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Unique Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Spring — LANGRIA

Now that spring lies just around the corner and the days are getting longer, it is about time to get rid of your outdoor Christmas lights and replace them with something more suitable for the sunny days ahead. Spring is the perfect time to decorate your porch with cute DIY projects and colorful flowers. Not only will it make your house look absolutely stunning, but it also will bring some joy and happiness into your life. Decorating my porch for spring is one of my favorite ways to welcome the warmer days. Below, LANGRIA will introduce you to our top 5 spring porch decorating ideas that are unique in their own way. With these colorful porch decor ideas, you’ll be able to welcome your guests in style during the upcoming spring season.

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DIY Flower Ladder

When most people think about a ladder, they do not necessarily think about spring or porch decor, however, this stunning flower ladder may change your mind. If you’re looking for a unique and stunning way to add some color to your spring porch, this is the perfect home crafts idea for you. Sure, it may take some time to put together but, nevertheless, it is extremely easy. Besides, all the hard work will certainly pay off because the end result is guaranteed to impress. With this colorful spring flower ladder at your porch, your home has never looked better!


Flower Ladder Porch
Source: AshbeeDesign


To build your own DIY flower ladder, you’ll first have to make the ladder itself. Luckily, this is relatively easy. All you need are two large Birch branches and around 5 shorter sticks. Now, get yourself a hammer and some nails, and attach the shorter sticks horizontally to the long branches in order to create a ladder. Please keep in mind that this ladder is for decorative purposes only and should not be climbed on!


Spring fowers porch
Source: AshbeeDesign


Once the ladder itself is done, you’re ready to start adding the flowers. For this, you’ll need rope, 5 flower baskets, and your favorite spring flowers. Simply fill up the flower pots with soil and the flowers of your liking and hang each pot from an individual ladder tray. Now, carefully lean the ladder to your wall on your porch, and your DIY spring flower ladder is all done and ready to impress!


Hanging Flower Lanterns

No matter if the days are getting longer, candles are always great for porch decor. You can use them in the evening to welcome your friends or family at home or, even when they are not lit, they provide a feeling of coziness to your porch decor. This is especially the case when you combine the candles with some nicely decorated spring lanterns that are guaranteed to bring the right seasonal vibes.


Spring candles porch
Source: Little Brags


Take these adorable spring flower lanterns for example. All you need to make them for yourself are some old lanterns, candles, string, and the flowers or moss of your liking for decorative purposes. Simply place the flowers or moss inside of the lantern, puy your candle on top, and hag them from your porch ceiling. When in place, these spring lanterns look absolutely beautiful. Although you can light up the candles, just remember that these flower lanterns are mostly for decorative purposes. If you choose to light up the candle, please remember to keep an eye on your lanterns because the flowers or moss can, of course, catch on fire when they are dry!


Rainboot Flower Pots

The following DIY spring porch decor idea is very unique yet so easy that you simply have to give it a try! These colorful flower-filled rainboots are the perfect spring decor. You can get them in any color of your liking and you can use your favorite flowers to makes sure they perfectly fit with the other decor pieces found on your porch. But this is not even the best thing about these rainboot flower pots. The best thing is that they are extremely easy to make and barely cost a thing!


Rain Boot Flowers Porch Spring
Source: Twelveoaksmanor


To make your own rainboot flower pots, simply grab yourself an old pair of rainboots. You can either use some that you have left over at home or head over to the local thrift shop and buy a pair for a couple of Dollars. Once you got your rain boots, get your hands on some cut wildflowers and simply stick them in the boots. Now, place your boots anywhere on the porch and your spring decor is all set.


Spring House Number DIY

Have you ever noticed that almost every house in the neighborhood has the exact same style house number plate attached to their wall? Naturally, there is nothing wrong with this but, personally, I always wonder whether there isn’t a more unique and colorful way to number our houses. This is why I truly love the following spring DIY idea. It allows you to display your house number in a natural and different way, separating your house from the rest and directly decorating your porch. Sure, this craft idea may be a bit more complicated and time-consuming, but the end result makes it totally worth it.


Spring House Numbers
Source: Abeautifulmess


To make your own spring house number plate you’ll need the following items: large house numbers, faux grass, wooden planks, screws, paint, and multi-surface glue. Please note these are the items needed if you want to make your box from scratch. If you rather use a ready-made box, all you need are your house numbers, the box, glue, and some screws. For the complete instructions on how to make your own spring house number box, please check out this simple picture tutorial by abeautifulmess.


Galvanized Buckets

Who said that DIY spring porch decor has to be complicated? In fact, there are plenty of simple ways to add some color to your spring porch for cheap. The easiest way that is by far one of my personal favorites is the use of galvanized buckets as flower pots.


DIY Spring Porch Flowers
Source: Little Brags


All you need for this DIY porch decor is a galvanized bucket, soil, and your favorite bulb flowers. Personally, I love to use spring flowers such as tulips, hyacinths, or narcissus. Simply fill up your bucket with soil, add in the bulbs, and wait for your flowers to bloom. Once in bloom, these colorful flowers in combination with the rusty galvanized bucket will add a unique spring feel to your lovely porch.

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