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Fun DIY Backyard Games for Kids — LANGRIA

Do you have a backyard at home? LANGRIA brings you this amazing DIY backyards games for kids (and not so kids) compilation. Get ready to have lots of fun with your family and friends during the good weather and barbecue party season with all these backyard games. 

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We are aware that Spring is still two months away, but we cannot wait for it to come ASAP to tell you all about our outdoor patio and backyard ideas. Today, we want to focus on this DIY backyard games for kids compilation so you can browse the list, collect DIY yard games ideas, and get the backyard games ready. This way, as soon as the first rays of sunshine come, you and your family can get out of the house to play and have lots of fun.



For us, this backyard games list wouldn’t be complete without the Jenga game. If you want to have all the fun outdoors that this game brings you when you are throwing an indoor party, there’s nothing better than making your own giant Jenga. A giant Jenga DIY project is easy to do and will give you hours of laugh and fun with your friends and family over a BBQ party, pool party or a normal weekend out in your garden playing backyard games. 


LANGRIA Fun DIY Backyard Games for Kids giant jenga

via Lemon Thistle


Have a look at the full tutorial here.


Bowling is always such a blast! This is why we had to include it in this backyard games list for kids. To prepare this game you don’t need to go buy bowling pins, instead, why don’t you create them yourself? It will be a fun experience,  and the kids can participate too. To make the bowling pins you only need to use recycled bottles of the same side, some paint to paint them, a little bit of sand to put weight on the bottles so they don’t fly away and a tennis ball.


LANGRIA Fun DIY Backyard Games for Kids  bowling

via Handmade Charlotte


We love how these bowling pins look with white and red painting. Will you include this activity for your next backyard games party? We are so ready to play!



This backyard games list is full of easy DIY games, but the DIY tic tac toe game is definitely the easiest one of them, and it still brings a lot of joy and hours of entertainment. We have 2 different DIY tic tac toe projects, a simple one, and a more customized one for you to choose your favorite:


LANGRIA Fun DIY Backyard Games for Kids tic tac toe rocks

via Tatertots and Jello


To make the easy tic tac toe game you only need a 14×8 inches wood board, dark walnut stain, white paint, a wood sealer, 10 rocks from your garden, and a bowl to keep all the rocks inside (unless you go for a giant tic tac toe, in that case, you don’t need the bowl). Stain the 14×8 inches wood with the dark walnut. Then, take the white paint and paint on the board the tic tac toe board. With the same white paint, paint on the surface of 5 rocks “O”s and on the other 5 paint “X”s. 


LANGRIA Fun DIY Backyard Games for Kids tic tac toe

via Chicken Scratch NY


For a cuter version of the tic tac toe game, we found this adorable design by Chickenscratchny. Instead of using the traditional “O”s and “X”s, they have replaced them by bees and ladybugs.

Optional for both DIY Tic-tac-toe projects: after painting the rocks and the wooden board, you can seal them with a coat of polyurethane.

Which one of the two backyard games tic tac toe is your favorite? I bet the kids will love the ladybug tic tac toe! Moreover, this DIY backyard games project is great to create with your kids. They will have a lot of fun painting the bees and ladybugs.


The following idea in this backyard games list is easy and is perfect for artsy families and kids. If your child loves painting, install a chalkboard outside in your yard.


LANGRIA Fun DIY Backyard Games for Kids chalkboard

via Kidsomania


It will provide hours of entertainment and will keep your kid’s masterpieces away from the walls of your home. It is a perfect win-win for you and your little Picasso.



This DIY backyard games project might take some time, but the results are amazing and you can bet you will have the best of times with your friends and young kids. Yes, we are talking about a giant scrabble so you can bring the fun outdoors to your barbecue parties. 


LANGRIA Fun DIY Backyard Games for Kids giant scrabble

via Sunset


In order to get this giant backyard game done, you will need to create a wooden frame, use some concrete and add tiles to copy the design of the traditional board game. Follow the entire tutorial step-by-step here.


If you own a ladder, this backyard game for kids is a ridiculously simple idea which will provide hours of fun during spring and summer. Moreover, you don’t need to buy any supplies!  You only have to stick points to each of the rungs and let the kids throw bean bags through the rungs to see who gets the most points.


LANGRIA Fun DIY Backyard Games for Kids bean bag ladder

via Landee


Please always remember to keep an eye on the kids when playing around the ladder 🙂


Twister is one of my ultimate favorite games, therefore, I had to include it in this DIY backyard games for kids compilation. But before you panic about painting and ruining your lawn, let me tell you a trick that will do: ground marking spray. Using this type of spray won’t damage the grass and it will be gone within a couple of weeks. 


LANGRIA Fun DIY Backyard Games for Kids lawn twister

via Pinterest


With this yard twister, you can customize the size of the dots depending on the age of participants (bigger dots for adults, smaller ones for the little hands and feet of kids), as well as the number of dots for more or fewer participants. 



As you might have realized, this DIY backyard games list is full of jumbo-size games to play outdoors, and for the next one, we are going big! I am sure you, my dear reader, have played the pick-up sticks game when you were a kid. Now, it is time to pass on the fun times you had with this game to your kids. 

Do you remember the rules, right? If not, let me refresh your memory. For this game, we have a bunch of sticks in different colors. The goal is to pick up your color sticks without touching the sticks of your opponents. 


LANGRIA Fun DIY Backyard Games for Kids pick up stick

via Iheartnaptime


If you want to play this game, you need to get your hands on a bunch of long bamboo yard stakes and get about 8 sticks per color (if you go for 4 colors, then you will need 32 sticks plus the black stick). Spray them with your preferred colors and add a coat of clear spray to retain the paint for a longer time.


Are you having a big BBQ party or birthday party for the kids? To close the list of backyard games that you can play with the kids and the not so kids, we want to include this DIY dunk bucket. But beware, this is probably a game that you want to play just in summer! Building the entire system might take some effort, but the results are definitely worth it, and the kids will love it!


LANGRIA Fun DIY Backyard Games for Kids dunk buckle

via Pinterest


Do you want to build this dunk bucket? Check The Happy Housewife tutorial.



We hope you enjoyed this list of DIY backyard games for kids and that the moment the good weather hits your area, you come out of hibernation to enjoy with your family and friends all these (and more!) fun backyard games!

Do you have other favorite backyard games? Let us know in the comment section below. 

What did you think of this DIY backyard games compilation? If you want to see other DIY projects, please visit our LANGRIA in Style home page.


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