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Simple DIY Thanksgiving Decorations — LANGRIA

Decorate your home and throw the perfect Thanksgiving dinner party with these simple DIY Thanksgiving decorations. They are easy to make, cheap, and guaranteed to impress. Keep on reading to find out what are our top 5 DIY Thanksgiving decoration ideas.

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner! After a bit more than a week, we’ll all gather together with our families; filling up our bellies and showing one another how grateful and happy we are to have each other in our lives. To me, Thanksgiving certainly is one of my favorite holidays during the year. Not only because we can be together with our loved ones and eat good food, but also because it leaves us with plenty of craft opportunities to make our own DIY Thanksgiving decorations. The Autumn colors give me plenty of inspiration to decorates the house and dinner table. Whether it’s candles, centerpieces, flowers, or another type of craft, with your own DIY Thanksgiving decorations, you are guaranteed to impress.

Below, LANGRIA has listed down 5 of our favorite DIY Thanksgiving decorations. These craft ideas are easy to make and, best of all, barely cost a thing. You can either make them alone or spend a fun-filled crafting afternoon with your friends or children. Making these DIY Thanksgiving decorations are guaranteed to treat you to hours’ worth of fun and, once finished, these cute craft ideas are sure to spice up your interior. So, what are you still waiting for? Grab your tools and start making your own DIY Thanksgiving decor, today!


DIY Thanksgiving gratitude tree

This cute gratitude tree certainly is one of my favorite DIY Thanksgiving decorations. It offers a perfect way to introduce a natural Autumn aspect into our living rooms. Sure, it might take a bit of an effort to make it, but believe me; the end result makes it all worth it. This beautiful Thanksgiving gratitude tree is a perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving breakfast table. No matter if you place it in your kitchen, living room, or dining room; this beauty is sure to impress.


DIY gratitude tree

Source: Thehousethatlarsbuilt


Before we can start with building our own DIY gratitude tree, we first have to gather the needed tools. Luckily, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the needed items. The materials you’ll need include several small sphere-shaped containers, crepe paper, scissors, hot glue gun, twine, cardstock, and a leaf template. Now, putting the gratitude tree together does require some crafting skills. Luckily this step-by-step guide with pictures makes the process a whole lot easier.


DIY Thanksgiving tablecloth

The following DIY Thanksgiving decoration is far easier to make compared to the gratitude tree, however, it is just as beautiful. With this cute home-made tablecloth, you’re guaranteed to steal the show during your upcoming Thanksgiving dinner. This tablecloth is extremely easy to make and you can customize it in any way you please. Pick your favorite colors and pick the Autumn patterns of your liking. This DIY tablecloth is guaranteed to impress.


DIY Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Source: Designimprovised


The truth is, making your own DIY Thanksgiving tablecloth is extremely simple. What you’ll need is a white tablecloth (or a roll of butcher or Kraft paper if you wish to make a single-use version of this tablecloth), differently shaped leaf stencils, craft paint, and a foam brush. Once you have gathered the needed tools, making your own tablecloth is pretty straight-forward. Simply use the leaf stencils and colored paint to apply the pattern of your liking, let it dry, and your tablecloth is ready to be used!


DIY autumn cooler

This simple to make yet amazing DIY autumn cooler surely will fall in good taste with your husband or boyfriend. With this cool fall decor at your side, you’re guaranteed to throw the best Thanksgiving party imaginable. After all, who doesn’t like a cold drink! It’s easy to make, convenient, and looks absolutely amazing. This DIY autumn cooler is guaranteed to set the right mood at your upcoming fall parties.


Hallowen Cooler

Source: Thesprucecrafts


What you’ll need to make your own DIY autumn cooler is a knife, spoon, large pumpkin, ice, and, of course, some bottles of your favorite wine or beer! Once you have gathered your supplies, grab yourself the pumpkin and kitchen knife. Carefully cut off the top and use the spoon to hollow out your pumpkin. Now, throw in the ice, add your bottles, and you’ll be all set to throw the best autumn party imaginable!


Pine cone cardholders

The following DIY Thanksgiving decoration is perhaps the most simple project you can come across. Nevertheless, with their cute appearance, they certainly deserve a place in our list of top 5 DIY Thanksgiving decorations. These pine cone cardholders are perfect for placing name cards on your Thanksgiving dinner table to make sure that all your guests know what plate belongs to them.


Pinecone holders cards

Source: Squirrellyminds


The actual crafting process to make these pine cone cardholders does not involve much. All you need are some pine cones, gold spray paint, cardstock, and a pen. Simply paint the pine cones gold, write the names of your guest on the cardstock and insert them into the pine cones. Now, place the pine cone cardholders with the right name card on the right plate, and you’ll be all set. Simple like that! Although they are extremely easy to make, these cute golden pine cones surely will add some spice to your dinner table decor.


DIY Thanksgiving candles

Those of you who have read our blog before know that I love DIY candles. Whether it’s traditional wax candles or DIY gel candles, at LANGRIA we love them all. Candles create a certain atmosphere that goes perfectly with holidays such as Thanksgiving. As of such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these cute gourd candles are on our list of DIY Thanksgiving decorations.


DIY Thanksgiving Candles

Source: Country Living


Making these DIY Thanksgiving candles is extremely easy. All you need are some small gourds, hot glue gun, knife, and candles. Cut out a hole the size of your candles by using the knife. Now glue the top gourd on top of the bottom one to create a tall candlestick. Insert the candle into the hole, and you’re all done. These cute DIY autumn candles are guaranteed to look great at any Thanksgiving dinner table.

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