIA Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girls that I have compiled over the last couple of days to make the Christmas shopping easier for y’all:

Mermaid Blankets

By now everyone has heard or seen mermaids blankets. Mermaid blankets have been a super hot item for the past years, making it into this “Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girls” list. Mermaid blankets are beautiful, super cute, and will keep you warm throughout the winter while you have a nap, watch Netflix or read a good book. LANGRIA has a big collection of mermaid blankets in different colors and shapes, including a LANGRIA original full-body mermaid blanket!

Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girl mermaid blanketLANGRIA Mermaid blankets available in various sizes and colors


Aren’t they lovely? They totally transform you into Ariel, the Disney Princess from The Little Mermaid. Moreover, these mermaid blankets can be used in so many situations, from a sleepover party to a camping trip, as they are very lightweight and compact. Overall, these blankets make great Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girls. Click to view all our blankets and throws.

Soft-Sided Cat Carrier

Is she a cat lover? Some Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girls can be related to their furry friends. If your daughter or niece has a cat she loves even more than you (no offense), you can get her this fashionable carrier bag. Unlike most cat carriers made of plastic and very basic and rough, this LANGRIA cat carrier is soft and totally looks like a canvas bag.

Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girl cat carrier

LANGRIA’s soft-sided cat carrier with a stylish camouflage pattern


What makes it very casual yet fashionable is the cool camouflage pattern and all the pockets to carry cat treats as well as your belongings (wallet, keys…). But let’s not forget about the main user of this carrier; the cat will travel comfortably inside this soft-sided cat carrier as it has multiple mesh windows and it is roomy enough. So, in the end, cat carriers are not just some Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girls but also for the cat!

Bamboo Monitor Stand to Study and Work

Another item that made it into this 2018 “Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girls” list is this Scandinavian-inspired bamboo monitor stand. And here is why: teenagers always have busy schedules, especially if they are finishing their high school years and heading to University. If your teenager girl is a hard working lady (and her desk is kind of messy or she is IN LOVE with stationary), this bamboo monitor stand is your best choice.

Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girl bamboo monitor stand

100% Natural bamboo monitor and laptop stand


It is a pretty and modern stand that will help her keep the study desk more organized and stylish. This stand comes with various slots and holders for the phone, tablet, mug of tea, pencils and more. Moreover, the stand raises the monitor up closer to your eye level, promoting better ergonomics and reducing neck pain. What do you think of it? In my opinion is a very different yet thoughtful gift and that is why I included it into the LANGRIA 2018 Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girls list.

Makeup organizers

I can recall being a senior high school teenager the first time that cosmetics and beauty products started to interest me. I remember my first eyeshadow kit, very basic and with mild colors. Ever since my beauty collection never stopped increasing until today. As a teenager looking to own makeup products, you want to spend your pocket money on the actual cosmetics, not the accessories, this is why makeup organizers are great Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girls. At LANGRIA we have a selection of different cosmetics and skin care organizers in different sizes and shapes:

Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girl acrylic makeup organizer

Acrylic makeup organizer (please note the cosmetics are not included)


Acrylic makeup organizers are basic but they fulfill their role as expected. What I like most about then is their see-through design that allows you to spot that eyeliner that you are looking for within seconds.

Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girl acrylic 360 rotating makeup organizer

This  rotating acrylic makeup organizer doesn’t take much space on the desk and has a great storage capacity to display all beauty products and accessories


What do you think of this rotating makeup carousel organizer? If she is starting to collect a good amount of cosmetics, this one is my favorite! To start with, it rotates 360 degrees, it is built vertically, so that it doesn’t take much space on the dressing table, and it has special compartments for lipsticks, nail polish and other tools like brushes.

Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girl travel makeup case

Travel makeup case with handles and adjustable compartments


The professional portable makeup organizer is a more colorful option (as it is available in black or pink) and has a larger storage capacity. Moreover, it has a handle and it is perfect as a travel makeup case.


A Travel kit

Last but not least in this “Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girls” list, a travel kit. Your teenage girl is growing faster than you expected and if she is participating in high school activities, she might join a student trip soon (if she didn’t do it yet). At LANGRIA we have the perfect travel kit gift for her, which includes:

Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girl travel packing cubes

Organizing clothes when traveling is easier with these packing cubes (available in more colors)


Travel packing cubes

The moment I tried the travel bags, my experience improved significantly in terms of organization. With these packs, you can organize your clothes into different categories and separate the clean from the dirty one. The travel packing cubes are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girl travel pillow

Travel neck pillows make the whole traveling more comfortable


Travel neck pillow

This foldable and extremely compact travel neck pillow is made of memory foam and it is very cute and fun with vibrant colors to match your girl’s personality

Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girl sleep eyemask

A travel kit will never be complete without a sleeping eye mask to block the light


Venetian-inspired sleep eyemask

If she is going by plane, you should definitely throw a sleep eyemask to this travel kit. The 3D eye masks are very comfortable as they have eye cavities for zero pressure on the eyes as well as a nose contoured shape. Moreover, this one has a pretty Venetian cat-eye shape design.

Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girl jewelry box

Small and cute travel size jewelry box in sweet pastel colors (more colors available)


Travel size jewelry box

For her to carry her favorite earrings, rings, and necklaces, there’s nothing better than this cute and compact jewelry box available in multiple colors!

What do you think of these Christmas gifts ideas for teenage girls? We hope that you find inspiration for this year’s Christmas shopping. If you have any question about these products, please let us know in the comment section below.

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