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Adorable DIY Spring Crafts for Kids — LANGRIA

Keep your children entertained during rainy spring days with these easy yet adorable spring DIY crafts for kids. They are fun and easy to make and, best of all, barely cost a thing!

Now that the days are getting longer and warmer, chances are high that your kids love to head outdoors again. However, although this is the season of sun and nice weather, every year again, we’re getting surprised by some rainy spring days. These days can be a real bummer to your child and keeping them entertained indoors on such a day can become a struggle at best. Luckily, there always are some simple ways to keep your kids entertained no matter how bad the weather is outdoors.

Take these 5 adorable DIY spring crafts for kids, for example. They are fun and easy to make together with your little ones and, once finished, they’ll look absolutely stunning. Not only will these spring DIY projects keep your kids busy, but it will also give them something that they can show off with pride to their friends and family once they’re done crafting!

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Paper Plate Fish

It’s perhaps one of the easiest DIY projects for kids and chances are high that even you have made them yourself when you were still a child: the paper plate fish. Making a fish (or any other animal) from paper plates is extremely simple yet the end result is absolutely adorable. These DIY projects are perfect for children as it allows them to cut and paint any animal of their liking. And the best part of it all is that they are extremely simple to make with just a handful of materials.

 DIY Paper Fish
Source: Crafts By Amanda


To make your own paper plate animals, you’ll only need paint, glue, scissors, and, of course, paper plates. First, you’ll have to take several paper plates and cut them in the right shape. If you’re making fish, you can simply use one plate as the body and use cut-outs from another plate to create a tail and the fins. Now, add a layer of paint to add some nice colors and effects, glue the pieces together, and your paper fish will be all done.


Hand-Print Flower Painting

As a child, who didn’t love to play around with paint and get dirty? Using your hands to paint something is not only fun, but it also stimulates your creativity. This is why the following DIY spring project for kids truly is one of my favorites. These beautiful hand-painted flowers are extremely easy to make and look absolutely adorable. For small kids, you can keep it simple by just making a flower whereas, with older children, you can add a more 3D touch by using paper cut-out leaves or ribbons to create a 3D design.


DIY Hand Paint Flowers
Source: Crafty Morning


Making your own hand-printed flowers is extremely easy. All you need is a large paper, paint, and your hands! First, you’ll want to select the colors you like most. Once selected dip the palm of your hand into the paint and slowly lift it up. While doing so, make sure that no paint will drip off your hands onto the paper as this will leave stains. Now, firmly press your hand onto the paper for 5 to 10 seconds and slowly lift it up again. You’ll now have a colorful hand-print that will be the base shape of your flower. You can repeat this process several times depending on how many flowers you want to add to your painting. Just remember to wash your hands when you switch color. Once ready, use green paint to paint the sticks and leaves of your flowers, and you’ll be all set.


3D Paper Caterpillar

If you wish to take your spring crafts a step further, this amazing 3D paper caterpillar is a perfect project for you! Although it might look complex and difficult to make, it is, in fact, extremely easy to put together. If, however, your kids are still young, remember that some adult help will be needed since this project does involve cutting and gluing.


Spring Crafts Kids
Source: Easy Peasy and Fun


What you need to make your own 3D paper caterpillars is paper (red, yellow, green), glue, scissors, and a black marker. Now, you can either choose to cut the body and head by yourself, or you can use this adorable paper template. Simply print it on your colored paper, cut over the lines, glue the pieces together and, before you know it, you’ll have your very own 3D paper caterpillar that is guaranteed to impress your children and all their friends.


DIY Fork Tulips

Last but not least, we have these adorable plastic fork tulips which are one of my absolute favorites. After all, tulips truly are some of the most iconic and best spring flowers. Not only are they extremely easy to make, but they also look stunning once ready. They can be used as decoration at home or to give away to friends of your children at school or at a birthday party. In fact, although these are perfect to make with your child, they are also a great spring DIY project for adults as well.


DIY Tulip Flowers
Source: Pinterest


To make your own DIY fork tulips, all you need are some disposable plastic forks, paint, green paper, glue, and scissors. Paint the stick of your forks green and use any other color of your liking to paint the top in order to create it into a colorful tulip. Now, grab some green paper and cut out some tulip leaves that can be glued to your fork in order to give it a 3D touch. Let it all dry for a while, and your DIY tulips are all set to be used for home decoration or as a fun little gift to friends and family.

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