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9 Impressive Walk In Closet Ideas for Your Dressing Room — LANGRIA

Having a walk in closet in your dressing room will make life more enjoyable. The abundance of storage space with all the functions and personality you need, auto switch between your vanity table and cloakroom. No one can resist the temptation to own such a perfect personal space! From design to layout, and shelves to dressers, LANGRIA will inspire you to optimize every square inch of your closet with the 9 impressive yet elegant walk in closet ideas.


Add a Pop of Color

To make it all come together, the first step to creating a walk in closet is to add a pop of color. Make sure the overall hue, then fill it with your large items and lovely gadgets. You can match colors easily because your closet is not a large space. And it is a perfect place to express your personality since most closets are not in the shared spaces of a house. Paste fancy wallpaper that makes a statement, match the same color hangers, then you will own a walk in closet all to yourself.


wall color

Source: stylelovely


Set Up a Vanity

As a vanity, your dressing table provides an intimate space in your walk in closet. So you can own a quiet place to get ready in the mornings, before your parties, or for any time you would make up and dress up for a go-out. Set up a modern or classic vanity, add adequate lighting for applying makeup, use beautiful boxes to story your jewelry. Consider making a statement by adding an antique wooden stool, then you will own a walk in closet for every conceivable need and taste.


Source: Pinterest


Put a Dressing Stool

If you want a walk in closet of comfort and versatility, make sure you add cozy seating. A dressing stool is a comfy place for you to sit, offers you a very easy location to rest or make up. Pair an accent stool with a vanity table, add some art elements to create a luxurious boudoir. Choose a small one, so you can tuck it in your table in a breeze and easily take in or take out when necessary. A walk-in closet that allows you to stand up or sit and walk undoubtedly is a great time saver.



Source: stylelovely


Keep Things Open

Learn to keep your things exposed by a walk in closet with an open-type design. Since coat hangers aren’t all-purpose to store all types of clothing items, a few helpers like cube storage and cabinets can make things easier. Or you can directly use an open-type wardrobe, hanging heavy clothing items together. Set the purses and bags on open shelves and surfaces rather than a closed drawer, keep your apparel organized by category and unit. It is a cool idea that saves space but still provides you with everything you need to be clear at a glance.


open walk in closet

Source: Hall of Homes


Prioritize Space for Something

Everyone wants to have a walk in closet that allows them to pick items in a snap. Either an exquisite necklace for a normal party or a purse will keep you ready for work tomorrow. There is always something requiring priority. However, multifarious sundries and objects may submerge it. An abundance of jewelry and accessories, different sizes and shapes of jars, various styles and colors of clothing items. All force us think of prioritizing space for something you need. So reserve a tiny cubicle to the specific thing you need and do not pile irrelevant sundries, you will get access to gain it quickly.



 Source: housemethod


Get a Creative Closet

If you want a walk-in closet but don’t have leftover space, try to dig some unexpected or unused space, like under the stairs. Lay aside the routine thoughts and designs, arrange your shelves and dressers according to the room’s angle and shape. Install shelves on a portion of the wall along the lower side. Attach a few rows of hooks to the side of shelving to hang little accessories. Use a combo of low, free-standing dressers and put them on the other side, lean a mirror on the wall. Similar setup also can be used in a narrow walk-in space, in a triangle corner, or even on the back wall. You can make the most of every square inch so this special space can become a spacious walk in closet.


good closet

Source: De La Haye Makelaardij


Create a Jewelry Wall

Getting ready every day will be easier if you can find your favorite pieces of jewelry at a glance in your walk-in closet. In this closed space you can put them on a tray on one of the shelves, or just hang those bling-bling trinkets on the wall. Piling them together sometimes makes your accessories get tangled if you have long necklaces or earrings with hooks. So you can make a jewelry wall by sticking some small cute hangers or hanging a wall-mounted jewelry cabinet on the inside of your closet door. Simply open the door, you will see and choose your accessories at a snap. This narrow awkward space, adding an easy-to-care jewelry wall, morphs into a smart walk-in closet which adds a touch of simplicity while protecting your accessories against clutter.

 jewelry wall

Source: lizmarieblog


Hide Things in Small Storage

Small storage that’s as aesthetic as it is practical can easily transform your old-fashioned wardrobe into a stylish walk-in closet. Open top boxes and baskets, made of plain fabric with easy-to-grab handles, match your decor style in a variety of color and size. Homologous hue and texture make your closet obey your every whim. More important, small storage can intelligently split your closet into multiple categories, so you can focus on the important items you need and always know where even the smallest things are. This creative idea will turn your wardrobe from a mash of sundries and objects into a sortable, adjustable, hierarchical collection of pieces.

 small storage

Source: stylelovely


Set A Fake Walk In Closet

A new way of thinking about your dressing room. Install hanging rods and a panel top on a blank wall. Wall-mounted racks and shelves set on the wall to double the storage space you need. A chest of dresser between the various clothing and dressing collections, with a hanging mirror on the surface, versatile enough to create a functional yet playful closet. If you use an abundance of racks and rods but don’t necessarily want to keep these accessories in sight all the time, an opaque curtain can easily switch this flexible walk in closet.

 walk in closet idea

Source: Future/Rachael Smith



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