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TRICK OR TREAT? Scare Your Guests With These Spooky Halloween Decorati — LANGRIA

Try our creative ideas for last-minute Halloween decorations and scare your guests!

Halloween is coming and are you ready to spend a funny and scary night at this great celebration? Transform your home into a haunted house for this festival with our creative ideas for eerie Halloween decorations. Stick with a series of spiders to give your home a gloomy look that has been long since anyone went inside. Create a  bleak silhouette in the mirror to frighten your friends, light up some carved pumpkins when the guests come into your house. From chilling lampshades to spiderweb candles, everyone can get crafting here to decorate your Halloween home. Try these funny spooky Halloween decorations and frighten your friends – Halloween is about a lot of spooktacular F-U-N!


Fall Felt Leaf Wreath

Using some gentle Halloween decorations on the door, this will give your friends a little bit of courage to walk in. So this fall felt leaf wreath is a perfect decor. It is surrounded by the yellow and green leaves, with a black crow standing on the branches, reflecting a subtle sense in the flickering light. Push the door to see what will happen.


 wreath halloween
Source: HGTV


Crafting this colorful door decoration is interesting. The first step is to cut various types of leaf-shaped templates from craft paper. Cut assorted felt colors and fuse into sheets, then iron the felt colors and sheet together by an easy-to-hold iron. Cut out leaves and remove paper packing. Iron leaf to contrasting felt sheet and trim around leaf to create a two-toned leaf. Repeat the previous steps, making 20-30 leaves. Now, weave a wreath with grapevine branches and attach leaves to it with fabric glue. Place a crow inside the lower edge of wreath to add a creepy touch. Hang it on the door to greet your guests.


Creepy Halloween Mirror

Make this creative haunted specter mirror and overlay it with other Halloween decorations such as bloody candles, magnetic spiders, or a fake spider web. You can hang it in the bathroom, hallway, and anywhere you want in your home. This funny project takes no time to make and can truly present the spirit of Halloween.


halloween mirror
Source: Tumblr

To make a Halloween haunted mirror, first, prepare a vintage wall mirror. The round frame is the best to express a downright creepiest haunted-house theme. The best place is your bathroom, where the door and the mirror are on opposites, so you can create the most unexpected and creepiest effect. Hang a skull or put a creepy photo behind the door. Most people ignore the back of the door when they come in, however, they will instantly be scared when they close the door. The sudden reflection in the mirror will give them a memorable fright!


DIY Stair Full of Mice

It ‘s good to be easy. There are various Halloween decorations and I think the simplest one is the best one. And is the scariest sometimes, isn’t it? With this easy project, you can create a flock of mice as a decoration for your interior walls and stairs. To create such a scene, all you need to do is make a template and cut out paper mice from black construction paper. Or, you even can cut a paper with the shape of mousehole. When you attach them to the stair, make them close to the bottom of the steps as much as possible. Children will enjoy the process of cutting paper mice and using them to create a scary stair. This makes the project full of joy. If you are looking for an easy, quick, hassle-free way to decorate your Halloween house, these mouse stickers are perfect for you.


halloween decor
Source: Martha Stewart


Chilling Spider Lamp

With this unique DIY Halloween lamp decor piece, you certainly get into the right dark and haunted-house game. The square lamp with a dizzy and dim light, reflecting the crawling tracks of spiders, which melt in the quirky tune silently, gloomy and terrifying. I know you are itching to craft this scary project to scare your friends!


halloween decoration
 Source: decoratorista


To make the chilling spider decoration, the first step is to set up an antique light lamp. Use the linen fabric with a light color so that the spiders can be easy to hang. Set up a dim yellow light rather than a bright light to make the scene more realistic and scary. Then attach some plastic spiders on the surface. If you choose one with a glossy lamp outside, simply stick them with the glue. Remember to place them unevenly. Add some spiders on your wall, lampstand, table, and other Halloween decorations, revealing to a more naturally haunted feeling.


DIY Carved Pumpkins

Carved pumpkins always add a rich touch of spookiness to your porch or courtyard, making them the perfect Halloween decorations. They are super easy to make whether if you do with families, friends or your children. A classic jack-o’-lantern, painted and carved pumpkins, or just simple geometric shapes on the surface, you can easily add a ghoulish glow and some autumn elements to your upcoming festival. Carve one or one more pumpkins, insert a candle, and get ready to frighten your guests with these DIY Halloween decorations!

pumpkin halloween
Source: MPR news


If you would like to make your own DIY carved pumpkins, you can check out our previous blog article. Here you’ ll find a lot of creative pumpkin carving ideas for you to try.


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