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Original Mason Jar Christmas Gifts and Crafts — LANGRIA

Mason jars have been in our lives for a couple of centuries to preserve food. But today we don’t want to discuss how thankful we are of Mason Jars. Instead, as the holidays are getting closer, we want to give you a bunch of different and thoughtful ideas for mason jar Christmas gifts and crafts that will surprise your family and friends.

Personalize your holiday presents and Christmas decorations with the following DIY Mason jar Christmas gifts and creative crafts.

A very recurrent Christmas gift that women usually receive is body and skin care products (bath bombs, soaps, scented candles, face masks, the list goes on and on). If this year you are considering this type of present for a friend or a relative, we suggest you throw away the box where these products come in. Instead, pick a Mason Jar as the packaging. It will be x100 times more original and will allow you to customize a pampering & relaxation Mason jar kit for that special person. The Gunny Sack had a brilliant idea for mason jar Christmas gifts. Check the image below.

Mason Jar Christmas Gifts Skincare Kit

via The Gunny Sack

As you can see, they went for a golden mason jar decoration using golden glitter, matching it with other golden accents like the jar lids, chocolate wraps, and even a very cute gift tag.

Now is your turn, unravel your brain, throw away the product’s boring cardboard boxes and use Mason jar Christmas gifts to surprise your loved ones.

DIY Mason Jar Christmas Floating Candles

At LANGRIA we love candles and there’s no discussion about it. We have previously taught you how to make gel candles as well as candles using recycling wax. Therefore, there is no way that we will go through a Mason jar Christmas gifts list without mentioning candles.
Mason Jar Christmas Gifts Floating Candles
via bellalimento


If you want to decorate your dinner table with some candles, this idea is wonderful and you will only need a Mason jar, some Rosemary, cranberries, water, and a tea light. You can check the full tutorial here. Isn’t it charming? If you want to imitate this easy and inexpensive floating candle using gel candles instead to surprise someone with a different present, check our DIY gel candle post. Nothing makes a table more beautiful than a bouquet of fresh flowers. For our next Mason jar Christmas gifts and crafts, we bring you this festive mason jar flower arrangement inspired in candy cane (yum!) by ProFlowers. Mason Jar Christmas Gifts Flower Arrangements 1

via ProFlowers

Mason Jar Christmas Gifts Flower Arrangement 2

via Pinterest

If you are not that much into painting and need an easier solution, put a pretty ribbon around the Mason jar. Remember, sometimes less is more! 😉 Mason Jar Christmas Gifts Flower Arrangement 3

via Pinterest

Original Mason Jar Christmas Tree

For those of you who like to break with tradition but still love Christmas to the bones, our next mason jar Christmas gifts and crafts idea is what you need. Personally, I think this mason jar Christmas tree belongs to the shelf of your fireplace (or any other shelf for that matter). What I love about this craft idea is that it is bold and different while keeping the Christmas vibe intact.

Mason Jar Christmas Gifts Christmas Tree
via Country Living Magazine

For this DIY Christmas tree, you only need 6 mason jars, Christmas ornaments, a pretty garland, and of course, a sparkling star. Place inside each jar a few Christmas ornaments of your choice, pile up the jars in the shape of a pyramid, wrap your mason jar Christmas tree with the garland and add the star on the top. Ta-da! You just created a different concept for Christmas trees. Speaking of my personal experience, looking for a gift for males is harder than for females, and the mission becomes even harder when that male is a member of your family: uncle, grandfather, cousin… If you feel the same way, do not panic. Below you have an original idea for Mason jar Christmas gifts for men: cocktail kits.

Mason Jar Christmas Gifts Cocktail Kit
via Brit+Co

Get your hands on a nice cocktail recipe and collect the ingredients. You can look for mini spirits bottles and other small containers for the rest of the ingredients. Personalize the gift adding a tag with the recipe and some Christmas decorations like candy canes, cinnamon sticks and more.The following Mason Jar Christmas Gifts are for culinary-obsessed friends and foodies. Mason Jar Christmas Gifts Kitchen Canisters 1

via Pinterest

Mason Jar Christmas Gifts Kitchen Canisters 2

via Pinterest

This is a very sweet and considerate present for any skincare lover, and it will be x1000 times more thoughtful if you make it yourself. I am talking about hand scrub! Happy Go Lucky has a perfect DIY tutorial where she explains how to make peppermint lip balm and hand scrub that you can later offer in a Mason jar as Christmas gifts to your best friend, wife, sister, girlfriend…

Mason Jar Christmas Gifts Hand Scrubvia HappyGoLucky

Personally, I found this tutorial a great and inexpensive way to pull out mason jar Christmas gifts for all your girlfriends! Personalize them to each person by making a unique sticker with a sentence, joke, or an image that represents your friendship and you are ready to go! What do you think about these Mason Jar Christmas Gifts and Crafts? Are you giving any of these ideas a try? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section and check other LANGRIA DIY projects for more original and easy ideas!

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