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Top Fall Home Decor Trends — LANGRIA

This Year’s Fall Home Decor Trends, According to Interior Designers

Today LANGRIA brings you this top fall home decor trends compilation of the hottest trends for the fall and winter seasons. Spring might be the season to clean and throw away everything you don’t need or use anymore, but Fall is the season to redecorate your home and make changes according to the weather. Fall and winter are the seasons when we take pleasure in the indoor life. Because of that, it is super important to redecorate your home and cultivate a cozy living environment. If you want to have a home ready to enjoy cozy afternoons and nights away from the cold outdoors, have a look at our top fall home decor trends.  

Jewel tones

“Rich and opulent jewel tones, like the vivid hues from a Rubens masterpiece, are going to dominate homes this fall, with both furnishings and accessories.” -Kathryn M. Ireland, interior designer.

Jewel tones this year are juicier and come in a more saturated palette. The trend for jewel tones for this fall home decor trends focuses on emerald green, indigo, and fuchsia hues. Contrary to what many people think, jewel tones are easy to fit into your home decor without spending a fortune. Here are some cheap tricks to add the trendy jewel tones to your decor on a budget:

  • You can break that Scandinavian minimalism and the all-white decor by throwing some colorful cushions on your sofa or bed, or even adding a velvet pouf in a glamorous jewel tone.
  • You can do a makeover to your old pieces of furniture. Paint your old furniture using jewel-tone paint. It will feel like you bought a new piece of furniture!
  • Think smaller scale. You can add a little accent in a jewel tone. It won’t be super expensive and will stylishly contrast with the rest of your decor. Besides, more and more people live in small apartments, so a small accent piece will look wonderfully.
  • Last one for the bold people. You can paint an accent wall. It will totally transform your room and will make a huge decor statement for this fall.

The curated look

“It is a liberating trend; the only rule is that you collect and display what you love. What something costs is irrelevant; whimsy and quirkiness are a plus […] The ‘curated look’ is the biggest design trend this fall” – Lynn Byrne, expert in decorative arts & design history.


The curated look in home decor has become very popular over the last years. This fall the curated look is again an “it” in the fall home decor trends. The idea of a curated look is to create a beautiful and matched style comprised of different styles. If you want to create this look, you should follow this idea “I have been collecting many different pieces of decor from different stores, galleries, flea markets… and voila! I put them all together now and my decor looks flawless”.  It might seem a hard and time-consuming way to decorate your home, but let me tell you that it is not that difficult, in fact, is rather fun and will help you express your personality through colors, materials, shapes, and patterns.  


“Just like on the runway, velvets are heating up again. You can now find them in more colors than ever. You can find matte linen and cotton velvets and incredibly lustrous silk velvets. All of them are fantastic, but it is best not to use them all in one space.”- Sara Gilbane Sullivan, interior designer.


When it comes to decorating for fall, it is almost mandatory to include velvet furniture. Every year velvet is in the top 10 fall home decor trends, and this year it is not an exception. Designers, artists, and everyone agree that velvet is a sophisticated material that is soft and that instantly upgrades the decor of any room. This year – more than ever, get yourself velvet furniture in jewel tones. As we mentioned before, the trendiest jewel colors for this year are emerald green, indigo, and fuchsia.  

Play with the colors and shapes to create amazing gallery walls | via Instagram

Create wall galleries

“Find one thing that speaks to you, and use it to anchor your collection. It could be a statement piece because of its size, color, or shape, but move outward from there.” – Emily Henderson.


Creating a wall gallery is a lovely way to decorate a wall while putting your personality on display. When facing a blank wall, you might feel a little bit intimidated. This is why we leave you here a few pieces of advice for creating an astounding wall gallery.

    • Mix different types of artworks, from paints to photography, from your childhood moments to your latest trip photography. It will keep the wall interesting.
    • You should find ways to tie your artwork together, for example, colors or framing. It is important to keep one or two elements to maintain cohesion.
    • Curate your wall gallery. Don’t rush and buy online pieces to get your gallery done asap. It is very important that you take your time and come up with a captivating gallery wall of your ultimate favorite pieces.
    • Give importance to frames. The framing process is as important as the curation of images. Astonishing images in bad quality frames or identical frames can ruin your wall gallery. It is a good idea to use different types of frames.

High contrasts

“The soft, muddy colors that were so popular have evolved into cleaner brights” – Traci Zeller, interior designer.

