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6 Unique DIY Father’s Day Gifts — LANGRIA

Father’s day is just around the corner. So, why not let your son or daughter surprise their dad with one of these fun and beautiful DIY father’s day gifts!

  DIY father’s day gifts are a great way for your children to surprise their dad. Not only are they cheap and fun to make, they are also creative and highly unique. This makes a DIY father’s day gift the ultimate way to go for father’s day 2018! These gift ideas are very easy which makes them a perfect last minute gift. Simply gather the necessary ingredients and enjoy a fun afternoon with your kid. Before you know it, you and your child have put together the ultimate DIY father’s day gift.   Below, LANGRIA has listed 6 fun and cheap DIY father’s day gift ideas that can be easily put together during a free afternoon. Simply pick the one your father/husband would love the most, and get ready to enjoy a fun afternoon of DIY crafts with your little ones. No matter the end result, these DIY father’s day gifts are guaranteed to impress.  

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1) Hand Stamped Handkerchiefs

Let’s start off our list of DIY father’s day gifts with something simple: hand stamped handkerchiefs. This last minute gift idea is easy enough for even the youngest of kids. And as we all know, dads simply love affordable and practical gifts – especially when it’s handmade by their lovely son or daughter. So, what are you still waiting for? Lets gear up and start stamping!   Now, there are two ways to conquer this DIY father’s day gift project. The easiest way would be to simply buy some nice looking handkerchiefs, a bunch of ready-made stamps, and a jar of fabric paint. However, this would be way too easy for most of us. And let’s be honest, it would also be a bit too simple to call that an actual DIY project! So to spice things up a bit and to add a personal touch, it would be a great idea to design the stamps yourself!   Source: papernstitchblog[/caption]   All you need for this little craft project is some sticky-back foam, a bottle cap, fabric paint, plastic tray, leftover piece of felt, and, of course, a plain handkerchief. Making your own stamp out of these materials is an easy and straightforward project. For a simple and detailed step-by-step walk-through, please check out this useful guide.  

2) DIY Shaving Oil

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with a father’s day gift idea. Especially when you have one of those dads/husbands who acts as if he does not need any presents. Luckily, there are some useful gift ideas that can easily be made by yourself in a spare afternoon. One of such useful little gifts ideas that your dad is guaranteed to love is this DIY shaving oil.    This homemade shaving oil is a great alternative for regular shaving gels and cremes. And the best thing is, it smells great and leaves his skin silky smooth after usage. Now, there are thousands of different ways to make your own shaving oil. Luckily, most of them are very easy and quick! And the best part is, you are likely to already have all the ingredients at home. And, if not, you’ll be able to buy them at any local grocery shop. In this article, you can check out how to make your own shaving oil in less than 15 minutes.  

3) DIY Wood Slice Coasters

This is one of my personal favorite DIY father’s day gifts. These stylish wood slice coasters are great for any living room or kitchen. With their beautiful look, these little coasters fit great in the interior of both modern and classic houses alike. Thanks to this, both mom and dad can enjoy this amazing gift idea.   Source: thatswhatchesaid[/caption]   As complex they may look, these DIY wood coasters are actually very easy to make! First, you’re going to need some wood slices. You can either cut them yourself if you have some logs in your backyard or you can simply buy them in a craft store. Besides the wood slices, you’ll need some paint in the color of your liking and a brush. Alternatively, you can use a stencil with shapes on them to easily paint on the logo. Naturally, you can also do it yourself by hand if you’re one of the artistic types. For more details, please check out this simple guide on how to make these little beauties all by yourself.  

4) DIY Tie Rack

Okay, now let us have a look at something a bit more complicated and crafty. This DIY tie rack might take a bit longer to put together, however, once it’s finished it will look truly amazing! If you have a classy husband with tons of ties and other clothes accessories, this piece of home decor will be one of the best DIY father’s day gifts you could possibly come up with. Not only will it fit great with your interior, the fact that you made this gift by yourself is also sure to impress your dad/husband.   Source: craftaholicsanonymous[/caption]   Although more difficult compared to the previous DIY father’s day gifts, the tie rack still is very easy to put together. Naturally, you’ll need to be a little bit handy, but still; it’s a great beginner DIY project. For this project you’re going to need quite a list of items. But don’t worry, they are all easy to find at your local shops. You can head over to this website for a full list of items you need and a detailed step-by-step guide on how to put this DIY gift together.    

5) Super Dad Candy Set

Let’s face it, every dad loves to eat! As for mine, my dad just can’t get his hands off candy. If your dad is just like mine, this candy set is one of the sweetest DIY father’s day gifts you could think off. Not only does this colorful gift look great, it’s also cheap to make and, most importantly, very tasty! Even if you have a dad who does not like to receive any gifts, one thing is always true: You CAN’T go wrong with candy!  Source: lilluna[/caption]   To make this tasty DIY gift you’ll need a couple of ingredients. Naturally, you’ll need a couple of medium sized bottles, a print set, mod podge, foam brush, some metal rings and a hole punch, hot glue, and, most importantly, the candy. Yes, this little gift may be a bit more complicated to put together, I admit. But believe me, it’s totally worth it! For a full guide on how to make this tasty DIY father’s day gift, please check out this useful guide with tons of pictures.    

6) DIY Pin Board

This last project is one of the easiest yet coolest cooling DIY father’s day gifts we can think off. It’s personal, useful, unique, and looks great for in home! And the best part about it is that, no matter how many kids you have, they can all add their own personal touch.   If you head over to this website, you can find an overview of all the items you’ll need to make this cool DIY gift. It furthermore gives you an easy to follow tutorial on how to put the gift together step by step. As a little extra, the website even treats you to some ready-made printables that you can easily print with the touch of a button and attach to your personal DIY pin board.  Source: shanty-2-chic[/caption]   And there you have it, 6 easy DIY father’s day gifts ideas that you can put together in a free afternoon. These unique and homemade gifts are better than any regular bought present you could come up with. For more fun craft ideas and DIY projects, please check out the LANGRIA DIY blog.

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