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5 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him — LANGRIA

Do you want to make this Valentine’s Day special? Today we bring you an inspirational list of DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for him, because what a better way to show your love for your other half than with a unique and custom-made gift? 

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When it comes to giving gifts to your loved one, it is not that simple to find that remarkable present that will melt his heart away. Moreover, Valentine’s Day has become more of a marketing day to spend money than a special day to celebrate love. At LANGRIA, we still believe that showing your love and care for someone is not correlated with spending tons of $$$. The best gifts come from the heart, not from your wallet. This is why we have compiled this amazing list of DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for him that he will actually love! The best part of this DIY article is that you can take an idea and personalize to make it yours and your partner’s.


Frame your Love Story Milestones 

Frame important moments of your relationship to always remember where they happened and hang this piece of art in your gallery wall or place it on your nightstand. This “DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for him” idea is very romantic, thoughtful, and easy to do. Print out maps from Google Maps, Mapquest or any other web mapping of your choice representing those meaningful places where you and your significant other shared an important event. For instance, the place you met, where you had your first date, where you got engaged, the place you live… the options are unlimited and it depends 100% on your relationship. 



via Bombus


Cut them or punch them into a heart-shaped paper punch to get perfect hearts making sure you include the city, town where the special event occurred. Then, you can stick these hearts on a cardstock paper of your color of choice and pin the exact location on the map if you want. Finally, frame it and ta-da! You have created the most romantic piece of art to always and forever remind you of your love story.

What do you think about this amazing DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for him? 


Beer Box with his Favorite Beers 

For our second gift idea of this “DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for him” compilation, we bring you a beer box. If your man is a beer lover and loves to try all kinds of brewskies when he is out with you or with his pals, here is our perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea for him to save the day.



via Brit+Co


Pick a selection of his favorite beers, get your hands on a wooden box (you can also do it yourself if you are one crafty lady), and print some custom-made labels to add the Valentine’s Day vibes. 

There are many suggestions for the printable labels, but if you don’t know how to design them, don’t have time, or simply want some inspiration to then make your own, Brit+Co has some very cool and original beer printable labels that you can download, print, and use if you click right here. Enjoy!


Open When… Love Letters

If you are in a long-distance relationship, this DIY Valentine’s Day Gift for him is the one for you. Everyone that is on an LDR knows the feeling of missing your other half, the excitement counting the days to see each other, and the value of having a physical item that reminds you of your loved one. But we all know how hard it is when you are still D-50 days away from each other, this is why these Open When Letters are the right thing on those low days when your sweetheart needs a little something to cheer him up. For those of you unaware of what Open When Letters are, these letters come with an instruction to open on a particular situation (open when you are happy, open when you miss me, etc.)



via Pinterest


There’s no more romantic and rewarding feeling in the world than reading the words of your other half when you are in a long-distance relationship. Moreover, this is a super easy and affordable Valentine’s Day gift for him that comes from your heart. Here are some Open When Letter ideas that you can use to find inspiration to write about:

  • Open when you are happy
  • Open when you are sad
  • Open when you feel discouraged
  • Open when you miss me
  • Open when you are having a great day
  • Open when you are having a bad day
  • Open when you are on your way to deployment
  • Etc…


Bouquet of… BACON!

Beautiful, big bouquets of red roses are a lovely (easy and expensive) way to show your love for your girlfriend or wife. What about men? If only there was a bouquet of flowers he would appreciate as much as women do… Well, we found one! If you and your man are one of those funny couples, do not miss the chance to turn bacon into the perfect bouquet of bacon with this “Valentine’s Day gifts for him” idea. Have a look at this DIY video tutorial:


Your browser does not support the video tag.

via Jess Pryles


Isn’t this the coolest and funniest idea of this “DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for him”? 


Conquer his Heart through Food 

The way to a man, a woman is through food. This is why we bring you a couple of DIY Valentine’ Day gifts for him in the shape of food! First, a yummy breakfast so he can power up his batteries for the day. Then, some even yummier no-bake Bourbon balls to sweeten the rest of the day.



via Make Me Happy


This is a lovely idea for an easy-to-make breakfast (because nobody wants to spend hours in the kitchen preparing breakfast, right?). It includes some chocolate, syrup, fruit, and muffins. What can go wrong with this delicious mix of foods?



via Brit+Co


For the afternoon snack, we have found this amazing no-bake bourbon balls. We opt for the no-bake because of the same reason above, this recipe doesn’t require highly cooking skills, which is the main point of our easy DIY projects.

Looks delicious, right? Get the full recipe by Brit+Co here.


How do you like these DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for him? We hope to inspire you to make a personalized and meaningful gift for your boyfriend or husband. If you want to read more about Valentine’s Day, take a look at this interesting list of 10 Valentine’s Day Traditions Around the World.

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