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Energize Your Living Space with Green Hanging Plants — LANGRIA

Does your living place feel dull? Do you feel tired and low when arrive back home at your boring place? Updating your home with fresh hanging plants can change this. Just hang some fresh plants on the walls, nearby your balcony, or anywhere you like. A living place with green hangers will be the perfect place to hide from the hot summer days ahead! Plants are a natural healer, as they can release moisture vapor, freshen up the air, and they can also reduce your stress levels and boost your mood. Most people live in a place full of electronic devices and have little time to be close to nature. The plant hangers add some green into your life and deliver positive new energy into your home without taking up any floor space. They use a creative way to decorate your home as these delightful ornaments are guaranteed to bring you joy. There are plenty of hanging plants to choose from including pothos, heartleaf philodendron, spider plant, English Ivy and the Epipremnum aureum, which will take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. You can invite them to your home and create a healthier living environment. More tips about Green Furniture & Sustainable Living here>>

Below, LANGRIA has listed down 6 unique ways in which hanging plants add energy into your living space. Let us take inspiration from nature once again. Use the new color palette and add some green into the dull spaces to cool down your home this summer!

Far Away Radiation

Most of us generally keep working or play computer games in front of a screen for up to 12 hours per day. As a result, there is too much radiation around you. The good news is that, by hanging plants around your electronic area, you can easily fix that! All you need is a stick and a spider plant or Devil’s Ivy. Then the stunning craft begins and a floating vine twines the stick above your head. Or you can put a pot of spider plant on the wall shelf where its vines will naturally grow to the direction of the frame. Displaying some hangers around your computer desk to absorb or eliminate these waves helps you to be more energetic and it lowers your stress levels that are linked to radiation. The idea is very practical because this type of hanging plants is light and easy to install.


hanging plants to reduce radiation

Source: vintageindustrialstyle


Natural Sleeping Place

Hanging plants in the bedroom absolutely are a good hypnotist for you. Green has a great healing ability. It is the most emotionally charged color and the most restful color for the human eye. As a result, your eyes will get a break when looking at a green color, which will calm you down emotionally. Select the most effective hanging plants for you to improve sleep quality. Use hooks and strings to guide the green plants according to your preference. Place them on the side of your bed. Green is such a pure and fresh color that lets you create a natural atmosphere in your living space.


bedroom hanging plants

Source: Urban Outfitters


The Green Corner

Did you ever pay attention to the corner of your living room? Does it feel boring and useless? It is actually a beautiful space if you use the right color for displaying items. Generally, this space should not be so attractive yet not too empty either. Therefore, it’s good to be of a neutral color and have simple lines. This is what makes green hanging plants perfect for your living room corners. They are simple, yet elegant. They match the narrow corner perfectly because hanging plants are floating in the air. This hanging style is really a great way to maintain harmony in your living room as it breaks up the monotony of a space and promotes peace to your mood.


hanging plants in the corner

Source: cleverbloom


Skip Dull Windows

Hanging plants near the window is super easy and it offers a convenient way to decorate your home on a budget. You don’t need any other tools or poles to fix the hangers. Simply hang the baskets and you’ll be ready to go. It is the best place for photosynthesis to happen, so your hangers will grow up well by themselves with a minimum amount of care. Choose some beautiful baskets and pick plants of you liking such as asparagus fern, heartleaf philodendron, silver falls and geranium. These hanging plants will not only brighten up your room, but also provide better ventilation. 

 hanging plants near the window

Source: hgtv


A Kitchen of Complete Bliss

When it’s time to cook, you are always surrounded by oil, smoke, and steaming water. Do you ever think about adding some fresh elements in your kitchen? It’s never too late to add some hanging plants to your kitchen, try it today! They can be easily hung from a hook in your kitchen and, thanks to that they are close to the sink, you never have to put too much effort in watering them. You can plant some basil or other fresh spices in the hanger as well. Having some fresh leaves and greens aside you in the kitchen will neutralize the greasy heat while cooking your next meal at home.


kitchen hanging plants

Source: Pinterest


Give Your Stairs a Makeover

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to customizing space layout. This is especially the case when it comes to hanging plants on the wall rather than placing them on your limited floor space. A creative wall always adds a style of vogue, while the interesting stairs give us more creativity. By adding some hanging plants to your stairs, you’ll go downstairs with a bright and vivacious tone every morning. What could possibly be a better start of the day?


planting plants on the wall




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