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The Best DIY Projects for Your Kitty Cats — LANGRIA

If there are two things in life I love most, they would be DIY projects and cats. And although we never really know what’s going on inside of our cat’s head, one thing is certain; they do require a lot of attention. Whether it’ regular play, stimulation, exercise, cuddling, or high spaces to climb on, cats are always busy. As of such, it may be challenging from time to time to keep our kittens entertained. But don’t fear as LANGRIA has found the solution! These fun DIY projects for cats are cheap and exciting to make and they will keep your kitten happy for hours’ to come!

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The following 5 DIY projects for cats are our absolute favorite. They are easy to put together and, once finished, guaranteed to keep your cat busy. Nothing is better than a happy kitten. And besides, nothing feels better than to spoil your cat with a hand-made toy crafted just for her. Keep on reading to find out the 5 best DIY projects for your kitty cats that you can easily put together during a free afternoon.

Double-Layer Cat Scratch/Snug Post

The two things any cat loves to do most are scratching their nails and comfortably snugging. All cat owners know the pain of having our cat use their small claws for sharpening their nails on our furniture. And although this problem can be easily solved by buying a cat tree, these accessories often do not come cheap. Luckily, it is not very difficult to make one yourself that is just as nice, if not better!


DIY Cat Scratch Post
Source: IKEAhackers


All you need to make your own cat scratch and snug post is a single modular cube block closet, sisal rope, and two soft pillows. Now, the block closet can be simply put together by following the included instructions. Once that is done, take your rope (I used 20m) and tightly wrap it around one of the sides. This will form the scratch post for your cats to use their claws. Now, simply place a pillow inside and on top of the block, and you’re ready to go! My cats absolutely adore this DIY scratch and snug post. The best part of it all is that this whole project cost less than $15 and was ready within 30 minutes!


DIY Petting Station

Cats love to get petted and scratched. Especially my cats who keep on asking for attention non-stop can’t get enough of being petted. And although it is nice to play your cat from time to time, sometimes you simply are not around to please her scratching needs. At times like this, a home-made petting station comes in handy. Although it may be a bit more complicated to put together compared to the scratching post mentioned above, your cat is guaranteed to love the end result!


DIY Petting Station
Source: Lovelypetsdiy


With this DIY petting station, your cat will be able to give herself a back scratch when you’re not around. To make this fun little DIY project for cats, you’ll need quite a list of items. Luckily, they all are very easy to find at your local general store. For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to make your very own petting station for cats, please check out this useful guide.


DIY Cat Shelves

Cats love to climb! These adventurous little pets simply love to jump around and climb trees or furniture. A great way to make their indoor life more exciting and active is by adding these beautiful cat shelves to your home. They are very simple to make and, once completed, turn your room into a true dream world for your cats.


DIY Cat Shelves
Source: Thehipsoiree


Making these DIY cat shelves can be extremely simple. To be fair, we can simply head over to any furniture store and buy some stylish wall shelves that come with screws, hooks, and instructions included. You can simply glue some carpet on top of these shelves which will allow your cats to scratch their nails where climbing. Once ready, simply attach the shelves to your wall in a way that allows your cat to jump from one to another. After this, you’ll be all set. It is an extremely simple yet fun DIY project for cats that your kittens are guaranteed to love. It gives them a comfortable and high place to snug and it allows them to stay active without having to leave home.


DIY Cat Puzzle

Keeping your cats busy is important for their health and intelligence. The problem is, however, that some of us do not have a lot of space at home. This makes it difficult to give our cats an active lifestyle. If this is the case for your cats, you have to find other ways to keep them busy and occupied. One great way to keep your cats busy without needing too much space is by giving them a DIY cat puzzle.


DIY Cat Puzzle
Source: Theglamcat


Surprisingly, it is very easy to make a cat puzzle by yourself. Personally, I love these toys for my kittens. Not only do they keep them busy, but they also force them to think. It’s great to see cats use their brain to solve a puzzle in order to get their treats. To make this simple DIY cat puzzle, you need quite a list of items. Luckily, they are all very easy to find at home or in the local shop. For a full list of items needed along with simple DIY instructions on how to make these cat puzzles, please check out this step-by-step guide.


DIY Cat Litter Cabinet

For those of you who like to take their cat DIY projects to the next level, this DIY cat litter cabinet is the perfect craft idea. One of the biggest annoyances of many cat owners is the ugly looking and bad smelling cat litter box. Luckily, this DIY project allows you to hide it in plain sight. Sure, it might take a bit more skill and effort to put together, but the end result makes it all worth it!


DIY Cat Litter Box
Source: Evanandkatelyn


Instead of listing down the items you need along with the building instructions, we simply ask you to check out this article where you can find the original idea along with building instructions. Although personally I never had the chance to build it myself, I have to admit the idea truly looks amazing! Perhaps if I have some spare time in the future, this DIY cat litter cabinet will be a great project to kill some of my time and spoil my cats!

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