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Watercolor Wall: Add a Splash of Color — LANGRIA

Add a splash of color to your home with a watercolor wall. Learn about watercolor walls and check our favorite for inspiration.

Walls are oftentimes underestimated, but if you think about it, they say a lot about you and your personality, as they are part of the decor of your home, therefore, a way to express yourself through them. Moreover, if you want to change the vibe and look of a room, painting the walls is probably one of the best and most inexpensive ways to do so. There are many styles and color options to paint the walls of your home, but today we want to focus on one specific style: the watercolor wall art. Watercolor walls have been around since 2015 and Pinterest is the best proof of it. The good news is that this technique is easy to achieve, so you can DIY. The outcome is totally unique and you will have a great time while you paint it! However, if you are not into DIY, don’t worry, there are many online shops where you can purchase wall murals and paste them into the wall. It is a bit expensive but you will get a perfect design without much hassle.


Why we love the watercolor wall?

Watercolor walls add a sense of fluidity to the room. Furthermore, it is a great complement to the rest of your white walls at home. This décor trend can transform your home, as the splash of color adds a creative and contemporary ambiance that quickly turns around the whole room. Another reason why we love watercolor walls is that they go well literally everywhere: living room, bedroom, dressing room, study room, office space, waiting rooms… Just name any space!


Different ways to do watercolor wall:

There are a variety of styles and techniques that you can look into. You can choose to paint a whole wall, part of it, use one color tone or a palette of tones, create a gradation or ombré effect, or go for a more original style adding flowers, clouds, sea-inspired murals, etc. Have a look at these beautiful watercolor walls and find inspiration for your own watercolor mural.


Watercolor walls with blue and green hues

These colors represent life and calm, and they remind of the movement of the waves in the sea. If your home and your spirit is serene, these colors will work wonderfully with your home decor

Walls with red and pink hues

Love and passion are easily represented with red and pink tones. These tones are very feminine and add some warmth to the decor of the room. Moreover, pink goes great now that we are in spring time!

Relaxing grey hues

If you want to experiment with watercolors but are scared of too much color of a sudden, go for a grey or brown. Add extra water so that the colors fade away. You can also combine grey with another color for an elegant and cozy vibe

Colorful walls full of personality

If you are a person full of energy and want to transfer some of that energy to the decor of your home, go all-in! Play with different color combinations for a colorful watercolor wall. It will create a state of positivity and good vibrations!

Do you want to see other home decor trends? Have a look at the 2018 home decor trends and the 2017 home decor trends to see what’s in, what’s out and to get inspiration for your own space and home decoration. What do you think about the watercolor wall murals? Are you going to give it a try? Let us know your thoughts and other ideas to paint your walls.

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