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Have an Amazing Ladies’ Night With These DIY Projects for Girls — LANGRIA

Throw the perfect ladies’ night with these fun DIY projects for a girls’ night out. These simple yet fun DIY projects for girls are sure to set the right atmosphere during your upcoming girls only nights at home. They are fun, simple and, most importantly, cheap. If you and your friends are into crafts, these girl DIY projects are a great way to spend your time.


Every woman needs a ladies’ night out every now and then. But let’s face it; we’re all getting older. And once we get older, our thoughts on what is considered to be fun drastically change. No longer do we want to spend the whole night in the club drinking and dancing the night away. Instead, we’re looking for something more peaceful and relaxing. Besides the traditional hanging around with friends, the best way to keep yourself and each other entertained are DIY crafts. DIY projects for girls are great as they allow you to sit together in a comfortable environment and craft something while talking and gossiping about everyday life. And what could be better than that! If you ask me, girl DIY projects are the best way to fill up a fun ladies’ night out. So, gather your supplies and get the wine ready, ladies! It is time for a fun girls’ crafts night. Below, LANGRIA has listed down 5 amazing DIY ideas for a girls’ night out. Not only will these crafts keep you busy during the night, they’ll also let you build something fun and useful for at home or to give away. Check out these sweet DIY projects for girls and throw the best ladies’ night, ever. 



DIY Wood Bead Necklaces

No matter how old we get, a lady always loves her jewelry. So, what would be better than making your own DIY jewelry? There are many different ways to make your own jewelry which makes this a perfect DIY project for girls. Take these wood bead necklaces, for example. They are very simple to make yet they look so beautiful! You can make them for yourself, your friends, or your daughter. With this simple girls’ DIY project, you’ll make some stunning wood bead necklaces people will not believe you made yourself!  

The things we need for this simple DIY project for girls are simple to gather. All we need is a string of leather or suede, wooden beads, painter’s tape, different color paint, and paint brushes. Once you have collected these items, the process of making your own DIY necklaces is pretty simple and straightforward. You can find a full guide on how to make these beauties by clicking here.  


Chalkboard Wine Glasses

I think that we can all agree that not a single ladies’ night is complete without a good glass of wine. This is what makes the next DIY project for girls absolutely perfect for a ladies’ night. By making your own chalkboard wine glasses, you can personalize your wine glasses in a fun, stylish, and easy way.

The best part of his fun DIY project for girls is how easy it is. All you need is a pair of wine glasses, chalkboard paint, and a piece of white or colorful chalk. To make these DIY wine glasses all you have to do is take a glass of wine, dip its base into the chalkboard paint, and let it dry. That really is all there’s too it. Once the paint has dried, you can use your chalk to write or draw things on the base of your glass. From now on, you never have to worry about your wine glasses getting mixed up again during an upcoming ladies’ night out.  


Make Your Own Candles

Let’s face it, everybody loves candles. They add a certain feeling of warmth and coziness to our home that not a single other pieces of home decoration can. Because of this reason and many others, many people find it tempting to make their own DIY candles. Luckily for us, it is relatively easy to make your own candles for cheap. This makes it a great DIY project for girls to try on your next ladies’ night out.



Making your own candles is relatively easy. All you need is a solid container, preferably one made from metal or glass, leftover candle wax, candle wicks, and some food coloring and essential oils to add scent and color. For a full and detailed guide on how to craft your own DIY candles, please check out our previous article on how to make your own candles.  


DIY String Heart

One absolutely beautiful DIY project for girls is the following string heart. Although it might look a little bit complicated, it is, in fact, very easy to make. And what could be better than a fun and easy DIY home decor piece that, once finished, looks absolutely gorgeous? This DIY string heart is sure to spice up the interior of any modern household and it will leave your friends and family impressed.  


To make these beautiful DIY string hearts, all you need is a piece of wood, some nails, spray paint, a large white paper, and, of course, a whole lot of string in your favorite color. Once you have gathered the supplies for this DIY project for girls, the actual process of building your string heart is easy and straightforward. It won’t even take that much time which makes it the perfect DIY project for a girls’ night out. Please check out this website for a detailed step-by-step guide on how to make these beautiful DIY string hearts.  


Chalkboard Sign

Making your own home decor is always fun, especially when you can do it with friends. Even if you do not use it to decorate your own home, you can use it as a great DIY gift for friends and family. The best part about DIY home decor is that is can be very easy and cheap to make and the end results are absolutely stunning. One of my favorite home decor DIY projects for girls? These beautiful chalkboard signs!

Personally, I love to add a natural touch to my interior. Using natural colors and materials such as wood simply lifts up my spirit. This is why I absolutely adore these DIY chalkboard signs. As a DIY project for girls, these signs are very easy and fun to make on an upcoming ladies’ night out. All you need for this project is a piece of wood, chalkboard paint, a foam brush roller, and chalk. If you’re interested to try this DIY project for girls, you can head over to this website where you’ll find a clear and detailed step-by-step guide.

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