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The Joy of Minimalist Living – A Guide to Creating a Warm and Clean Ho — LANGRIA

Today, LANGRIA would like to talk about the joy of minimalist living. It is not a course about being minimalist in style. It’s about living with less. A minimalist living place has an interior of warmth and cleanliness. In a minimalist household, all spaces and items work together to achieve simplicity through using neutral elements, soft lighting, and creating more space with fewer objects and furniture. The neutral elements contribute to a clean overall impression, which neutralizes your home between a gaudy cluttered environment and a space that’s cold and uninviting. The soft lighting provides a bright and warm atmosphere. Finally, less is definitely more. It means that we have more space in our closets, more space in our organizers, more space to play, think, create, and focus on your own things. Declutter your home by living in a minimalist way and you will find the confidence to say no to cluttered spaces thanks to which you’ll live a happier life. 

In this article, we share with you how to create a minimalist living place that’s free of clutter, but still embraces warmth and cleanliness.

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Evaluate Your Space

People always think they will use their old stuff again one day. Because of this, they pile them up in their drawers, cabinets or wardrobes. As a result, our homes become storehouses for a miscellaneous assortment of items ranging from groceries to messy plates. Take a look around your house at all the things you’ve ever purchased, inherited, and been given as a gift. Can you remember why you placed it there and for what purpose? And think to yourself, do you own similar items with the same function? And have you ever tried to find a special space or basket to store them? 


minimalist living style
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In order to organize your home, give your place a makeover and get rid of messy areas for once and for all. Say goodbye to those fuzzy socks you wear once every half year, toss the magazines you never read, and donate the sweaters and boots you never catch a chance to pair up. It is time to evaluate the space and turn your home into a gorgeous minimalist living place.

Visual Appeal

Create space in your interior to uncover the sleek furniture, pretty keepsake and your most prized possessions. Adopt clean-lined decorations and modest furniture. Too much clutter can stifle our creativity and it can make it difficult to get things done. Conversely, organized decorations and simple furniture help you to get rid of the suffocating interior. Simply keep some small items that are important to you emotionally, and get rid of the rest you don’t need. These items with emotional value will remind you of people, places and events that are of particular significance to you. Display them with pride as these items fill your heart with joy. Use artworks and clean-lined decor that contract with each other harmoniously, avoid monotony and make your interior seem more dynamic. The joy of minimalist living consists in its simplicity, it improves the visual appeal of your home as well as your decorative elements.


visual appeal of minimalist
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Invest in Key Pieces 

Choose key pieces for your living space and create a calm uncluttered home. It is important to invest in smart pieces that last a long lifespan, rather than filling in an interior with useless items. A pretty L-shaped desk that is cleverly designed with a corner design or a dining table which adds space with a hidden extension, they both allow you to keep the room clean and avoid inconveniences. This type of furniture creates a happier space and it also brings a smile to your home. It puts us back in control of our stuff, inspires us to reclaim the space, and it restores function to our minimalist living place.

minimalist living decor
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Modular Storage

Organizing your items with modules offers a really good way to combat clutter and create a sleek minimalist living place. These storage units allow you to simply organize and store your items separately in the same space. Gather objects of similar functions together and consolidate them. Store all related things together: small tools, first aid supplies, magazine and newspaper clips, photos, etc. Once you’ve consolidated the objects, you need to contain them. The “container” should be convenient to put in and take out. You can choose a drawer, shelf, rack, storage modular, cabinet – whatever’s proper for the dimension and quantity of your items. When you choose to use a transparent container, you’ll be able to easily find back your items without having to search for them.


modular storage
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Minimal Colors

In a minimalist living room, each color needs to make a strong contribution—no garish patterns allowed. The easiest and most straight-forward way is to use minimal colors. You can build a neutral base first and then introduce some soft or muted colors like bluish-gray, pale blue, the color of sea sand, or phthalo green. The finishes and decoration items should be pared back to a monochrome palette, matching the warm/cool tone of the overall layout in a beautiful way. The brilliant gaze of a scented candle or the clean lines of a contemporary vanity table gently bring a simple and elegant appearance in the overall space arrangement. Added to that, aesthetic appreciation is a point of the utmost importance. So a natural harmony in color should not be denied and remember that three colors are enough if you own a small apartment.


minimal colors
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Better Living Habits

Sometimes we clean, declutter, and declutter some more, but we don’t find any progress when we look around the house. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to build up a minimalist living concept and make time for better living habits. One is to get rid of the excess. Take a look at all the objects in your room and try to remember why they are there. In some cases, they may be old gifts from your family or friends. These items may be good yet never come in handy. Many people are afraid of losing things because they feel that they lose comfort. However, there are so many items you don’t really need. Come on, evaluate your items and cull the multiple versions you have of something meaningless! Another tip we have is to put everything back in place after using it. Repeat this action every time you use your item. This simple habit takes only a few seconds, but it makes a big difference in your life. It won’t take efforts instantly, however, it helps you to say good-bye to clutter and embrace clean living in a secret way. This also reflects the joy of minimalist living.


minimalist living home
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