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Beautiful Flower-Themed DIY Gift Ideas — LANGRIA

Amaze your friends, family, and children with these beautiful flower-themed DIY gift ideas. These cute DIY gifts are perfect for summer birthday parties and garden dinners. The best part of summer for me is the nice weather, beautiful flowers, and evening dinners with friends and family. Showing up at a dinner or birthday party empty handed is, however, never a nice feeling. This is why LANGRIA has put together a short list of 5 cute and beautiful flower-themed DIY gift ideas that are perfect for summer. These DIY gifts are easy to make and cost barely anything. With their simple yet colorful appearance, they are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of the party host.  

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Mini Floral Bouquets

Our first flower-themed DIY gift idea is very simple yet it is sure to impress your friends. These mini floral bouquets are so easy and cheap to make, you might as will bring one for every guest at your dinner party. All you need are some of your favorite flowers, a wrapping paper, and a little rope.  You can literally use any type of flowers for these DIY mini floral bouquets. You can either pick them yourself from your garden or simply buy a large bouquet in the flower shop. Once you have your flowers, divide them into smaller portions of approximately 5 to 6 flowers each. Now, take your bouquet wrapping paper (you can either buy this in the store or print one online), and wrap it around your flowers. Now, simply take a nice little rope and knot it around the paper to make sure it stays in place. And that’s it, you’ll have your own little mini bouquets. It really is that simple!   These mini floral bouquets are a great DIY gift idea for a small birthday party or dinner party. Additionally, you can give them out during spring festivals such as Easter. As they are so easy and quick to make, you might as well give them to your girlfriends randomly just to put a smile on their face!  

DIY Daisy Lollipops

Do you have a little daughter who celebrates her birthday during the summer months? Then this is one of the best flower-themed DIY gift ideas for you! These daisy lollipops look stunning and taste absolutely delicious. Besides using them to put a smile on your kid’s face, these gorgeous lollipops are great to be used at weddings as well. To make these flower lollipops, all you need is sugar, water, cream of Tartar, flavoring oil, and, of course, some daisy flowers. Although they might look difficult to make, the process is actually very easy and straightforward. For the exact instructions on how to make these beautiful lollipops, please check out the tutorial on the Intimate Weddings website.  

DIY Seed Bombs

This has to be one of my favorite flower-themed DIY gift ideas! Not only because I simply love flowers, but also because it actually lets you grow them yourself. The idea is simple. You get the seeds of your favorite wildflowers, wrap them together with some soil in a piece of cloth, and toss them out in the wild whenever you wish to grow them. These so-called ‘’seed bombs’’ are a perfect gift for flower-loving people as it allows them to grow colorful flowers outdoors in the most simple manner. And the best part is that they have no idea what seeds you have hidden inside – making it a double present for when the flowers finally start to bloom! Making these flower themed DIY gifts is so easy – even a child could do it. All that’s needed are some seeds, soil, paper clay, warm water, a mixing bowl, and some fabric and rope. Once you have the necessary items, they are very straightforward to put together. For detailed instructions, you can check out this useful tutorial.  

Boxed Flowers

When it comes to flower-themed DIY gift ideas, simplicity is king. But don’t be fooled, simplicity does not always mean boring! A perfect example are these simple yet beautiful boxed flowers. Boxed flowers are highly popular in Japan and other Asian countries. Nevertheless, you do not see them that often in the West. Perhaps that we simply have not heard of the idea before? Anyway – let me introduce you to this simple DIY gift idea that is guaranteed to meet the liking of any girl out there.Flower boxes are extremely simple to make. They may look complicated, but the fact is that you won’t need any florist training to make these beauties. All you need is a pretty box with a lid, scissors, plastic wrap, tape, florist’s oasis, and, of course, some flowers! So, putting them together is an easy and straightforward process. First, you take the box, open it up, and attach the plastic wrap to its inside. Now, you cut the oasis in the right shape and size of your box and put it inside. After this, you take your flowers and cut them at the right length. Normally, 2.5cm (1 Inch) should do. Once you have cut the flowers, you press them into the oasis. Just make sure that they are pressed down enough so that you can still put the lid on your box. Fill up the box with your favorite flowers, add a little bit of water, and voila – you’re done!  

Floral Napkin Rings

The final idea on our list of top 5 flower-themed DIY gift ideas are these beautiful floral napkin rings. They may not be that suitable for a birthday gift. But nevertheless, they surely are great to bring along to a spring or summer dinner!  This easy and cheap flower-themed tablescape will spice up any dinner table. You can use them for a dinner party, Easter brunch, garden party, or wedding. Thanks to their stylish look – these beauties look great in any type of setting. These floral napkin rings will welcome your guests in a gorgeous manner and are guaranteed to steal the show during your upcoming dinner party. If you are interested in how to make these floral napkin rings, you can check out this tutorial that has a detailed step-by-step guide including pictures.

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