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6 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas — LANGRIA

Discover the wonderful gift wrapping ideas to make your upcoming Christmas celebration as fun as the gift itself! Countdown has begun! The tree had been trimmed, the Christmas presents are prepared, and the moment of exchanging gifts is coming! Whether you wrap your presents right away, or is going to purchase packing boxes for last minute preparation, take a breath and look around the place, everything you need right here. Now, move your hands, it is time to wrap!


Add Gift Toppers

Amaze your guests by adding stunning toppers on your gift wrapping! Christmas is the moment of exchanging gifts and surprises, how to stand out on the projects, get inspired by these stylish and bling-bling gift toppers. They are adorable, and a quick go-to solution for just about everything that is a gift box. Try seasonal gadgets like peppermint sleds, cookie tags, holly sprigs, pinecones, kumquats, etc. Or forage your backyard for tree clippings to add a mini Christmas tree on the surface. Just tie the cute gadget on the holes of your gift package or stick to the surface, you can upgrade your Christmas presents in one second. This is a great gift wrapping idea for last minute preparation. Even if the party starts in half an hour and you ‘ve done nothing, with these gift toppers, you will take it easy.


gift topper
Source: goodhousekeeping


Make A Goody Bag

Sometimes, you don’t have gift boxes that just fit the size of your present, but if you have a goody bag everything gonna be easy. They are custom-made, and easy to make in a few simple steps. Look at the gift you want to wrap and check how much paper you need. Once determine the size, place the stack of books on the paper to fold the wrapping paper in a cube shape, seal with tape or glue. Form the bag’s base by folding the right and left edges in, then fold the top and bottom, remove the stack of books. Use tapes to secure all the seams. Place the gift in, add some paper labels and Christmas decorations on the surface to special the gift bag. It is very suitable to wrap something large but not heavy, such as flannel blanket, pillow, or gloves and scarf.


holiday gift bag
 Source: sumcoco


Wear a Furoshiki Cloth

Furoshiki, the traditional Japanese wrapping cloth or a fresh style of gift wrapping, definitely is a great way to protect and decorate a gift. Get inspired by the Japanese Furoshiki tradition and pack your present like an ancient lady in the Nara period. Don’t you think it is novel and creative? And what could be more thoughtful than a pretty hand-wrapped gift? Do it and style your gifts now! You only need to place the gift item diagonally on top of the cloth. Tuck in the edges and tie the 2 opposite corners together once. All these can be done in 3 steps, you can use this method to wrap books, boxes, or flat items. It is easy and fast to do, and can be re-used for next year.


 furoshiki gift wrap
 Source: localmilkblog


Wrap a Bundle of Gifts

Gift wrapping doesn’t have to be complicated with crisscross ribbons and dense decorations. Try to wrap your gifts in a different way, such as stacking! Especially when you want to wrap a gift set such as a tea gift set, 4-piece bedding set or scented candle kit. Prepare a set of paper boxes with lids, place each pack in one box, then stack the boxes up. A tower shape of the gift stack certainly adds a style in the seasonal celebration. Bundle them up with a piece of ribbon with beige and red color, plug in a pinecone and twig, of course. A rustic style combines the red-green Xmas color, with a unique shape, certainly creating an eye-catching Christmas surprise for your love.


gift wrap
 Source: 100layercakelet


Jingle All The Way

Celebrate the new year with the top elements of Christmas – Christmas trees, Christmas lights and Christmas man. It can evoke the richest atmosphere of the holiday in a way that nothing else can do. Place your gift in a natural gift box. Then you can wrap the box with some LED string lights, plug into a little bit of pine tree leave on the surface, top it off with a jingle bell. A gift box shimmers with holiday lights, reveals a mini Christmas tree on the top, along with a singing of the bell. Sometimes, the gift wrapping presents one’s sincerity more than the gift itself.


2019 christmas gift
Source: Ikea

Roll it up

When you want to give a present, but want to give it in a special way, nothing feels fancier than this colorful gift holder that transforms your object into delicious candy. Simply place the object horizontally in the center of the wrapping paper or the fabric prepared. Roll it up tightly, then use 2 pieces of ribbons tie the 2 sides. Rather than a rectangular or square shaped gift, this holder is distinctive because of its kawaii elements, can bring a lot of fun when you place in front of your friend. And if you are going to present children, this is a perfect gift wrapping method to please your little ones!


 christmas gift holiday
 Source: freepik


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