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6 Stunning DIY Garden Ideas To Decorate Your Back Yard — LANGRIA

Pimp up your back yard with one of these 6 amazing DIY garden ideas. They are fun, easy, and fast. With these stunning back yard projects, you’re guaranteed to impress friends, family, and visitors. Spring and summer are the best seasons of the year to enjoy nature in the peace and comfort of your own back yard. Most back yards have been nicely decorated with flowers, plants, rocks, trees, and other sorts of outdoor decorations. The problem is, however, that a beautiful backyard does not come cheap. Outdoor decorations can costs tens, if not hundreds, of Dollars. Many of us, are not able (or willing) to lay down such a large amount of money for a simple piece of garden decoration. Luckily, DIY garden ideas offer a solution. These amazing DIY ideas for your back yard allow you to make your own decoration for cheap. Although they do not cost a lot, you can be guaranteed they look absolutely stunning. And the best part is that they are fun to make. If you’re looking for fun and affordable ways to decorate your yard, these DIY garden ideas certainly are worth checking out. For other fun DIY projects, please check out our DIY blog page.  

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DIY Tin Can Lanterns

The first item on our list of DIY garden ideas are these simple yet stunning tin can lanterns. These outdoor lights are extremely easy to put together. All you need are some simple every day goods. Once in place, these lovely lanterns will add a cozy and romantic atmosphere to your yard. They look cute during the day and after dawn they help you to light up your garden in a beautiful and original way.     Making your own tin can lanterns is very simple. All you need are some leftover tin cans, a nail, hammer, bailing wire, and pliers. Additionally, you’ll need spray paint to decorate your lantern and, of course, a tea light to finish the job. For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to make your own can lanterns, please check out this tutorial.  

Clay Pot Minions

This DIY garden project has to be one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen! These minion flower pots are sure to spice up your back yard and impress your visitors. Although they look absolutely stunning, they are, in fact, very easy to make. All you need are a number of clay pots and some painting skills.   To make one Minion flower pot you’ll need 6 small clay pots for the legs and arms and 2 large ones for the body and head. Use your yellow, blue, and black plaint to decorate the pots and simply attach them together using some super glue. For the legs, you can use rope or string as this allows your Minion to ‘’sit’’ on the edge of table or sidewalk. Once finished, fill up the top clay part with soil, put inside your favorite flowers, and you’re all set!  

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Nothing is better than having some beautiful birds flying around in your garden. And what’s a better way to attract them than with your own DIY bird feeder? This DIY garden idea is a little bit more complicated than the previous two, however, the end result makes it all worth it.   If you wish to try this DIY bird feeder for yourself, you can check out this detailed guide. It shows you step by step how to easily put together this garden DIY project. Once in place, it is guaranteed to look beautiful and attract some amazing wild life to your already sweet back yard.  

Golf Ball Ladybugs

If you have some leftover golf balls laying around, this garden DIY project is perfect for you! All you need is some red and black paint, and some old golf balls. Together, these ingredients allow you to make some overly cute golf ball lady bugs that are a great piece of spring decoration for your garden.   Source: Art Drops[/caption]   Making these DIY ladybugs is easy and does not need a lot of explanation. Simply grab yourself a golf ball and paint it red. After the first layer of red paint has dried, use black paint to draw on the details such as the face and dots. After this, your DIY garden ladybugs are all set and ready to be used to decorate your garden.  

Wagon Wheel Mini Garden

We understand that you may not have a left-over wagon wheel laying around in your garage but if you do, this garden DIY project allows you to turn it in to an amazing little mini garden! The idea is simple and the end result amazing. In fact, it is one of the easiest yet most beautiful garden DIY projects we’ve come across.   All you need for this little project is an old fashioned Wagon Wheel, some chicken wire, thin wooden plating, nails, and of course some soil and plants. The first thing you’ll have to do is take a thin wooden plate and cut it in the size and shape of the wagon wheel. After this, you take your wagon wheel, and attach the chicken write followed by the previously cut wooden plate to the back side using some nails. Now you can fill up the spare space in the wheel with soil and, of course, your favorite flowers. You can either lay this beautiful mini garden down at the floor or attach it to a hook on your wall. No matter where you place it, this beautiful DIY garden project is guaranteed to impress.  

Tree Stump Decoration

Having a large tree stump in your back yard may be an eyesore to many of our readers. They are difficult to remove and even more difficult to hide. As a result, they just lay there, ruining your otherwise perfect garden. Luckily, this easy DIY garden project can turn an ugly tree stump into a beautiful and natural flower pot!   Simply take a chisel and hammer to crave out the middle part of the tree stump or log. After this, fill up the empty space created with some soil and plant your favorite flowers. And that’s it, you’re all done. A very simple and fast garden DIY project with an absolutely stunning end result. This project certainly is worth giving a try if you have an old tree stump laying around in your back yard.

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