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Easy & Stylish DIY Ring Holder Box — LANGRIA

Today I will show you how I keep my rings organized in this DIY ring holder box step-by-step tutorial.

For the past week, I’ve been working on a pending task that I had in mind for a few months now: organizing my jewelry. I always try to be as organized as possible with my jewelry, and I have tons of little boxes and jewelry boxes to keep my stuff. However, for the past months, I’ve been keeping my rings inside little see-through plastic bags. While it is not too bad, it has zero glam, so I decided to make my own DIY ring holder box. If you are anything like me -you love rings, earrings, bracelets, and work on (easy) DIY projects, you are going to love this stylish DIY ring holder box article. Now, let’s get started! 🙂

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To prepare this DIY project, you will only need the following items, which you might already have around the house: – 1 box of your preference – 1 small towel or cleaning cloth – 1 pretty piece of fabric – A pair of scissors – Glue – All your rings I chose a small, metal box so I can carry it with me when going on (long) holidays. For the towel or cleaning cloth, don’t mind if it is old or stained as by the end of the tutorial we won’t see it, just make sure you wash it so it is clean. For the pretty fabric covering the towel cloth, make sure you choose a thin fabric for a more beautiful finish. Finally, make sure that the glue is suitable to stick the 2 fabrics together.


Start by cutting the cleaning cloth in long strings to make the little rolls. Make sure that the width of the fabric matches the width of the box because if you cut them too wide, they won’t properly fit inside. You should also pay attention to the height of the box. Do not make rolls that are too high, otherwise, they will surpass the height of the box.


DIY Ring Box: prepare as many rolls as needed to fill your box[/caption] As shown in the images above, cut as many cloth strings as needed to fill your box with the little ring rolls. From the image on the left, you can see that the pieces of cloth don’t need to be 100% perfect. If you cut the cloth too short, you can wrap the roll with an extra layer of cloth to make it with the right thickness. Make sure the rolls are tightened one to the other inside the box. If there is too much space between them, your ring rolls won’t properly support your rings in place and the ring holder box won’t look as aesthetically pleasing as it should.


Once you are done with the rolls, it is time to wrap them one by one in our pretty piece of fabric. For this ring box holder, I chose a shiny black fabric for a sleek look. Place a ring roll on top of the fabric and cut the fabric so that you can completely cover the roll with it. Once you have that rectangular cut-out shape (as shown in the image above), glue the towel and the black fabric together. Once glued, cut the extra fabric on both sides of the ring roll. Repeat this process with all your rolls. Tip: leave the outside fabric a couple of millimeters larger than the roll, this way you will make sure the inner fabric won’t show when you place it inside the box.


Once you finish wrapping all the rolls with the fabric, place them inside the box. You can also opt to glue the ring rolls to the box in order to ensure that they won’t move. Finally, use a credit card to tuck in the extra fabric on both sides of each ring roll.


Last step: organize all your beautiful rings in the ring rolls and TA-DA! You are done!   What do you think of this portable and stylish DIY ring holder box project? Would you give it a try? Don’t hesitate to share with us your creations. If you want to see more LANGRIA DIY projects or want to keep track of home decor ideas, feel free to follow our blog! Thanks!

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