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The Best Shade-Loving Flowers To Color Up Your Porch — LANGRIA

Now that the winter season has officially come to an end, it’s time to decorate your porch for spring once again. Luckily, spring and summer are the perfect time of the year to add some colorful flowers to your porch. Not only does it look warm and welcoming to have some pretty flowers on your porch, but they’ll also make your home make a whole lot cozier. The problem is, however, that most pretty plants need a lot of direct sunlight to bloom – something that our porch is lacking.

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Luckily, there are plenty of stunning outdoor plants out there that simply love the shadow. These shadow-loving plants are perfect to be potted in containers, making them ideal to color up your front porch. If you’re still looking for some beautiful flowers to spice up your front porch, these shadow-loving plants are a perfect choice for you!



Porch Flowers
Source: Serenata Flowers


If you’re into bright colors that are guaranteed to grab your eye, the Fuchsia is a perfect porch plant for you. This colorful plant features bright purple, pink, and white colors that appeal to the eye of everybody who loves flowers. With its unique color combination, this plant truly sets itself apart from most other shadow-loving flowers. It is furthermore unique in the way that the flowers spill over the sides of the containers you place them in. This makes it a perfect flower to be placed in both regular pots and hanging baskets. Although small in size, with its bright and stunning colors, the Fuchsia is guaranteed to impress.


Coral Bells

Shadow-loving plants porch
Source: HGTV


Coral Bells are the perfect shadow-loving plant for people who’re looking for something simple yet unique. Although they may look simple on first sight, you’ll soon come to love these flowers due to their extraordinary details. The leaves come with beautiful patterns and, although the plant itself does not have any flowers, the leaves come in different colors. Ranging from green to yellow, orange, and even purple – you’ll find this stunning porch plant in any color of your liking!



Begonia Porch Flower
Source: Greenhouse Product News


Another flower for the color-lovers among us. The Begonia is a well-known potted flower that meets the liking of almost every flower-loving person. With its bright red, pink, orange, yellow, or white flowers, this potted plant truly grabs your attention. What makes these flowers perfect to be used at your porch beside its stunning colors is the fact that it is easy to take care off and needs little sunlight. It’s furthermore perfect to be potted. If you have a pretty pot laying around that’s currently not in use, why not fill it up with some colorful Begonias that are guaranteed to blow some new life into your front porch.



Porch Flower Viola
Source: The Plant Farm


Perhaps one of the most well-known flowers is the viola. No matter if you’re in Europe or the USA, we’ve all seen these cute colorful flowers before. As a child, I always loved to plant these small flowers together with my mum as, to me, these flowers with their bright colors marked the beginning of spring. The best part of these flowers is that, despite their cute and colorful look, they are extremely tough. Thanks to this, they can be used to flower up your porch at the end of the winter and early spring when it’s still too early for most of the other flowers around. Violas are extremely easy to take care off, need little sunlight, and look absolutely adorable when used in a pot. If you’re looking for a simple yet colorful way to spice up your porch, these pretty flowers are a perfect way to go.


Cascading Lobelia

Best porch flowers
Source: Jasmine Garden Inn


If you love colorful hanging flowers, the Cascading Lobelia is a perfect plant for you. With its bright purple, pink, and blue colors, this beauty certainly sets itself apart. Each plant comes with an abundance of tiny flowers that together form a true color explosion for you to enjoy. The plant itself is easy to grow and barely needs any sunlight, making it perfect for under your porch. The best thing about this plant is that you can use it as a regular flower as well as a hanging flower, depending on your personal taste. No matter how you plant them, one thing is for sure – this flower is guaranteed to add some color and life into your front porch.

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