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Cute Outdoor DIY Easter Decorations That Fill Your Yard With Joy — LANGRIA

Last week, we have introduced you to some adorable DIY Easter decoration projects that can be put together in less than 30 minutes. Most of these projects are, however, used for indoor decoration. But, since Easter is celebrated in spring, wouldn’t it be nice to have some outdoor DIY Easter decorations to decorate your yard? After all, now it’s the time of the year that the sun starts to shine and flowers start to bloom. So, what could possibly be better than adding some extra color and Easter joy into your garden? The following outdoor DIY Easter Decorations allow you to spice up your yard and let you, your family, and all your neighbors enjoy a colorful start of spring.

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DIY Bunny Crossing Sign

Do you have some leftover planks and paint laying around at home? If so, the following outdoor DIY Easter project is perfect for you! This adorable bunny crossing sign is guaranteed to set the right mood for the upcoming Easter season. It’s extremely easy and cheap to make and, the best part of it all is that you can easily remove it from your yard when Easter is over and reuse it the following year.


DIY Outdoor Easter Projects
Source: DIYnCrafts


To make this DIY bunny crossing sign, all you need are some leftover planks in various sizes, paint, nails or glue, and a pole. The first thing you’ll want to do is grab your planks and give them a nice paint job. You literally can use any color of your liking. Once the ground-color has been applied and dried up, use a second color to add details such as a lovely bunny head and the text ‘’Bunny Crossing’’. After this, all that’s left to do is nail or glue the planks together, and you’ll be all set. Stick this bunny crossing sign into your front yard, and welcome the Easter season in style!


Wooden Yard Carrots

If you like to get real creative, these wooden yard carrots are a perfect DIY outdoor Easter decoration for your yard. Although a bit more difficult to put together, the end results certainly make it all worth it. With these adorable carrots in your yard, you’ll be guaranteed to impress the Easter bunny and all his lovely friends!


DIY Outdoor Carrots Easter
Source: Instructables


Making these yard carrots may take a bit more time and effort but it certainly is not a difficult task. For a full list of items needed along with the instructions on how to build them for yourself, please check out this simple step-by-step tutorial by Instructables. You can either make these carrots by yourself or make them together with friends or your kids for a fun Easter-themed afternoon filled with DIY crafts.


DIY Outdoor Easter Egg Garland

Last week, we introduced you to a unique way on how to make an Easter Garland out of colorful paint chips. Although unique and adorable, this garland is only meant for indoor use. The following Easter garland, however, features a waterproof design; making it perfect to be used on your front porch. Alternatively, you can hang it from your roof, window shelves, or a tree in your front yard.


DIY Easter Porch Decor
Source: Honey and Fitz


This easy to make DIY Easter egg garland is made up entirely out of plastic Easter eggs. As of such, you can use it anywhere in your yard without needing to worry about the weather affecting it. To make this garland, all you need is a long colorful ribbon, plastic Easter eggs, and a needle and threat. Simply use the needle and threat to poke holes through each Easter egg and string them together. At the end and center of your garland, you can apply colorful ribbons as a finishing touch. Once all put together, hang it from your front door, porch, or tree, and you’ll be all set!


Reclaimed Wood Easter Eggs

The following DIY Easter outdoor decorations do not only look great, but they are also good for the environment! Instead of throwing away or burning your leftover wood and planks, why not turn them into a colorful home-made Easter egg. These large wooden Easter eggs made from reclaimed wood are perfect for both indoor and outdoor decor. With their colorful appearance, they are guaranteed to grab the attention of visitors and passerby’s alike.


DIY Easter Egg Decoration
Source: Myrecipeconfessions


What you’ll need for this adorable DIY Easter project is leftover wood, paint in different colors, a figure saw, and wood glue. For full instructions on how to make these simple reclaimed wood Easter eggs, please check out the following tutorial. Making these DIY Easter eggs is simple, fun, and it barely costs a thing. Once in place, they are guaranteed to add some color and joy to your front yard.

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