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5 Amazing Ways to Make a DIY Bird Feeder — LANGRIA

Keep the birds happy and well-fed during the upcoming winter months with your very own DIY bird feeder. These cute homemade feeders help your feathery friends to get through the winter and, at the same time, add some life and color to your yard.

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A DIY bird feeder is one of the best winter decorations to have in your yard during the winter months. They look cute, bring life into your garden, and, most importantly, keep the birds well-fed. For as long as I can remember, I loved to watch birds and other animals such as squirrels enjoy the fatty winter-foods in our backyard. Besides the fact that they simply are adorable to look at, it also is great knowing that you help these little animals get through the cold winter months more comfortable with your DIY bird feeder.

Making your own DIY bird feeder does not have to be complicated. In fact, some can be put together in just a couple of minutes. All you need are some materials and fatty (but healthy) foods. You can either purchase some real bird food or simply use leftover bread or peanut butter. The truth is, you can use nearly any type of food to help these animals get through the cold winter time. Below, LANGRIA has listed down 5 cute, simple, and cheap ways to build your own DIY bird feeder. Hang them from a tree, bush, fence, or wall – these adorable garden decorations are guaranteed spice up your yard.


DIY Suet Bird Feeder

Let’s start off our list of DIY bird feeders with a true classic; the suet ball. I’m sure that most of us who live in a country where the weather gets cold during the winter months have seen this type of winter bird feeders before. Simply put, they are nothing more than a fatty ball filled with healthy seeds for a bird to eat. Suet is the hard fat that can be found around the kidneys and loins of cows and sheep. To birds, this fat is an important source of heat and energy during the winter months.


Winter Bird Feeder DIY
Source: Familyhandyman


The best part of this DIY bird feeder is that it is extremely easy to make. Suet can be bought in most local grocery stores. All you need to do is take the suet out of its tin, mix it with bird seeds, and shape it like a ball. After this, put a little mesh bag around it and use a little rope to hang it from a tree. You’ll be surprised how fast and how many animals this DIY bird feeder will attract.


Flower Pot Bird Feeder

Yet another easy way to make your own DIY bird feeder is by using a terra cotta flower pot. Personally, I love this homemade bird feeder as it adds a natural touch to your garden design. Besides, I’m sure that all of us have a leftover flower put laying around, making it a very convenient and easy-to-make bird feeder.


DIY Flower Pot Bird Feeder
Source: Allthingsheartandhome


All you need for this DIY bird feeder is a terra cotta flower pot, two saucers, drill, a glue gun, robe, small stick, and bird seeds. First, you’ll want to take your flower pot and carefully drill some holes in it. Once this part is done, take your glue gun and attach one saucer to the bottom of your pot. After this, take the second saucer and drill in a little hole on the top. Take your robe and tightly knot a small stick to the end. Now, pull the rope through the hole with the little stick staying at the inside/bottom. After this, fill up the pot itself with seeds and glue on the second saucer on top of the pot. Use the rope to hang it from a tree, and you’ll be all set!


DIY LEGO Bird Feeder

When it comes to DIY bird feeders, the following one is my absolute favorite. This DIY bird feeder made from LEGO truly is unique. Besides looking amazing and adding a colorful touch to your backyard, it also is fun to make! You can either make it yourself or spend a fun afternoon together with your son or daughter to build your very own DIY bird feeder from LEGO bricks.


DIY LEGO Bird Feeder
Source: Funcraftskids


To make this unique DIY bird feeder, all you need are LEGO bricks, bird seeds, and glue (optional). Like always when working with LEGO, you can build this feeder in any shape and form of your liking. Just remember to add in some little holes in the sides that allow the birds to reach the seeds. If you wish to hang the LEGO bird feeder from a tree, it is advised to glue the bricks together. If you simply choose to place it on an outside table, this won’t be necessary. This DIY bird feeder project truly allows you to be creative and to build a cute feeder that will impress both bird and human.


Craft Stick DIY Bird Feeder

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your own bird feeder is by using craft sticks. Although this DIY bird feeder is simple and cheap to make, it looks absolutely stunning. I like the fact that the wood gives it an extra natural aspect. This makes it look even better when it hangs from a tree in your backyard.


DIY Bird Feeder Craft Sticks
Source: Familyhandyman


If you wish to make this beautiful bird feeder for yourself, you won’t need more than some craft sticks, glue, and rope. Simply make yourself a basket by gluing the craft sticks together and add some ropes that allow you to hang it from a tree. Now, fill it up with seeds; and your DIY bird feeder is ready to be used. Simple as that!


Juice Carton Bird Feeder

Last but not least is this adorable juice carton bird feeder. This one may take a bit more time to make, but it’s certainly worth it. It is especially a fun craft project to try if you have kids who like to get creative.


DIY Bird Feeder Milk Carton
Source: Redtedart


To make these DIY bird feeders you’ll need a juice carton, paint, knife, plastic bottle lids, googly eyes, craft sticks, glue, and of course bird seeds. For a full guide with step-by-step instructions, please head over to this article on Redtedart. Here you’ll find easy instructions on how to build your very own juice carton bird feeder.

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