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Spooky DIY Halloween Candles to Light up the Darkness — LANGRIA

Making my own DIY Halloween candles has got to be one of my favorite spare-time activities during the Autumn months. Those who have read our blog before know that making DIY candles does not have to be difficult! And Halloween, with its dark spooky environment and atmosphere, is the perfect time of the year to put those DIY candle making skills truly to the test. Making your own DIY Halloween candles is not only fun, but they also offer a great piece of Holiday decor once they are finished. Below, we have listed down 5 cheap and easy DIY Halloween candle ideas that are guaranteed to add a spooky touch to your home. Impress friends and family alike with these 5 scary DIY Halloween candles.

DIY pumpkin spider candles

Let’s start off this list of spooky DIY Halloween candles with a typical pumpkin candle. When we think about Halloween, there are certain things that come up in mind. Pumpkins and huge spiders are likely some of them. These simple yet cool decorative DIY Halloween candles combine these two aspects of Halloween and put them together to create a scary looking candle. These candles are not only a good piece of decoration, but they also are sure to bring some shivers down the spines of your visitors.    

Making these spooky DIY Halloween candles is relatively easy. All you need are some small orange pumpkins, a knife, black bottle cleaners, glue, and a candle. The first thing you want to do is take your small orange pumpkin and use a knife to cut out a hole the size of your candle. After this, use the same knife to cut 8 small holes, 4 at each side of your pumpkin. Now, carefully add some glue in the 8 smaller holes and insert the bottle cleaners. Bend them in such a way that they look like spider legs. After this, insert the candle into the main hole of your pumpkin and there you have it; your very own pumpkin spider DIY Halloween candles!  

Halloween tin lights

These simple tin lights show that making your own DIY Halloween candles does not have to be difficult. Tin lights are easy and fun to make. You can literally paint or decorate them in any way you wish. This makes them a perfect DIY project for any holiday season. For Halloween, we love these simple yet spooky black tin lights.  

To make these DIY Halloween candles, all you need is an empty tin can, a hammer & nail, black paint, and a wax light. First, you want to clean your tin can thoroughly and carefully dry it afterward. Once it is completely clean and dry, carefully apply several layers of dark paint to give them a spooky look. If you’re more into orange or green, you can also use these colors, of course. You can literally paint your candles in any way you please. Once the paint has dried up, take your nail and hammer and carefully punch in several holes in any pattern you like. Now, insert your wax light, light it up, and enjoy the spooky light effect made by your DIY Halloween candle.  

Halloween decorative jar lights

For those of you who have a little bit more free time and are looking for a fun yet relatively simply DIY Halloween project to do with your friends or children, the following DIY Halloween candles are a must-try! They might be a little bit more time consuming to make, however, the end result makes it all worth it. These beauties look spooky and are guaranteed to take your indoor Halloween decorations to the next level.  

If you wish to make these stunning DIY Halloween candles, you’ll first have to gather the needed supplies. For these decorative jar lights, you’ll need an empty glass jar, scissors, orange tissue paper, decoupage glue, and black construction paper. The best part of these decorative jar lights is that you can design them in any way you please. For a full guide on how to make these spooky DIY Halloween candles, please check out this tutorial.  

Spooky blood candles

Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best or, in this case, the scariest! Look at these stunning DIY Halloween candles. Their unique design makes them look as if they were dripping actual blood while they are burning. The truth is that these are just regular white candles; but with some simple yet smart DIY tricks, you can turn them into these scary looking blood candles. These scary candles are so simple to make. You simply can’t get around trying to make them for yourself!

Source: Martha Stewart

To make these scary blood candles, all you need is a pack of classic white table candles (can also be black if you wish) and an old red candle. Simply light up the red candle and carefully drip the hot candle wax on your clean white candles. The trick is the let the candle wax drip from the top so that it will slowly find its way down. In this process, it will leave a trail of red, blood-like, candle wax behind. After the red candle wax had dried up, you can place the candles in your candle holder and light them up. Once they are burning, the special effect will make it look like as if your regular white candles are bleeding from the top. You can use them to decorate your living room or to spice up a scary Autumn dinner. What else could possibly be better for Halloween than these scary homemade candles?!

DIY ghost candles

It’s no secret that making your own DIY Halloween candles does not have to be difficult. But these cute ghost candles take that simplicity to a whole new level! They are extremely simple to make and, once finished, truly look adorable. If you’re looking for a quick, simple, and original way to turn some regular candles into spooky Halloween candles, these DIY ghost lights are perfect for you!  

There is not much to be said about how to make these DIY ghost candles. Literally, all you need are some white candles, a black marker, and some drawing skills. Take your white candles, draw on some spooky faces, and voilà: your DIY Halloween candles are ready for use.

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