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Warm and Cozy DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas — LANGRIA

Create a cozy and warm bedroom for the upcoming autumn and winter months with these simple DIY bedroom decor ideas.

Now that autumn is well on its way and winter is right around the corner, the days are steadily getting darker and colder. During this time of the year, nothing is better than to snuggle away with your partner in a warm, comfortable and nicely decorated bedroom. At LANGRIA, we consider the bedroom as one of the most important rooms in our home. And although we might not spend too much time in there during the day, we still believe it’s essential to have some warm and cozy bedroom decor. This is why we bring you this list with 5 simple DIY bedroom decor ideas that you can use to cozy up your bedroom for the cold months that lay ahead.  

1) DIY curtain bed decor

Let’s start off our list of DIY bedroom decor ideas with something simple and basic. The easiest way to bring some warmth and coziness into our bedroom is by simply adding some cute light decoration. Not only does this create a warm atmosphere, it also sets a perfect mood for the upcoming holiday season. Simply get your hands on some LED light strings or Christmas lighting and nicely hang them from your roof, curtains, or bed. You can use any color LED lights of your liking to make sure your new DIY bedroom decor fits with the overall style of your room.

When choosing the right LED light string for your new DIY bedroom decor, it is advisable to take the ones that do not shine too bright. Also, it is better to stay away from models that flash or have any other type of distracting lighting modes. After all, you don’t want your new curtain and bed decor to keep you from sleeping at night. Decorating your bedroom with some LED lights is very easy and cheap. And to let you in on a little secret, there is no need to remove this warm DIY bedroom decor once the winter months are over. To be fair, these LED lights are great for bedroom decoration no matter what season it is.  

2) Mattress spring display board

This DIY bedroom decor idea might be a bit more complicated to make, however, the end result makes it all worth it. With its old industrial and rusty look, this mattress spring display board is the perfect piece of DIY bedroom decor for any young boy’s bedroom. With the right materials and mindset, it won’t take you more than a fun-filled afternoon to put this beautiful decor piece together.  

All you need to make your own mattress spring display board is an old iron mattress spring from a crib, along with some paint and decor pieces. You can paint this DIY bedroom decor piece in any color of your liking to make sure it matches the overall design of the room. The decor pieces you use to decorate the mattress spring can also be anything you wish, ranging from old clocks to paper notes and wooden frames. For a full step-by-step guide with pictures on how to create this amazing mattress spring display board, please head over to this website.  

 3) Sweater pillows

Now that the temperatures drop, it’s time to get those old sweaters and other winter clothes out of the closet. The problem is, however, that every autumn again, you realize that you drastically need some new winter clothes. The question is, what to do with the old ones you no longer wear? It is very simple to get rid of them but, instead of throwing them away, why not up-cycle them and turn them into something new? By doing so, you reduce your waste and negative impact on the environment.

One great way in which you can up-cycle your old sweaters is by turning them into cute sweater pillows. These sweater pillows are soft, comfortable, and form a great piece of DIY bedroom decor. To make your own sweater pillows, simply take an old sweater and turn it inside out. Place your pillow form onto the sweater and measure around the pillow. When doing so, make sure to leave a small margin to sew. Now, mark and cut the sweater and get ready to sew the two pieces together (remember to turn the right side out). Cut away the excess sweater, and your DIY home decor sweater pillows are all done!  

4) Map gallery wall

For all geography and topography lovers such as myself, the following DIY bedroom decor offers a perfect way to spice up your room. This decor idea is great for both adults and children alike. It does not only look cool, but it also is educative! You can literally use any map of your liking to make this gallery wall to make sure it fits with your current bedroom decor.

Making this map gallery wall couldn’t be easier. All you need is a number of large picture frames and an old Atlas you no longer need. Pick the regional maps of your liking, carefully cut them out, and place them inside the frames. Additionally, you can also simply head over to a print shop and print some maps from the internet in large A3 format. Once you have framed them up, hang them from your wall, and your DIY bedroom decor gallery wall is all done. Naturally, you can use any other type of pictures to decorate your wall in case you’re not really into geography.  

5) DIY bedside table

To finish off our list of cozy DIY bedroom decor ideas, we have this extremely simple DIY bedside table. The truth is, this bedside table actually is nothing more than a regular Expedit Square from IKEA. All we have done is add some wooden table legs, and voilà; we have our own cute little bedside table for less than 10 Dollars!

As you might have guessed by now, all you need for this DIY bedroom decor piece is a single IKEA Expedit Square, four wooden table legs, a drill, and some screws. Simply attach the four wooden table legs to the shelving unit, and you’re all set!

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