This fall you can give high contrasts a try. A good trick to always make it look good is to combine a saturated color with white. White will help to balance the bold color so you don’t feel overwhelmed when stepping into the room. If you want to go for this look, Joanna Gaines, the mind behind Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines recommends picking green as your bright color because green is in nature and it is a timeless color. Anyway, if you don’t vibe with the brighter colors, stick to the soft and muddy colors to achieve the high contrast home decor style.  

Bundle up with chunky knits

“Tweeds and nubby knits were all over the fall runways, opening up all sorts of possibilities for upholstery and soft accessories,” – Gretchen Aubuchon, designer.


      Fall and winter is the time to cuddle and feel warm and cozy. Following the quote of Gretchen Aubuchon, we want to give you some ideas to integrate chunky knits in your decor as they made it to the top 10 fall home decor trends of 2018.

      • Of course, the easiest way to add some chunky knits is with blankets. Chunky knit blankets not only will keep you warm while watching your favorite Netflix show, but also all that bulkiness adds texture to the decor of your room. Place them on your sofa or bed and pair them with some faux fur rugs or leather pillows for the chicest look.
      • The pieces of furniture that work best with chunky knit are poufs and ottomans. Nevertheless, options are unlimited. You can make knits covers for chairs, benches and many other pieces of furniture.
      • Your pet’s bed. Make a stylish bed for your dog or cat using a woolen chunky knit. He will be the king or queen of your home.

Millennial pink and lavender hues

Millennial pink is still around and I still love it, but it’s morphing into lavender and lilac,” – Nancy Fire, creative director of HGTV.


      Millennial pink used to be mocked at the beginning, however, it has been around since 2012. The name millennial pink became trendy in the summer of 2016 and ever since everyone is obsessed with it. As Nancy Fire mentioned, this year’s trend is still Millennial pink with lavender and lilac hues. There are many ways to add this fall decor trend to your home. And it is up you to choose your preferred one according to the amount of pink you want to see.

      • If you want to go big or go home, opt for a comfy couch which will make a beautiful and cozy addition to your living room fall decoration.
      • If you are into pieces of accents, throw blankets or cushions are your go-to option. Millennial pink / lavender-toned accents add a feminine charm to your bedroom or living room.
      • What about a Barbie-like kitchen? Opt for a lovely cookware set to jump into the Millennial pink trend.

Scandinavian retro style

  This fall home decor trend is all about mixing things up a little bit. If you have an all-white minimalist Scandinavian decor at home, the 2018 fall is the perfect season to play and have fun with your decor style. As one of the top 10 fall home decor trends of this year, the Scandinavian retro style is very straightforward. Add some retro pieces to your Nordic decor to make it pop. However, adding too many retro pieces is a faux pas to avoid. In order to get into this trend with the right foot, mix a few mid-century pieces from the 60s and the 70s – like lamps, the cutlery or the coffee table, with your existing furniture.  

Bring the outdoors indoors this Fall and winter | via Instagram



Nature-inspired accessories

      You are going to spend a lot of time indoors, while the cold becomes the king of the streets. Therefore, the best you can do is to bring the outdoors inside. You can collect a variety of natural treasures like fall leaves, acorns and other pieces to use in accent pieces to decorate different parts of your home. For instance, you can use pumpkins to create a beautiful centerpiece for your dinner table or your coffee table.  

Statement tiles

“Bold and bright, glazed terra-cotta tiles are making their way into many chic homes this fall.” – Paris Grant, interior designer.


This fall season is time to break with the traditional subway tiles of the floor or walls. As Paris Grant said, the tile trend for this year is going for warmer tones as well as bold and bright tile floors. And guess what? We love this idea. If you have tile floors, it is likely that they have been there, untouched, for years. Not anymore! Tiles are super easy and fun to customize. Moreover, it is a cheap way to transform the look of the room. Not long ago we talked about it, so if you want to learn how to paint tile floors for a cheap and easy room makeover, click here.



And here it comes our last tip to rock the fall home decor trends: the trendy fall and winter colors for this year are…

Navy blue, Autumn Maple, Neutral Gray, Toast, Scarlet Red, Tawny Port, and Shaded Spruce (and its green hues)

Read more about fall decor ideas to take advantage of your garden and backyard during fall and winter in our latest post “Cozy Autumn Patio Decorating Ideas

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