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Summer Drinks Recipes: How to Make Homemade Iced Coffee & Tea — LANGRIA

Here we’ve selected two amazing homemade iced tea and coffee recipes for you. Summer is here, finally! What could be better to start your summer days with cool fresh herbal drinks? We LANGRIA has prepared two easy homemade summer drinks recipes for you to make your own drinks at home. You can enjoy it anytime when you feel like one. Share it with your family and friends to have a good relaxing summer time together. If you’re a fan of iced tea/coffee, don’t hesitate to read on and find out the ways to make perfect summer drinks at home. 

Iced coffee

Summer is the time for cool and refreshing drinks, especially iced coffee. There’s nothing like a homemade iced coffee to revive your spirits on a hot and humid summer afternoon. The best part of making homemade iced coffee is that it’s fully customized – you can have your coffee just to your taste. Fill it with as much or as little of the milk or sweetener you prefer.


homemade iced coffee


Cold brew coffee gives a smooth and icy cup every time for your homemade iced coffee. Here we introduce you a most classic method of making cold brew coffee at home. It’s easy and you’ll be surprised how good it’ll taste with the ice cubes in it. There are only two ingredients you’re gonna need: water and coffee beans. The first step of making homemade iced coffee is to grind your coffee beans. For that, you may need a coffee or spice grinder. Keep in mind that a proper grinding of the coffee beans is very important. Different ways of grinding can result in completely different tastes. Cold brew requires a specific size of the grind. The coffee beans should be coarsely ground before they’re infused with water. The grind should look like coarse cornmeal, or something closer to the roughness of raw sugar. Larger grind keeps the brew from getting bitter overnight. It’s likely to have a gritty and muddy strained coffee if you grind your coffee beans into powder-like sizes.


homemade cold brew coffee


After having your ground ready, the next step is to combine them with water. The ratio of coffee beans with water is recommended as 1:4. For example, you can add 4 ounces (1 cup) of ground coffee beans into 32 ounces (4 cups) of water. If you’d like it to be denser, you can have it on a higher ratio too. That’s totally up to you and it’s completely fine as you can adjust the taste later on by adding more water. Here we suggest you take a large glass container to make it as you can adjust the amount and ratio more conveniently. After mixing, the next step is to wait. We suggest to steep it for at least 12 hours. The coffee needs its time to fully infuse into the water. Straining too early may give you a lesser dense coffee. And it’s not about the longer the better. If steep to much, the coffee would extract its bitter flavors that we should try to avoid. In order to obtain a rich, concentrated brew, give it a half day’s time then all the smoothness will come in your ways. Another tip for this step is to use filtered water if possible. It will add a sweeter and cleaner flavor to your cup of coffee.


easy homemade iced coffee


The final step of making the cold brew is straining. The wait is finally over. Gently remove the cold brew from the grounds through cheesecloth (or cotton flour sack cloth) and a small strainer. Try to avoid pressing or squeezing the coffee grounds as it can extract bitter flavors. This process needs your concentration and patience too. You can choose to strain in batches to extract the brew as gently as possible. Transfer your coffee into a bottle or jar and store it in the fridge. Now you can serve your perfectly made cold brew. Now it’s time to customize it. Serve the coffee with as many ice cubes, water, milk, or sweetener as you prefer. And enjoy the summer with your loved ones.  


Iced tea

Iced tea is more flexible to make than iced coffee because it can be combined with anything else as far as your imaginations go: fruits, vegetables, syrup, and milk, can all be good companions to a fresh cold brew tea. The ingredients for making iced tea can be kept as simple as: tea and water. You can either choose loose tea leaves or teabags to make it. Normally we suggest to go for tea leaves since they’re easier to use than teabags, and the overall better quality guarantees a better taste too.


homemade iced tea


The first step is to boil the water. We suggest making your homemade iced tea with 2 cups of water at the beginning. Use a small pan or pot to make a rapid boil. After it starts to boil, turn-off the heat and put the loose tea leaves into the pot/pan. There are many types of loose tea you can choose from. We recommend using oolong tea, green tea, black tea, white tea, or herbal tea leaves since they tend to have a richer taste than other types of tea in cold brew. The next step is to wait. As we’re all aware that patience is a virtue when you’re making a cold brew. In order to infuse the tea flavor into the water completely, it only takes about 5 minutes. We suggest take no more than 5 minutes. If longer, the bitter flavor would be extracted from the tea.


easy homemade iced tea


Take out the loose tea leaves/teabags and place the liquid into a glass container. Pour another 2 cups of water into the container and store the brew in the refrigerator. This will dilute the tea and decrease the strong taste. Like homemade iced coffee, then it’s time to customize and serve the tea. You can add the tea into dices of fruit and ice cubes to make your personalized fruit tea for a memorable summer excitement.

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