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How to Make DIY Bath Bombs — LANGRIA

DIY Bath bombs are a great way to enhance your bathing experience. A burst of fresh, fizzing foam with fragrant blends blasts away the days stress, leaving you wrapped in a soothing scented hug. Who can resist a psychedelic marbleized bathtub that leaves you relaxed, smelling like a flower, and sparkling like the beautiful fairy you are? There’s nothing quite like that feeling when you take a bath in a swirling of your own DIY bath bombs! You drop it in the bath, it bubbles away, and your entire bathroom will smell like chamomile or lavender. Your muscles relax and the tension fades away in your back and the rest of your body. So, what are you still waiting for – let’s make some DIY bath bombs by yourself! 


DIY bath bombs

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Learning how to make DIY bath bombs is very easy. But if youre not the DIY type, then you can also just purchase these pretty bath bombs on Amazon. If, however, you want to make these exciting bath bombs that look great, smell delicious, and fizz wonderfully by yourself, then keep on reading and learn how to make them together with LANGRIA!

The Science Behind Bath Bombs

Before making your DIY bath bombs, let us have a basic understanding of the science behind bath bombs. Bath bombs include plenty of ingredients such as Epsom salts, food coloring, fragrances and other components. As we can see, the sphere of color and fizz immediately begins fizzing and releases a kaleidoscope of colors once it gets wet. How does this happen? Sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3), also known as baking soda, is the main ingredient that creates this bathtub explosion. When the high pH powder reacts with a low pH acid, it creates carbon dioxide bubbles. Citric acid takes the place of vinegar in this chemical equation, which is inactive when dry but reacts in water.

Another basic ingredient in DIY bath bombs is cornstarch. This ingredient is used to add smoothness to the final bath bombs and it furthermore controls the fizz reaction. Now it’s on to you to find out how the ingredients of your bath bombs influence the fizz and what ratio of various components to use to make the perfect DIY bath bomb.


DIY Bath Bombs

To make your own DIY bath bombs, let’s first have a look at the items you’ll need: 

 materials of bath bomb

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Citric acid                                                                          
Epsom salts
Baking soda
Veggie oil
Food coloring
Measuring spoons
Medicine dropper
Spoons and whisk for mixing
Two bowls


  1. Measure out the following dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl: 20ml of citric acid, 40ml of baking soda, 20ml of cornstarch, and 20ml of Epsom salts. Now, use your spoon and combine the dry ingredients with each other. Whisk to remove any clumps and mix together until you have a consistent texture.
  1. Mix 5ml of coconut oil (or any other veggie oil), 5ml of water and 2 drops of food coloring into a bowl. If you want scented DIY bath bombs, just add 10 drops of any fragrance or essential oil of your liking into the mixture.
  1. Using a clean medicine dropper, add a drop of the wet ingredients to the dry mixture found in the first bowl. When you add a drop to the dry mixture, the bath bomb reaction happens and you should see it fizz. When this happens, you should quickly press down the fizzy spot and mix it quickly to stop it from fizzing any further. Repeat this action until you have completely blended the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients.
  1. Once all the wet ingredients are combined with the dry ones, test the mixture by squeezing some in your hand. It should stick together but not be too damp. If the DIY bath bombs are too crumbly, just add a little bit of water and mix continuously until it is sticky enough to hold itself together. If you think that dropping water with a medicine dropper takes too much time, you can use a small spray bottle instead.
  1. Fill each half of the bath bomb mold with the sticky mixture. Add a spoonful at a time and use the back of spoon to push the mixture down into the mold as you add it in. Now, firmly press together both molds for a couple of seconds. After this, gently remove one half of the mold and place the bath bomb aside to dry. After 30~45 minutes they should be quite hard. Simply check and see if the bath bombs remove from the molds easily. If they are not yet hard enough, just press them back into the molds and test again later.
  1. Once the DIY bath bombs are removed out of the mold, dry them overnight at room temperature. When dry, you can throw one into the tub and enjoy a relaxing bath. Bag the rest up in airtight containers or cellophane and present some to friends.

 DIY bath bombs recipe

Source: Life On Southpointe Drive


Scents and Colors

This is where the options get endless. You can add natural fragrance and color since they can provide helpful properties to your DIY bath bombs. One of the best combinations is the soothing fragrance of lavender and chamomile. Just a few drops in your bath bombs can help you relax after a long and restless day of work. The refreshing combination of citrus and orange is a completely different type, which enlivens your morning to lead a day full of energy. You can furthermore choose lemongrass, peppermint, or eucalyptus essential oils. Simply pick the smell that helps you relax the most. And as for coloring, you can create any color scheme you want to get multi-color DIY bath bombs. Try powders like ratanjot for a light purple, rose pollen for a romantic red, spirulina for a blue green, and madder root powder for pink. Just take care when you add turmeric powder because it will dye your skin if you use too much.

 scented DIY bath bombs


It’s Bath-time!

And there you have it, your own fizzing and spinning DIY bath bombs! Natural fragrance and fruity creamy foams create a magical sweet spell for a soothing bath. Throw a fizzing bath bomb in the tub, place a glass of wine on your bamboo bathtub tray, and play some gentle music in the tender night. Now go ahead — take a bath and enjoy a true spa-like experience from the comfort of your own home!

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