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How to Choose a Right Travel Pillow — LANGRIA

A travel pillow may make a huge difference during your trip. Whether you’re in a serious business trip or are going to a remote destination for traveling, you may find it very hard to fall asleep in a plane while others sleep very well and get ready for their holidays. There are many elements and considerations to take care, and these will determine whether you have a good rest while traveling. Below, LANGRIA has listed the guidelines to help you choose a right travel pillow.

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Choose the Type of Your Travel Pillow

The travel pillows in the market are generally divided into 3 types: inflatable pillow, microbead pillow and memory foam pillow. You can decide to choose which type of neck pillow in accordance with the length of stay and the specific needs.

  1. Inflatable travel pillow – The budget option for travel use, cheapest and convenient to use. This type of pillow is usually u-shaped, come in stretchable polyester material, or protected with a removable fabric cover. It is an air-flated pillow and super lightweight, can easily slip into your luggage or backpack while occupying no extra space. However, it would easily break because of its inflation nature. So you should seriously place it away from sharp objects to avoid sudden air leakage.
  2. Microbead travel pillow – A comfortable version for adults, it is filled with thousands of shape-shifting beads that provide optimal support to your head and neck while evenly distributing weight for great comfort. Also the least portable version, since it is not deflatable and can’t be compressed. But if you have extra luggage space or gain the convenience of carrying around it, this will be a great travel pillow on the go. Not recommended for children.
  3. Memory foam travel pillow – One of the most comfortable travel pillows out there. Memory foam has extended density, it will mould to the shape of your head and neck to provide support as you need. Since they are made of denser material, you might think about if they are portable and whether can be compressed. Yes, the non-compressible pillows often are bulkier that are not good to carry around, but compressible ones can do it easily. And most memory foam travel pillows are compressible that can easily put into your luggage, suitable for long-haul flights.

Find What You are Looking Forward

A travel pillow is designed to support your head and neck while sleeping in travel time. It is neither a bed pillow or a throw pillow, its every feature needs to be in accommodation with this. Narrow your options by several considerations below.


When it’s time to traveling and sleeping, comfort is always the No.1 element. So people create the travel pillow. And the reason is simple. As you are on the go, and have to spend long hours of sleeping in a plane, train, or car, you might want everything to be more relaxed after long-term fatigue of travel. Or, to arrive in a good condition for the next arrangements, you need to find and utilize the best rests. A comfortable travel neck pillow can help to promote restful sleep on long-haul journeys, and the quality of this little accessory, might alters the overall travel quality a lot. Put aside the dazzling patterns or novel styles, choose a classic u-shaped or a ring-shaped one according to your sleeping habit, and get a comfortable experience with a fleece, suede, or cotton cover fabric. Remember, your original purpose of bringing a travel pillow is to rest better.

comfortable travel pillow
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Neck Support

How is a travel pillow work? Imagine how you sit and how you sleep while traveling? One of the most important elements is neck support, which maintains the natural curve of your neck, allowing your head to lean on the side or backward. Modern people have more chances to spend time on the go, and some in night hours. Travel pillows can accommodate various needs while you sitting and sleeping. Designed to work out a solution to help sleep, it usually features a U-shaped form to provide proper support around your neck. It is a support of your neck at rest for comfort. While on long trips, a travel pillow provides great neck support to allow you to sit and rest in a relaxed position, so you can stretch out on the seat, loosen your nerves and enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

travel pillow support
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A good travel pillow should be portable enough to fit flexibly into your luggage or backpack. The top of consideration of your packing list is portability. Most microbead pillows are not compressed and filled with beads, which can be bulky. And once you break it, you will get thousands of beads in every direction. So an inflatable or foldable pillow is the best option. Furthermore, make sure your neck pillow is easy to wash and maintain. A neck support pillow that is too dirty or hard to recover its shape, I believe that you wouldn’t like to use it again no matter how comfortable it is. Better to choose a pillow that can separate the outer and inner material, when you pick up one without a detachable cover, take care of the washable symbols. Test your travel pillow after delivery to check if it can recover its shape in a short time. Most travel pillows are foldable and can get back into shape, but you can know its quality from the length of time it needs to recover.

flexible travel pillow
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Bonus for Restful Sleep

Along with the travel pillow, there are several accessories you can bring together if there is extra space in your luggage. When you have an upcoming long-haul flight, especially after a tiresome and exhausting business trip, it will be a great addition. Try to prepare a complete sleep kit as below, I’m sure you will get better rest.

travel sleep kit

Ear plugs: Sometimes we may hear voices like walking, eating, chatting or other any noise, it is inevitable since you are sleeping in a public space. Wear a pair of ear plugs can improve sleep a lot, whether you’re a heavy or light sleeper, they will help you find the peace and quiet. And there’s always room to place them.

Sleep eyemask: Imagine being stuck on an airplane for 8 hours with bright lighting and people moving around, how to turn the disturbing scene into a dark space – the essential of sleep. Wear your eye mask and enter into the darkness just like turning off your room light. Designed to keep out (the major) light from outside, the eye mask can help you fall asleep.

Travel blanket: If you find it is hard to fall asleep in a plane, then you are not alone. Especially for light sleepers, they need to have the best care in every aspect. Prepare a travel blanket to help you keep warm and cozy. With a travel pillow backwords to support you and a soft blanket covering with you, you surely get better rest anywhere.

Last Words

Keep your travel pillow light and portable. You would travel for a longer road if pack lighter. Never be beaten by any accidents or unhappy little things. Whether you experience delayed flights, lose your way in a strange city, or need to wait for a train that is behind schedule, there are many things you can do to get the comfort you need. These tiny things you do, just like adding a travel pillow while you have to sit sleeping, they fill those unsatisfactory, unhappy, unpleasant episodes. And many times, it is because of these tiny things and surprises you meet that a great journey begins.

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