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5 Easy Pumpkin Carving Designs to Try This Halloween — LANGRIA

Try these simple and creative pumpkin carving ideas to delight your guests for the upcoming Holloween Festival on October 31st. 

It is impossible to imagine a Halloween celebration without some pumpkin carving elements and Jack-o’-Lanterns. From Bat jack o’ lantern and sinister faces to ghoulish grins and witches, the pumpkin carving elements help you host a perfect Halloween costume party. Children play with these distinctive decorations with the familiar cry of “trick-or-treat”, hosts greet party guests with some fun Jack-O-Lantern faces. The carved pumpkin has always played a big part in every year’s Halloween. Below, LANGRIA will introduce 5 easy pumpkin carving ideas before the party, check out and let your imagination run free with these marvelous designs!


Creative Jack-O’-Lantern

A traditional jack-o’-lantern is the most classic pumpkin carving project compared with those complicated DIY tutorials. Just carve triangles to create the eyes, a nose and mouth, insert a candle, you can own it. However, it is difficult to carve a truly scary pumpkin with just several easy steps. So we come up with this creative Jack-o’-lantern that is truly simple yet spooky.


pumpkin carving design

Source: Pinterest


You can pick up a pumpkin with a shape that works well for your operation. Draw a circle on the stem and use a serrated knife to cut it. Then scoop out all the seeds and pumpkin guts by a big spoon. Carve 2 sinister triangular or wide ovular eyes, their lines should be clean. Add jagged triangular and spookily sharp tusks. Any big shape is not so easy as you think, so use a marker to draw the lines before you do it. With its angry face, this pumpkin carving lantern truly represents the spirit of Halloween.


Terrazzo Carved Pumpkins

If you are looking for a colorful but easy-to-go pumpkin carving project, the following terrazzo carved pumpkins will meet what you want. The traditional appearance comes with a list of painted patterns, adding a bit of carving holes, these terrazzo pumpkins must impress your neighborhood.


carved pumpkin

Source: jojotastic


The first step to making it is a familiar one to those of you who grew up carving pumpkins. Use a serrated knife to cut a circle around the stem and scoop out all the seeds inside. Then take out a stencil paper and cut some geometric shapes in random spots, but don’t make the shapes too crowded. Now, it’s time to release your imagination. Paint over the openings with a palette of yellow, mustard, copper and whatever you want. Once you’ve done and the paint has dried, carve out some little geometric shapes to match the patterns. And that’s it! With the carved and painted combination, it is a gorgeous pumpkin carving decoration!


Illuminating Fall Leaf Pumpkins

When it comes to pumpkin carving, it is often good to add some autumn elements since they are a key theme in this golden October. These fall leaf pumpkins look intricate, but they are ultra easy to do and can offer a unique way to personalize your Halloween party.


scary pumpkin carving



To create these illuminating pumpkin carving patterns, a cookie-cutter with a fall leaf shape would be great. It is easy to find in the market. Just remember, choose the durable cutters made of thick stainless steel. The first step is easy, just assemble your own with basic kitchen tools to clean out the inside of your pumpkin. Then cut a hole in the bottom, and clean out the seeds and stringy pulp. Place a cookie cutter on the top, carefully tap the cutter until it pushes through the skin of pumpkin. Repeat this on another side or add symmetrical patterns. To finish off, you can carve some pots to give them an extra decoration.  


Easy Pumpkin Face

Creating funny, nifty designs on your pumpkin carving project, like the one below, is much easier than you imagine. It takes no time to make and will add a ghoulish glow to your porch or courtyard. You also can make a few more to arrange on a standing rack, it is simple yet distinctive that brings some fun to your upcoming festival.


pumpkin face


Start by selecting a template with geometric shapes like square, circles, ellipses, and triangles. Cut a hole in the bottom instead of the stem, and clean out the seeds and stringy pulp. Gently pick the part you need from the template and place it on the top of the pumpkin. Carve a crescent moon and star to be its eyes. And a triangle nose in the middle. This pumpkin face is simple and funny. Then place a candle inside, this round carving pumpkin display is finished!




Cat Pumpkin Carving

It is a good choice if you want to craft a fun pumpkin with your children. This orange cat is a far cry from your traditional jack-o-lantern, but Halloween doesn’t have to be scary. Just use your imagination and creativity, you and your kids will find a surprise here!


cat pumpkin

Source: Ladyface


Choose a pumpkin with the right shape and prepare another one for extra parts. Then run your imagination and be creative! Use a marker in orange or yellow to draw your little cat, remember to pick up a water-soluble one so you can restart if necessary. Draw it. Carve over the lines and use a narrow knife to clean up. Of course, you should cut 2 ears and 2 feet for your little one. And the last step, connect them with the body by some toothpicks. The pumpkin carving process is really fun and creative, I dare you will fall in love with it!



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