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4 Home decor ideas from Nordic — LANGRIA

Hello friends, I have read some decoration books these days, exciting to share some Nordic ideas with you~
1 The favorite seat is not a sofa 
Some couples, who live happily for a long time, have a common point: Besides sofa, they always put two soft armchairs on the corner of living room. They lie on the armchair after a tiring day of work, enjoy the sunset together or talk over a glass of wine, it’s an intimate and independent world of two.
The footstool is the key of armchair, pls note that the height of the stool should be same with the chair surface, or I think you’ll don’t know how to put your leg.
It’s no matter with the look of stool, if you can’t afford a set of armchair, buy a cheaper stool wouldn’t affect the comfort.  You can buy it online easily.
2 The bigger cabinet need to look smaller
Scandic’s preferences for cabinets are diverse, but have the same attitude to big cabinet—-looks small.
In Nordic homes, even the smallest bedroom looks clean and bright, how they can do this? One point is they keep the wardrobe and wall the same color, then you’d have more choice of furniture and color.
source: Pinterest. The wardrobe is disappeared when you close the door
The other point is to put your bed in the center of the room, let the space behind the bed as wardrobe space, you can use a light wall or a curtain to separate the two spaces.
source: Pinterest. 
source: Pinterest. 
source: Pinterest. 
3 Change wall color
Nordic are interested in decoration, one of items they always want to buy is wallpaper, which can make house into what they like. 
EU’s developed innovative industries bring many conveniences to home decor, like wallpaper, they can buy or customize one online, it’s convenient. 
4 Using dark color to make room bright
That’s right, half of the black wall could make any poor lighting bedroom bright. As there is no much need for light in bedroom, just an exquisite warm light can make you into a sweet dream. This is a special idea deserve to have a try.

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