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Surprise Your Mom on Mother’s Day With These Stunning DIY Gifts — LANGRIA

Mother’s day is the perfect day of the year to spoil your mom with a nice gift. Although the traditional flowers or chocolate are nice, I believe that we can all agree that nothing beats a homemade gift. Luckily, with the right inspiration, making your own DIY mother’s day gift doesn’t have to be difficult! In fact, there are plenty of easy DIY gift ideas out there that your mom is guaranteed to love.

Below, LANGRIA has listed down some of our favorite mother’s day DIY gift ideas that we believe are sure to put a smile on your mother’s face. If you’re looking for an original and personal gift for your mom, the following ideas are perfect for you!


DIY Coffee Cup Sleeves

Being a mom is hard work and sometimes we all need a little bit of extra energy. Perhaps this explains why we love to drink coffee that much. However, burning your hands on a hot cup of coffee is the last thing we need. Therefore, a bit of cute protection against the heath will be more than welcome! This is why these DIY coffee cup sleeves are the perfect DIY mother’s day gift for your mom! Not only will they protect her hands while drinking hot coffee, but they also allow her to sip her drink in style!


DIY Coffee Cup Sleeves
Source: Craftystaci


Making your very own DIY coffee cup sleeves for mother’s day is much easier than it may seem! In fact, with just a little bit of free time and inspiration, everybody will be able to make this adorable DIY mother’s day gift by themselves. The best part about this present is that they are easy and cheap to make and, on top of that, they can be fully personalized according to your mother’s taste – what could possibly be better?! For a simple tutorial on how to make your own DIY coffee cup sleeves for mother’s day, please check out this guide from craftystaci. Here you’ll find all the details needed to craft your very own fashionable coffee sleeves.


DIY Safety Pin Bracelet

Most moms out there love jewelry but let’s face it, buying a new necklace or bracelet is not always cheap. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable DIY alternatives out there that allow you to easily make jewelry for yourself or your mom. Take this safety pin bracelet, for example. It is one of our absolute favorite DIY mother’s day gifts that your mom is guaranteed to love. They are simple to make and best of all, you can make them in any style of your liking.


DIY Bracelet
Source: Hopefulhoney


Before you can make your own safety pin bracelets, you might first need a short visit to the local crafts store. To make this DIY mother’s day gift you’ll need a package of safety pins, elastic threat, seed beads, spacer beads, scissors, and chain nose pliers. Once you’ve collected all the items needed, it’s relatively easy to make your own DIY bracelet. An exact step-by-step guide on how to make these beautiful safety pin bracelets for mother’s day can be found over here. You’ll be able to complete yours in less than an hour and, once finished, this personal piece of jewelry is guaranteed to become one of your mom’s favorites.


DIY Key Chain

Just like any other person, your mom is likely using her keys on a daily basis. However, normal keys look boring, so why not try spicing them up a little? With the following DIY mother’s day gift, you can do just that! These personalized DIY key chains are simple to make and look absolutely adorable when finished. You can fully personalize them according to your mother’s style. You can even attach the first letter of your name so that she’ll always think about you the next time she unlocks the house or car.


DIY Key Chain
Source: Craftinessisnotoptional


Making these cute DIY key chains for your mother is relatively simple. You do, however, need quite a list of items before you can start off with this crafts project. For a full list of items along with step-by-step instructions on how to make these adorable key chains by yourself, please check out this article. Here you’ll find all you have to know for making your very own and personalized DIY key chains for your mom. If you’re looking for a personal, small, and simple mother’s day gift, these little beauties are perfect for you!


DIY Candles

If you’re looking for a cozy mother’s day gift for at home, why not make your own candles? DIY candles are a perfect gift for every mom in the world. They are relatively easy and fun to make and, once ready, will add a cozy atmosphere to your parent’s home.

 how to make gel candles
Source: LANGRIA 


To make DIY candles by yourself, you’ll need leftover candle wax (or candle gel), an old pot, several small glass jars or tin containers, long spoon, scissors, chopsticks, candle wicks, and decoration. In our previous article, you can find all the details needed on how to make gel candles by yourself. It’s extremely fast and simple, making it the perfect DIY mother’s day gift.

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