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Back to College Dorm Room Ideas — LANGRIA

7 cheap and super original dorm room ideas to kick off your back-to-campus life this new academic year.

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Finding dorm room ideas to decorate your college dorm room isn’t an easy task yet it is very important as this will be your home for the next months. There are 2 big challenges that every student has to face: how to fit everything you need in one small room while keeping it as organized as possible, and how to make it happen in an affordable way – we don’t need to throw extra expenses to the already existing huge loan. At LANGRIA we have compiled our top 10 dorm room ideas so you can have a stylish, functional and cool dorm room. Whether you are going to study abroad, going back to college to continue your studies or living your family home for the first time to get started with the college life, these college dorm room ideas on a budget will be perfect for you!

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You should memorize the term “multipurpose furniture” forever as it will apply to your college dorm room but also to your after college life. Nowadays housing is very expensive, especially if you live in big cities. This means that most of us (myself included) will end up in small apartments or studios until we get to move to a family home – if that ever happens. There are many types of multipurpose furniture. From decorative trunks that have a 3-in-1 function (decoration, table, storage) to storage ottomans and study desks that work as well as your vanity desk.

Trunks come in many different shapes, colors, and materials. Get a pair of glossy metal trunks in different matching colors and sizes to create a modern beautiful storage tower that can be used as a bedside table to keep your essentials nearby while you sleep. If you want to keep it more traditional – although it is more expensive, go for a wooden trunk instead.

Storage ottomans are the best way to hide all your textbooks, notes, blankets and everything that belongs nowhere. Moreover, they provide an extra seating place, which is highly appreciated when friends are coming over. In our opinion, it’s a no-brainer and you will realize how useful it is the moment that you put your stuff in it.




Falling into the same versatility mentioned above, the presence of a functional, multipurpose body-length mirror is super important. Our collection of jewelry cabinet mirrors is definitely a great idea if you are looking for dorm room ideas for girls.

We have 2 types of mirrors, standing mirrored jewelry cabinets that you can easily assemble and place near your wardrobe or open closet, and wall-mounted mirrors that you can hang behind your door to save floor space. At first glance, it seems like a regular mirror. Open it and discover every girl’s dream come true: a whole space dedicated to your jewelry and accessories.




It is super important to put pictures that bring good memories with your family, friends and your loved one, especially when you are far from them and you don’t get to see them as often as you’d like. You can use traditional photo frames that you can put on a bookshelf as well as create a gallery wall with picture frames.

If your dorm or landlord has a no-nails policy and you don’t want to risk damaging the walls, string lights are a great dorm room décor solution. You can easily use furniture to attach the strings and use small clips to secure your picture. The lights will look lovely and will create a cool ambiance for a movie night. You can also opt for an even simpler version.

If you don’t want lights, get a simple string that you can easily stick to the wall with tape and hang your pics with clips. We love this idea and it always looks amazing near the bed or by your study desk.




If you love DIY projects and therefore, have some patient, washi tape is your best ally for an extremely cheap and cool way to decorate your college dorm room. While you can decorate your walls with it, create frames for your pictures and so on, we love the idea of using washi tape to decorate your bedroom door.

Another genius idea for those people that are super organized, as well as for those who want to achieve a more organized lifestyle, is to create your calendar with washi tape. It is original, fun and super easy!


Plants are a great decorative element for a dorm room. They bring a piece of nature and good mood to the ambiance of your room. However, sometimes it is not that easy to find the right plant, especially one that you can keep alive with your busy college life. If you want to have some plants but you don’t what is the best you can have, here are a few low-maintenance plants which will be perfect for every college living space.

Ponytail plants are super low-maintenance and stunning. They will keep their lively foliage all year. Just make sure you find a bright spot for them, such as a sunny desk.

Cacti are probably the easiest to keep alive. They require very little water and sunlight. These rough plants bring an edgy vibe to your dorm décor.

Aloe Vera plants are nearly indestructible. Similar to cacti, these plants need very little care. Anyway, if you still think you cannot keep the above options alive, there are some fake plants that look very much alive.


Did you know that certain plants can help you to fall asleep? Discover the best plants for a sound ZZZ in our post “Best Plants for the Bedroom to Help You Sleep Better”.




Every time I image my dream holidays on a paradisiac island somewhere in South East Asia, I can see a hammock hanging between 2 coconut trees. But guess what? Hammocks also belong here, inside a home. In fact, if you think about it, hammocks are a brilliant extra seat solution when you want to relax for a while but don’t want to lie down in bed.

Doesn’t it look terrific? You should definitely give it a try. Moreover, there are cheap and good-looking options that will perfectly match the décor in your dorm room.




Style your room with wall tapestry art. There are infinite options, from mandalas, maps for the wanderers, motivational quotes, wall tapestry with your favorite music band, beach images and so on.

Choosing the right place and colors for your wall tapestry can steal the show and become the most outstanding piece of décor in your room.


What do you think about these cheap and cool dorm room ideas to spice up your room decor? Let us know what your favorite is and tag us using #langria so we can see your dorm room decoration. We would love to see them! Do you want to learn more smart tricks to keep your home or dorm room organized? Have a look at our “Simple DIY Organizing Ideas for a Clutter-Free Home and Life” post.

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