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Essential Tips To Get Your Garden Ready For Spring — LANGRIA

Now that the days are getting longer and the weather is slowly getting better, it is the perfect time to start thinking about how to get your garden ready for spring. Last week, we talked about our homes and spring cleaning, however, I guess we all can agree that no perfect house is complete without a nice and colorful garden. This is why LANGRIA brings you the following essential tips to get your garden ready for spring. Sure, we agree, it might look like a complicated and time-consuming job ahead. But believe us when we say that, once it’s all done, it’s guaranteed to pay off. After all, nothing is better than enjoying your own lovely backyard during the sunny spring and summer season!

Now, without further ado, grab your boots and tools and get ready to head outside because it’s time to get your garden ready for spring!

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1) Spring Garden Cleanup

Before we can do anything with our spring garden, we first have to clean it up. During the Autumn and Winter months, your garden has likely been exposed to the elements. Snow, rain, and storms – there are many ways in which the seasons can turn your garden into a mess. Therefore, in order to get your garden spring ready, the first thing you’ll have to do is start cleaning your garden beds and lawn. Remove broken branches, collect fallen leaves, and get rid of all other types of debris that have been collected in your garden. Remember to do this cleanup task every spring as early as possible. Depending on the weather, the bulbs of your spring flowers and plants start to pop up around March. The sooner you clean your garden, the less chance you have of accidentally stepping on growing flowers. Having clean flower beds furthermore allows your bulbs to get all the sunlight they need and it removes further obstacles for them to grow, allowing them to pop up easier and faster.


Spring Garden Cleaning
Source: Home Improvement Blog


Besides your lawns and flower beds, it is also essential to clean the trees and bushes in your garden. Remove debris and trim them by cutting off any broken or dead branches. Early March is the perfect time of the year to prune and shape the trees in your yard – allowing them to fully blossom once the spring weather kicks in.



2) Get Ready Your Garden Tools

Now that the big job of cleaning your garden has been taken care off, it’s time to get ready for the smaller yet just as essential tasks. To do so, however, we first need to prep our garden tools. So, pull out those tools from where you have been hiding them during the winter and make sure they’re all ready to be used. Your iron and plastic tools can be cleaned off with some hot water and soap.


Garden Tools
Source: Porch


For the tools with wooden handles, it’s better to use mineral spirits as these will prevent them from splintering. Cleaning your tools is an essential step in getting your garden spring ready. Especially because most of us are likely to have left them laying around dirty throughout the entire winter season.



3) Give Your Garden Soil Some Love

As you can imagine, the soil of your garden desperately needs some love now that it has survived yet another rough winter season. Therefore, it is essential to get your soil ready for planting. To do so, get your freshly cleaned gardening tools and turn over the soil and rake it out. By doing so, you’ll clear out any weeds that may have grown in your soil while it was left unattended all these months.


Fresh Soil Spring Garden
Source: Urban Fish Farmer


After this, add a layer of fresh compost or manure to add nutrients to your soil. The perfect time to do so is a couple of weeks before you start panting something. By doing so, your old soil has enough time to mix well with the new compost; ensuring it won’t burn the roots of your new plants.



4) Work On A Plan

Now that all the hard work of preparing your garden and soil for spring is done, it’s time to make a plan on what plants and vegetables you like to grow. Just as with your spring cleanup at home, having a plan is also essential when it comes to getting your garden ready for spring. When doing so, look at every zone of your garden and see which flowers or vegetables are best for that particular location. If you’re not sure, you can even head over to the local gardening store to get some professional help.


Spring Garden Cleanup
Source: True Value


Planning your garden is an essential part of making it ready for summer and spring. You have to keep in mind their blooming time, height, colors, and so much more. By doing it right, you’ll have a colorful and lively garden all throughout spring and summer.



5) Maintain Your Garden Well

It takes a lot of time and effort to get your garden ready for spring and summer. Therefore, make sure to maintain it well throughout these seasons to make sure that all your hard work has not been in vain. Maintaining your garden throughout spring and summer is key to enjoy it to the most. Once flowers start to bloom, make sure to remove old and dead plants on time to give space for new flowers to grow.


deadhead flower
Source: Laidback Gardener


Once spring is turning into summer, it is furthermore a perfect time to add a layer of mulch to your garden in order to hold down weeds and to keep in groundwater for the hot summer months to come. Mulch will break down by itself during the Autumn and Winter months, adding more nutrients to the soil. Only by maintaining your garden well, you’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful spring and summer yard to its absolute most.

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