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What Are Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives? — LANGRIA

Those of you who are serious about cooking have probably heard about Damascus steel kitchen knives before. Although there are plenty of different kitchen knives available, the ones made from Damascus steel often are considered to be the best. But what is Damascus steel, and why is it considered to be better than other types of steel when it comes to kitchen knives? Throughout this article, LANGRIA will introduce you to all you have to know about Damascus kitchen knives and its benefits over those made from other materials.

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What is Damascus steel?

Nowadays, there are many kitchen knives on the market that come with a blade made from Damascus steel. But what exactly does it mean for steel to be Damask, and does it bring along any added value?


Damascus Steel Knife Kitchen


Simply put, Damascus steel items consists out of a high number of different steel layers welded into each other. Unlike regular knives that are poured from a single batch of steel, Damascus steel kitchen knives are made from numerous tiny layers of folded steel. This effect is created by stretching a piece of hot steel in a long thin piece and then folding it together and welding it onto each other again. This process is repeated several times in order to obtain a piece of steal that consist out of hundreds of different tiny layers. This is the main reason why Damascus steel kitchen knives feature this amazing wavy pattern at the side of each blade.


What are the benefits of Damascus steel kitchen knives?

As you can imagine, producing Damascus steel kitchen knives takes a whole lot longer than simply creating a regular knife by pouring normal steel into a mold in a single batch. So, why do people still choose to produce Damascus steel knives?

Besides the fact that Damascus steel kitchen knives simply look amazing, they have two other major advantages over normal steel knives:

  • By stretching the steel and creating different layers, the imperfections inside of the steel are distributed over the entire knife. As a result, potential weak spots inside of the steel blade disappear. This makes Damascus steel kitchen knives much stronger compared to kitchen knives made from regular steel. The crystal structure of the steel is furthermore refined by sharpening. This results in the fact that both knives and (in the past) swords made from Damascus steel are much harder to break.
  • Damascus steel knives are not poured like regular knives, but instead, they are heated in the fire before folding. During this heating process, the knife takes in carbon from the fire and by folding the steel over and over again, the carbon is spread throughout the entire blade. This added carbon further hardens the steel.

Because of its unique forging technique, Damascus steel kitchen knives are stronger and more durable compared to regular poured steel knives. As a result, they are able to withstand a lot more pressure and are capable of cutting through much harder materials.


Do we really need Damascus steel kitchen knives?

Damascus steel has been around for over a thousand years, however, it has not always been used for kitchen knives. Originally, this unique type of steel was only used in the weapon industry for the production of swords in the Middle East. Thanks to their impressive strength and durability, Damascus steel swords were far superior compared to those made from normal steel.


Damascus Steel Kitchen Knifes



Nowadays, however, the strength of Damascus steel is no longer a necessity. After all, we don’t use swords anymore and kitchen knives are used for cutting through (mostly) soft materials. So, do we really need Damascus steel kitchen knives? The truth is that today, Damascus steel is mostly seen as an art form. Thanks to their stunning appearance, Damascus steel kitchen knives simply are a feast to look at. Not a single cook, professional or casual, can deny the fact that a Damascus steel kitchen knives look way cooler than any other knife on the market. As of such, Damascus steel no longer is a necessity nor does it offer any real benefits over regular steel when it comes to kitchen knives. Besides their stunning look, when it comes to cutting performance for cooking tasks, regular steel and Damascus steel kitchen knives offer the same results.


The best Damascus steel kitchen knives

When it comes to kitchen knives and Damascus steel, it is no secret that many modern so-called Damascus kitchen knives are, in fact, not made according to the traditional technique, In fact, so-called industrial Damask steel is used, which is often chemically or mechanically processed to create illustrations on the steel blade that look like authentic Damask patterns.


Damascus Steel Pattern
Source: kramerKnives


Although rare, there still are authentic Damask kitchen knives to be found on the market. A great example of such a knife is our very own LANGRIA Damascus steel kitchen knife. This beauty is extremely tough, sharp, and looks absolutely stunning in the way any authentic Damask knife would. If you’re looking to add some style to your kitchen, this beautiful knife is perfect for you.

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