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Wall Decor: 10 Ideas to Spice up Your Room — LANGRIA

What’s the first image that comes to your mind when you hear the words “wall decor”? Is that all about painting the wall with some great drawing ideas? Or mounting some hangers so you can hang something? In fact, wall decor is much more than that.

A great wall decor design can not only help you to grant a stylish ambiance to your lovely home, but it can also save you a lot of space. This helps you to store and organize your items if you do it the right way.

Below, you will find 10 tips to learn how to construct your wall decor in an appropriate way to make your home fancy and organized.  

1. Wall shelves

If your room isn’t that spacious, simply place some shelves on the wall and suddenly, you will get some extra space for a lot of items. You can either mount it on a wall that is behind a sofa, place one in the kitchen for your kitchenware, or even in a bathroom for all your toiletries. Wherever you want them, shelves can definitely help you utilize the limited room size to provide you with extra storage space. Recently, rent prices are crazy. This is especially the case in larger cities such as LA, Seattle, and Chicago. Therefore, it is important to use your room space wisely as this may save you a lot of money on rent. Besides, shelves will never look out-of-date. A simple wooden shelf with a blank wall can be a classic match to add a new style to a determined space. No matter the decorative style you are going to adopt, shelves will always do their job and show all your visitors that you have a good taste decorating your home. If you have a designing spirit inside your soul, you may want to try some shelves in different shapes and colors. Diverse shapes and colors can surely help add a trendy feel to your room. Just remember not to stuff them completely. You don’t want them to look messy.

Credit to: Burak Doğan
by Burak Doğan

2. Wall Hooks

A wall hook is also a great piece of home decor that allows you to store items. The more important feature of wall hooks is its compact beauty and beautiful color choices. You can easily match up your blank wall with a fitting wall-mounted hook to give your room a fresh look. Why not place one wall-mounted hook in your bathroom to help you dry your towels and bathrobe after taking a shower? Or use one in your hallway to hold your hats, coats, and scarf. Having a wall hook at the right place in your home makes your daily life a lot more convenient. 

3. Baskets

Have you ever thought about using a grass basket to add some style to your room? Try not to simply use it as a storage solution for books and blankets. Instead, think outside of the box and give it a completely different purpose. As we all know, baskets are lightweight, portable, and decent looking. Well displaying a basket can definitely add some unique style to your room in order to make the whole space better organized and cozier. In addition, beautifully designed baskets can be used for more than just storing stuff. Take a look at Africa grass baskets for example. When they are painted with different colors and patterns, you can surely regard them as stylish decor pieces to decorate your space rather than a storage solution.  

4. Plants

Living in the city can be convenient, however, the fast-paced lifestyle also brings along physical and mental pressure. A great way to make you feel better at home is by adding some greens. Plants will make your home feel fresher and create an ambiance that allows you to relax after a long day of work. You can either place some plants in a basket or hang them from your wall. There are many ways in which you can use plants to decorate your home.

5. Pocket wall organizers

Pocket wall organizers are a rising wall decorating trend that has been around for several years now. With these pocket wall organizers, you can easily save some space and keep your items out of sight. They come in multiple colors to add a nice and colorful touch to your home decor.

6. Decorative wall paintings

If you think your walls are too plain and would like to add some decoration to them, decorative wall paintings are a great way to go. There are many highly affordable paintings in different styles and shapes available. Now it won’t be difficult to find a wall painting that will match your interior decor. Simply pick the paintings of your liking, match them up with each other, and you’ll be ready to go. After hanging some paintings onto your blank wall your home will instantly look more livable. Another option is to add a splash of color with a watercolor wall.

7. Irregular wall mirrors

Mirrors are not only useful for your everyday life, but they are also great as home decor accents, as they add a certain style to the room. And did you know that mirrors come in all shapes and sizes? Recently, irregular wall mirrors are used as decorative elements as they are very original and unique.  Besides their use to check your outfit and their use as an accent piece of your home, mirrors also make your room look bigger. This makes them ideal for small city apartments.

8. Wall dot hooks

This refreshing and modern type of wall hook is still relatively unknown and rare. Hence, you do not see them often in people’s homes. Nevertheless, they look amazing! Wall dot hooks come in different colors and sizes and can be combined in any way imaginable. They are perfect to be used in hallways to organize jackets, scarfs, and hats. You do, however, not have to use them for storage purposes only. These modern wall dot hooks simply look stylish on their own – making them a great piece of home decoration.

9. Anything from Wood

With its natural look, wood never gets outdated. One effective way to make your room more appealing is by adding some wood wall decorations. They look beautiful, high-end, and add a certain feeling of coziness to your home. You can even combine wood with some small plants, adding an extra natural touch to your interior.

10. Bohemian Tapestry

The Bohemian style is one of the most critical elements that many interior designers are willing to adopt into their projects. Bohemian decoration comes with vivid and rich colors which truly makes them stand out. Thanks to this, they create a strong visual impact. It is sure to attract the eyes of your guests. The Bohemian style is filled with romance and mystery, which makes it attractive to homeowners who wish to spice up their interior decor. It can be a simple one-colored wall decor tapestry. In one sentence, it is not easy to prepare a wall decor plan to redecorate your home. Nevertheless, it is valuable to do so. From LANGRIA we can tell you that a great room ambiance is healthy and, besides looking great, it brings along plenty of benefits for both your mind and physical health. If you want some other inspiring DIY ideas for decorating your home creatively, check out our DIY blog to find more interesting contents. We’ll upload new DIY and home decor related stuff every week. And feel free to leave comments below, tell us your opinion about this blog and also share us some of your own experience in decorating your homes.  

Editor: Eloisa Latorre

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