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Best Space-saving Home Decor Ideas for Your Small Apartment — LANGRIA

It seems that small space puts up a barrier to sparkle inspiration. You want to organize as much as possible, but the room should not be cramped at the same time. To design a fantastic style with modern home look, while it can’t be chaotic and cluttered. The home decor ideas for an apartment with limited space can feel like an impossible puzzle.

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home decor idea



LANGRIA takes the challenge of creating a calm and stylish apartment in a limited space, balancing plenty of decorations with a roomy home. There are two focuses on home decor ideas.

Fisrt, Less is more. The core of this concept is simplicity. It does not abandon the decoration, but uses a less complicate decorating style to achieve the effect of highlighting the connection of the rooms. Everyone knows the adornment has a strong stimulating effect on people’s visual senses with the magnificent decoration, the usage of various decorative lines and exquisite materials. However, home decor ideas should be in coordination with the experience of daily life for most people, where everything tends to a more peaceful and simple way. Everyday life would be happy and snug when you find a comfortable home environment and enjoy the simple moments, like a nap on your balcony without any plans, or a tea in the living room.

Second, the hidden is the displayed. The concealment of the storage space is an important part of our home decoration. The layout of storage space and reasonable usage of storage cabinets would make maximum use of the limited space. Space-saving solutions add more possibilities on home decorating especially when space is limited.


Here, at LANGRIA, we have compiled a list of home decor ideas to get the most out of a small house. And it is easy to find some examples that combine the concept of simplicity with space-saving storage functions for you.


Double Duty Furniture

Big pieces of furniture are easy to break and may limit your floor place. For a home that’s big in entertaining but short in floorspace, flexible home decor ideas are a must. Smart organizations that can do double duty will save both space and money. Thanks to the tiny house trend, there is no shortage of home decor ideas for both space-saving and elegant look to create the vision of a refined and roomy interior.


jewelry cabinet


In the narrow floor space, open storage keeps everyday items organized and easy to reach. A jewelry cabinet which can be attached to your wall or hung from your door reaches a new home decor idea for both storage and its full-body mirror function. This double duty furniture keeps your jewelry and cosmetics organize while, at the same time, decorates your room with its full-length mirror and stylish design.


Look for A Multi-purpose Helper

Create an imaginative, inclusive home for you. Everyday life is far away from the visual stress of clutter when we find helpful home decor ideas and create a cozy home space to stay in. Set up smart furnishings with more flexibility and mobility to organize your apartment, enjoy a clean and light home which is easy to tidy up and has everything put in good order.


multi-function rolling cart


To utilize this home idea, place a rolling cart in the kitchen, bathroom and hall to conveniently and practically expanded the room. With brackets, all-metal shelves and 4 casters to move anywhere or hide away sundries, this kind of movable furniture is more than just a tool to decorate.


Beautifully Stacked Modular Storage  

When space constraints stand in the way of your design aspirations, adjust your home decor ideas. Think about how to put all the necessary things in there, cleverly using each part. Modular storage might be the answer here. This kind of furniture separates, stacks and expands to make it easily incorporate into your comfortable home. With the help of fittings for tiny spaces, you can really use the given area efficiently.


storage cubers

Source: BuzzFeed


Tucked into a smart organizer within this open-plan home, a modular storage closet made up of frosted translucent white doors creates a pleasing area full of possibilities to build a closet or a room divider. Cubes make it easy to tidy stuff away afterwards, that is flexibly arranged to better fit your home.


Use Wall storage to Get More from a Limited Space

Extra home decor ideas on the wall, a limited living area works for a refined and roomy layout and ample room. The wall in a hall or other common area that you otherwise might have left empty can be used for additional functionality. For a space-saving solution, a wall mounted coat rack is combined with a compact setup and the minimalistic look to make a sociable vision. It can be attached to your wall where it takes up minimum space and keeps a simple look that complements most decors.


a wall mounted coat rack


A wall of inspiration and fresh textiles sparks big and little imaginations. By adding decorations and storage solutions to your wall, you’ll be able to make your room feel extra cozy in a simple, classic, and convenient way.


For more amazing home decor ideas, check out the LANGRIA pages where you’ll find more surprising inspirations to decorate a cozy home.

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