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Cute DIY Christmas Candles to Warm up Your Holiday Season — LANGRIA

These cute DIY Christmas candles are the perfect homemade crafts to spice up your holiday decor. They are simple to make and, once ready, will add an extra bit of warmth and light in your home during the upcoming holiday season.

At LANGRIA, we love the warm glow of candlelight, especially during the holiday season. As a DIY enthusiast like myself, this gives me plenty of craft ideas for homemade candles. At the end of the year, I love to make my own DIY Christmas candles to add a personal touch to my winter home decor. Below, we have listed down the 4 cutest homemade Christmas candles that you can easily make by yourself. They are simple to put together and, once finished, guaranteed to impress your family and visitors alike.

DIY Evergreen Christmas Candles

The first DIY Christmas candles on our list are extremely easy to make yet look absolutely adorable once finished. When I think about Christmas, one of the first things that come to mind are large evergreen trees. Their appearance and smell remind me of the holiday season, putting me in that special Christmas mood. Because I enjoy adding a natural touch to my holiday design, I love to work with evergreens. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also stay fresh for a long period of time. This makes them perfect to be used for DIY Christmas decor.


Everygreen DIY Christmas Candles
Source: BHG


To make these beautiful DIY Christmas candles, you won’t need a lot of items. All you need are some pretty glass containers, spray glue, several pieces of evergreen, and pillar candles. Once you have gathered all supplies, the first thing you’ll want to do is clean your glass jar. After that, spray your evergreen pieces with spray adhesive. Now, carefully attach the pieces to the edge of your container with the ends hanging from the bottom. Allow your evergreens to dry for a minute and trim the bottoms with a pair of scissors or garden shears. After this, insert the candle into the glass container, light it up, and you’ll be all set for a warm and cozy Christmas Eve.


DIY Candy Cane Candles

Another thing that comes to mind when thinking about Christmas is candy canes. As a child, I loved to eat these sweets while sitting warm and comfortable at home watching my holiday movies. And although nowadays I am less a sweet tooth than that I used to be, I still love to decorate my home with candy cane-inspired holiday decor. This is why the following DIY Christmas candles certainly are one of my favorites.


Candy Cane Candles DIY
Source: Hubpages


Making these candy cane-inspired DIY Christmas candles is relatively easy with the right ingredients. What you’ll need are a bunch of undecorated pillar candles, paint, glue, Epsom salt, tape, paint brushes, paper cups, and an old newspaper. Once you have gathered these ingredients, making the candles themselves is an easy and straightforward job. For a detailed guide on how to make these DIY Christmas candles, please check out this simple instruction guide.


DIY Floating Cranberry Candles

Who said making your own DIY Christmas candles has to be difficult? The truth is, it’s actually extremely simple. Take these adorable homemade floating cranberry candles, for example. Who would have thought that a simple canning jar could look so artistic? All you need to make these DIY Christmas candles are a number of empty canning jars, greenery, a handful of cranberries, water, and a floating candle.


DIY Cranberry Christmas Candles
Source: Pinterest


The first thing you’ll want to do is clean your jar. Once it’s well-cleaned, add a layer of random greenery at the bottom of the jar. On top of this, add a handful of cranberries. Now, carefully pour water into the jar, causing the cranberries to float to the top. After this, all that’s left to do is add in a floating candle, and your DIY Christmas candle is ready for use.


DIY Santa Candles

If you’re looking for a way to take your DIY Christmas candle crafts to the next level, these adorable Santa candles are perfect for you. Although they might look rather complicated to make, the truth is that they are very easy to put together. All you need to do is simply attach some buttons, ribbons, and tape – and you’ll be all set. Personally, I love these cute little candles. They look adorable and certainly put the household in the right Christmas mood.


DIY Santa Candles
Source: TheSuburbanMom


In order to make these DIY Christmas candles, you’ll need 3 large candle jars, electrical tap (red/white), black and white buttons, plaid ribbon, black ribbon, gold tape, a cereal box, and hot glue. Once you have these items, making these DIY Christmas candles is as simple as cutting the right length of ribbon or tape and adding it to your jars. For the golden Santa buckle, I used to cut a rectangular shape from a cereal box and covered it with golden tape. You can use the buttons and tape to decorate your candles in any way of your liking, making them perfectly fit with your other holiday decor.

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