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Cozy DIY Winter Home Decorations — LANGRIA

Just a couple more weeks and the winter season officially arrives. When I think about winter, I think about warmth and coziness the most. Sitting inside under a soft blanket around a warm fire, surrounded by family and friends. Personally, I love the winter season along with its holidays, not only for its true meaning but also for the fact that it brings along endless possibilities for DIY enthusiasts such as myself. This time of the year is perfect for trying out some new cozy DIY winter home decorations to add a little warmth to your household.

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Below, LANGRIA has selected 5 of our favorite DIY winter home decorations. These cute craft ideas are easy to make in your spare time. If you’re still looking for a cute yet simple way to decorate your home this winter, these DIY winter home decorations are perfect for you. Besides looking absolutely stunning once finished, they also treat you to a fun-filled afternoon with friends or family while you’re making them. Check out these cute winter DIY craft ideas and add a personal touch to your home decoration during the upcoming holiday season.

DIY Snowflake Window Curtain

Let’s start off our list of cozy DIY winter home decorations with an all-time classic. Making your own snowflakes from a paper is easy and fun. In fact, I believe that most of us have tried this before during their childhood. Personally, I loved to cut my own snowflakes when I was little as their magnificent shapes and patterns kept on surprising me over and over again.


DIY snowflake curtains
Source: Inmyownstyle


With this little DIY winter home decoration idea, we take making your own snowflakes one step further by turning them into a cute window curtain. What you’ll need is paper, scissors, yarn, and a glue gun. Naturally, the most difficult part of this whole project is to cut the snowflakes in a way you end up with a nice shape. Luckily, this tutorial from inmyownstyle teaches us exactly how to fold and cut a paper in order to end up with the most beautiful paper snowflakes imaginable. You can check out this step-by-step tutorial with pictures to see for yourself how easy it is to make this beautiful DIY snowflake winter curtain.



DIY Snowballs

One of the things I love most about winter is snow. The way it falls down from the sky and softly lands on the ground, leaving us with a fresh layer of powder that turns our landscape into a true winter wonderland. I simply love everything about it. If you have kids, there is one thing you can’t get around once it starts to snow: having a snowball fight. Besides being fun to throw at each other, snowballs can also be a nice form of winter decoration. The problem with real snowballs is, however, that they melt. And let’s face it, not everybody lives in a country where it snows during the winter months. Luckily, these DIY snowballs allow you to have a white Christmas no matter where you live.


DIY Snowballs 
Source: Cottageintheoaks


Making your own DIY snowballs is relatively easy. It is, however, a messy job so keep that in mind when you’re starting with this winter DIY project. I would highly recommend you to make them outside in your yard as this really is not something you want to do inside of your home. That being said, to start off with this DIY winter home decor project, you’ll need the following items: styrofoam balls, Snow Tex, a white string, a strong wire, and an old butter knife. For a full guide on how to make these DIY snowballs step-by-step, please check out this tutorial by cottageintheoaks. I’m certain that you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to make these fun little winter DIY decor pieces. The best part of it all is that once they are finished, they will truly look like an authentic snowball.



DIY Christmas Crochet Stars

If you love to crochet, these cute DIY Christmas ornaments are perfect for you! They are extremely simple to make, leaving you with a fun and easy holiday project to try at home. You can either use them as ornaments on your Christmas tree, or you can use them to decorate any other parts of your home. Personally, I am not a professional when it comes to crochet, however, I have to say that these little stars were very simple to make, even for me.


DIY Christmas crochet stars
Source: Persialou


For the original guide on how to make these Christmas crochet stars by yourself, please head over to the tutorial found on persialou. Here you’ll be able to find a full list of tools needed to make your own crochet stars along with the simple pattern that is needed to make them by yourself. Personally, I have hung mine from my Christmas tree, however, you can literally use them anywhere in your home.



Winter Wine Glass Dioramas

Of all the DIY winter home decorations in our list, this is perhaps the cutest one! And although these wine glass dioramas may look a bit complicated to put together, they are in fact extremely easy to make. Besides being easy to make and looking absolutely adorable, they also are very cheap to put together. If you’re looking to decorate your home for winter on a budget, these winter wine glass dioramas are a perfect option for you. You can either make them alone or with your friends during an upcoming ladies night. If you wish to treat your children to a fun-filled craft afternoon, you can even replace the wine glasses with regular plastic bottles. This allows them to make their own winter dioramas in a safe and easy way.


winter dioramas DIY
Source: Popsugar


To start off with this DIY winter home decoration project, you’ll need a bunch of items. Naturally, you’ll need some cheap wine glasses in various sizes. Besides that, we’ll need cardboard, a pen, scissors, glue, small trees and figures, sugar, silver glitter, ribbon, and candles. That’s right, you need quite many items to make these cute winter dioramas but, luckily, most of the items should not be too difficult to find. Once you have found all the items you need, it will be relatively simple to put your dioramas together. For a useful step-by-step guide including pictures on how to make these wine glass dioramas, please check out this tutorial from popsugar.



DIY Winter Candles

Last but certainly not least, let’s finish off our list of DIY winter home decorations with these cute DIY winter candles. As you should all know by now, we truly love DIY candles. They are simple to make and, most importantly, they add a certain type of warmth to your interior. Especially during the dark and cold winter months, DIY candles offer a perfect way to spice up your interior design.


DIY winter candles
Source: Pinterest


When I think about winter, one thing that comes to mind is cinnamon. This is why I have chosen to add these cute homemade cinnamon winter candles to our list of DIY winter home decorations. Not only do they look cute, but they also are very easy to put together. All you need are large white candles, a bunch of cinnamon sticks, a glue gun, and some Christmas themed ribbons or other small ornaments. To put them together, simply grab your candle and use the glue gun to attach the cinnamon sticks. After you have let them dry, you can use a ribbon or other sorts of ornaments to give your DIY winter candles a finishing touch. Once done, all that’s left to do is light up your homemade Christmas candles and enjoy the warmth and coziness with your family and friends.

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