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Pegboards: The Underestimated Decorative Elements — LANGRIA

In this post we want to discuss pegboards, the forgotten decorative element, frequently used in workshops, that can do wonders in the decor of your home.

When we talk about interior design, we always focus on the big stuff: walls, furniture, floors, etc. However, sometimes a little addition can make a big difference in your room’s decor and in your mood.  A great example? Pegboards. Oftenly used as organizers in workshops or garages to help hang tools, this item is super versatile. Have you ever thought about using pegboards to decorate your home? If the answer is no, let me walk you through the different reasons why you should get one and where you can install it. Pegboards are very functional so it is easy that people miss a part of its beauty as a decorative item to style up their rooms. Pegboards can be placed nearly anywhere you want it to be and they are very easy to put in place. Moreover, they come in many different colors so you can choose the one that combines better with your room decor. Now,  we would like to share some tips to learn how to get the most out of pegboards.

Where do we place the boards?

In the hallway

The hallway is definitely one of the most transited spaces in a home. Most people use the hallway to place small stuff or daily essentials such as keys, umbrellas or jackets to grab-and-go. Unlike some cabinets, pegboards can not only help hang things, but they also display the objects directly to your eyes. Moreover, things hanging on pegboards look more organized than in storage boxes.If your hallway is big enough, you could go for a full pegboard wall to even hang your bicycle and other decorative stuff on it as shown in the image above. And if your hall hallway isn’t that big, you can place a smaller pegboard on the wall so you can place your keys, hats, scarves or other daily essentials.

In the garage

Pegboards are absolutely the best place to keep any type of tools, such as fixing tools and cleaning tools. If you like to do crafty projects, your room could definitely have an industrial look. Place some pegboards on the wall of your garage and organize all your tools. You will love the feeling when you walk into the room to see all your tools orderly placed on the boards.

In the kitchen

The kitchen is always one of the most crowded places in a home: food containers, kitchen appliances, pots and other kitchenware. It is difficult to keep the kitchen organized, nonetheless to say to make it look like those on magazines. However, pegboards can help people build up such magazine-look alike kitchen environments while organizing all kitchen stuff in a perfect order. Tip: for a beautiful and properly organized look, But to do so, you need to classify your those kitchen tools objects into different groups in terms of their uses and materials at the very beginning and then organize them by following a certain order. Otherwise, it will look like another screw-up example.

In the closet

A pegboard can be paired with a closet as a secret storage space for your jewelry, belts, clothes and even your favorite shoes.

What colors do we need?

Besides determining where to put the pegboards, choosing a certain color to help add a style to your room decor is quite critical as well. For instance, white pegboards are best for kitchens or bathrooms, as white normally represents clarity. On the contrary, black pegboards are more suitable for garages as dirt won’t be so noticeable when you hang your tools after using them. The trick to finding the perfect colored pegboard is to regard these pegboards as color blocks, so you only need to think about how to match the color with your current decor wisely. There are two ways to accomplish this color matching task: use pegboards with a color that belongs to the same palette of colors of your decor or try to do some contrast-color matches. Single-colored pegboards in a similar color but with a different hue of your wall can help to make the whole area more layered. When you do some contrast-color matches by applying some bold colors, you may be surprised by how splendid and eye-catching the results can be. In addition, wisely choosing the shapes of these pegboards can also help decorate your lovely room with a positive vibe. All in all, pegboards are great multifunctional organizing assistants that can help you to redecorate your home effortlessly and efficiently. Now that you’ve learned a bit more about pegboards, would you like to give it a try? Show us your pegboard walls and what objects did you hang on them. If you want more DIY projects, you can also read our 10 Amazing DIY Home Decor Projects & Craft Ideas to get some inspiring decoration ideas for your home.  

Editor: Eloisa Latorre

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