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How to Choose the Best Magnifying Mirror for Makeup? — LANGRIA

Do you want to see yourself up close when doing your makeup? The best idea is to get yourself a magnifying mirror. Mirrors come in many shapes, styles and magnification levels. Have a look at this magnifying mirror guide to help you choose the ideal magnifying mirror for your vanity desk to cover your needs.

Magnifying Mirror 101: How do these mirrors work?

We all know the basics of mirrors is to reflect an image and the basics of a magnifying mirror is to have a closer, clearer view of the subject in the mirror. But how do magnifying mirrors zoom the reflection? The easy explanation is that these type of mirrors are concave mirrors. Because of the curvature of the mirror reflects light at an angle, de reflected image is zoomed in, therefore, magnified. If you wish to read the complex math explanation of concave mirror, please click here.

Why you should have a magnifying makeup mirror

Magnifying makeup mirrors allow you to get a closer view of your face. Originally designed for people with vision problems, these mirrors are now used for everyone, despite your age or your eyesight. The enlargement feature is best when you want to apply your makeup flawlessly, pluck your eyebrows, shave or even put on your contact lenses. There are currently different magnifications mirrors with very high levels, going above 15X. But really, who needs that powerful zoom? Do you think you might need it? You don’t know? Below we will try to answer these questions.

Understanding the uses of the different augmentation levels

If you are looking for a new makeup mirror for your vanity desk, choosing one with magnifying features is a must. In order to help you identify what’s the best vanity makeup mirror for you, we have divided magnifying mirrors into 4 main groups according to their enhancement level. To comprehend the levels let me tell you that a plain flat mirror would be rated 1X and one that makes an object 5 times larger would be rated 5X.


Low magnifying mirrors, while better than no augmentation at all, are really not that useful tbh. Taking into account that magnification 1X corresponds to a regular mirror, we can easily state that magnification 2X is nearly unnoticeable. This type of mirror doesn’t do much in terms of magnifying your face unless you get really close to the mirror. These low magnifying mirrors are not recommended for a fine makeup application.


This magnifying mirror range is the most common for most users. A magnification level of 5X is already enough for most of the basic actions, from applying your basic makeup to shaving. This degree of image enlargement cannot compare to higher levels, however, the price is still very affordable, and as we said, 5X is probably the most popular. If you aren’t looking for a fine mirror for makeup, then this range should be a good choice. You will be able to get a closer look at your face and the image won’t be heavily distorted. Moreover, a 5X level won’t get you obsessed with pores or new wrinkles 😉 Please note that if your vision is declining a little bit (these things happen to all of us at some point), it will be better to go for a higher magnification, around 7X would be enough.


Now we can start talking about good magnifying mirrors for makeup. These levels are already good for most makeup applications. You can easily spot blemishes, wrinkles, and pores. Set a perfect makeup coverage without missing a spot will be easy as pie. Makeup mirrors with 7X-8X magnification are also great to pluck the perfect eyebrows.

10X and above

The strongest one. Mirrors with this high image enlargement feature are good for accurately doing your eyeliner, shaving or for people with bad eyesight. However, since the zoom is so high, the focal point is quite small. It is best to have this strong level in a pocket-sized mirror because as we said, using a larger mirror will make the image blurry and useless.

Maintenance of your mirror

Any mirror, magnifying or not, should be cleaned thoroughly. For glass mirrors, it is best to use a soft damp cloth with glass cleaner. Do not use abrasive products and remember that some pieces of the mirror are not as resistant as glass, therefore, clean them accordingly. For plastic or other mirror materials, refer to the manufacturer’s cleaning directions.

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Other features to consider when choosing your magnifying makeup mirror for your vanity

LIGHTENING: often known as Hollywood style mirrors, a makeup mirror with LED lights is always a great addition to any vanity desk. You will be able to do your makeup, fix your hair or shave at any time of the day. Most mirrors include now a touch button to regulate the intensity of the lights. Tip: if you want to choose a makeup mirror with LED lights, make sure the light is white, as it is the most similar color to natural light. You will avoid epic makeup fails. ADAPTABILITY: choose a mirror that can pivot so you can easily adjust it to any angle you might need. This feature will ensure that you won’t miss any spot for the most flawless results. Check this comparison chart with the most popular makeup mirrors on Amazon. It will definitely help you to choose the one that works best for you.


Let’s review the important points here. A magnifying mirror 5X should work well for most users when not performing very accurate actions. If your vision is declining, it is best to go for a 7X magnification. Avoid large mirrors with high magnification (10X or above), as the focal point, will be too small, therefore the image will be blurry – unless you get real close to them. The best choice for a 10X magnification is a small portable mirror. Other things to consider when choosing your magnifying makeup mirror are the lights to better see yourself up close, and the ability to be posed and pointed in the right direction for a better usage. From LANGRIA we hope we made it easier for you to look for the right magnifying mirror to cover all your needs.

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