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5 Ways to Rock Mermaid Blankets for Adults — LANGRIA

How do you like a mermaid blanket? Mermaid blankets are warm and adorable, but they are not designed to just be another blanket. With halter top, full-body cocoon shape, shiny sequin-like details and a zipper down the tail, a mermaid blanket could be an essential accessory for different occasions and a great gift idea. Take a look at these 5 scenarios where a mermaid onesie can make you the coolest person in the room…

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Mermaid blankets for a Pajamas Party


LANGRIA pj's party mermaid blanket
by Beckley & Co
Pajama parties are a fun way to spend time with your friends and are ideal if you want to celebrate a birthday or a girl’s night at home. Besides preparing games, karaoke, drinks, and snacks, choosing your favorite pajama is a must to look great with your friends. Instead of the traditional stockings, pj’s, plaids or animal onesies, how about a fun full-body mermaid blanket? It comes in 5 different colors (pink, purple, violet, blue, green) for you and your best friends. This model has a halter top with straps that you can tie bowknot on your shoulders. It is long enough to keep your legs warm and has a zipper at the end of the tail that allows you to stand on your feet and dance!  

Mermaid blankets for a Special Event


LANGRIA mermaid boys
By Andrea Edwards
Go to a bar in a mermaid tail? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Of course not! It will be a great idea if you are raising money for a charitable event, for a flash mob or for your bachelor party. To be a mermaid is not a privilege just for the girls. No matter the color or what pattern that you prefer, as soon as you put this mermaid onesie on, you will become the center of attention. Who doesn’t want that in their party? Don’t be shy, be a mermaid boy!  

Mermaid blankets for a Costume Party


LANGRIA costume party mermaid blanket
by Pick-Ease / Christy / LANGRIA
 People always have a lot of fun at costume parties. What theme do you prefer for a costume party? Country? Animal? Or TV & movie characters? For those families with kids, a Disney-themed party is the best choice to enjoy a great time with the kiddos, especially when there are a few families together! Children will enjoy being a little prince or princess, superhero, as well as will feel very excited to see Elsa, Ariel, Prince Charming or the Evil Queen hanging around with them. DIY Disney costume parties are easy and fun to achieve. Make sure you have the dresses, mermaid blankets, troll hair headband, princess tiaras, and some fantasy makeup. The kids will love it and you will be having some happy family bonding time!  

For a Cozy Relaxing Time


LANGRIA full-body mermaid blanket onesie for adults
Not only does a mermaid blanket make you shine, but it is also functional as it keeps you warm yet mobile during those chilly days. Made of user-friendly polyester microfiber, a full-body mermaid blanket is ultra-soft, skin-friendly and won’t irritate or leave marks on your skin. You can stretch your feet into the warm space in the tail and lay comfortably on the sofa while you watch TV or read with your mermaid blanket wrapping you up.  

For Evenings & Camping Activities

LANGRIA Mermaid blankets for camping
by Going Camping

Sleeping bags & blankets are necessities for camping trips. If you are planning a camping activity for summer, take a lightweight mermaid blanket, since it’s basically a crocheted sleeping bag with beautiful scales. In the evening you would like to unzip the tail to comfortably walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery. When going to bed, just zip the blanket up to turn it into a sleeping bag and enjoy a cozy sleep. What other situations would you use your mermaid blanket? Share your ideas by leaving a comment below! Browse the blanket collection here to see all products or select your Amazon store to purchase the mermaid blankets via the links below: LANGRIA Amazon US, LANGRIA Amazon Canada, LANGRIA Amazon UK, LANGRIA Amazon España, LANGRIA Amazon France, LANGRIA Amazon Deutschland and LANGRIA Amazon Italia

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