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Cozy DIY Craft Ideas That Will Keep You Warm This Autumn — LANGRIA

Keep yourself and family warm with these cozy DIY craft ideas from LANGRIA. These cute craft projects are easy to make by yourself or with your friends and kids. Not only do they offer a great way to keep you warm, but they also treat you to a fun-filled afternoon of DIY crafting fun.

Autumn is the time of the year that the days are getting shorter and temperatures start to drop. It does not take long before the first frost arrives. Once the outside temperature hits freezing point, nothing is more comfortable than to sit cozily inside under a soft blanket or with a hot drink. And while you sit inside, you naturally need to have something fun to do to keep your time occupied. My favorite spare time activity during the cold autumn and winter months are DIY crafts. They are fun, cheap, and productive. Not only do they keep you busy for the entire afternoon or evening but, once ready, they are also practical and nice.

The following cozy DIY craft ideas are perfect for the autumn and winter season. They let you enjoy all the fun of making something by yourself and, once ready, the end result will help you to stay cozy and warm. The best part is that they are easy and cheap to make, and they offer you a way to stay busy during the upcoming dark autumn evenings at home. Check out these cozy DIY craft ideas and you can be guaranteed that the cold months ahead will be filled with nothing but coziness and warmth.


DIY mittens

One of my favorite DIY craft ideas that will keep you warm are these adorable DIY mittens. Personally, I simply love to wear mittens. They look cute and, most importantly, they keep my hands warm and cozy when I head outside. The problem is, however, that when I head over to the shop, I simply can’t find that perfect pair. This is why I thought to myself; why not make them on my own?


DIY Mittens

Source: Featheringmynest


It turns out that making your own DIY mittens is much easier than it seems! All you need for this cozy DIY craft idea is an old sweater, paper, marker, scissors, needle and thread, and some sewing pins. Not only does this cozy DIY project keep your hands warm, but it also gives you an efficient way to reuse the old sweaters that you were about to throw away. For a full step-by-step picture guide on how to make these adorable DIY mittens, please check out the following website. With these cute DIY mittens at your side, you can be assured that you’ll never have cold hands again during the upcoming autumn and winter months.


DIY winter coasters

Not all cozy DIY projects to keep you warm are something that you can wear. One of my favorite ways to stay warm at home is to read a book while enjoying a nice hot cup of tea. Having a hot drink on itself is already a great way to keep yourself warm, but why not make this whole experience a bit more cozy? With the following DIY winter coasters, you can add a fuzzy touch to your afternoon tea.


DIY Winter Coasters

SourceInspired by Charm


These cute and cozy DIY winter coasters are extremely easy to make in just a couple of minutes. All you need are some cheap cork coasters, 1cm wool felt balls and E600 glue. It is important that you use E600 glue as this glue does not react to the warmth of your drink when you place a hot cup on top of your DIY coaster. In total, you’ll need around 50-100 wool felt balls per coaster. The actual process of putting the coasters together is straightforward and easy. Simply take a cork coaster, apply a layer of E600 glue, and carefully place the colorful balls on top one by one. Let the glue dry, and your DIY coasters are all done!


DIY sweater slippers

The following cozy DIY project to keep you warm may perhaps be a bit more complicated, but the end result makes it all worth it. These beautiful DIY sweater slippers are cozy, warm, and look better than most of the slippers you’ll find in your local clothing stores! And this is not all; this cozy DIY project furthermore offers a useful way to recycle old sweaters that you no longer use. These DIY slippers treat you to a fabulous way to keep your toes toasty once the temperatures start to drop.


DIY Sweater Slippers

Source: Home Sweet Soul


If you’re interested in giving this cozy DIY project a try, you’ll first have to gather a couple of supplies. In fact, you won’t need much to make these cute slippers. All you need is an old thick sweater, scissors, paper, a pen, pins, yarn, and a large darning needle. Please check out the website of homesweetsoul for a full step-by-step guide with pictures. Although they need a bit more time and skill to make, I would certainly recommend you giving it a try. Thanks to these cute DIY slippers, your feet will never be cold again!


DIY cup sleeves

Enjoying a hot drink while it’s cold outside is one of the best ways to warm yourself up. Not only does it taste good, but it also lets us warm up our cold hands by holding the cup. The problem is, however, that the cup often is way to hot to hold comfortably. Luckily, the next cozy DIY project offers a cute solution. This felt fox coffee mug sleeve allows you to comfortably hold your hot mug without hurting your hands and, added to that, they simply look adorable!


DIY Coffee Sleeve

Source: Liagriggith


Making these cozy DIY coffee sleeves is relatively easy. All you need are some basic supplies and your imagination. Simply grab yourself a large paper, pencil, felt (black, orange, white), threat, a needle, and a pair of scissors. Once you have gathered the supplies, you’ll be ready to go. Putting them together is quite a simple task. The step-by-step picture guide below brought to you by LiaGriffith explains in a simple way how to put them together.


DIY Coffee Holder

Source: Liagriggith


For more cute and cozy DIY projects, please check out our previous articles that can be found on the LANGRIA DIY blog.

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