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10 Scary DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations — LANGRIA

Try these eerie DIY outdoor Halloween decorations and frighten the entire neighborhood… Boo! 

Spooky welcome wreath

Make sure everyone near your home feels the terrifying festive vibe with a dark front door welcome wreath. Paint a wreath fully black and add some cardboard crows, pumpkins or any other decor that you like to the wreath. Finish the spooky look with a dark ribbon to hang the wreath.

Floating candles for your porch

When Halloween meets Harry Potter. Among our many DIY outdoor Halloween decorations in this post, this is one of my favorite. As a Harry Potter fan myself, being able to recreate the floating candles from the Great Hall of Hogwarts is a dream come true.

To make these floating candles to can hang on your porch or inside the house, you will need the following: paper towel rolls, paint, fishing string, your hot glue gun, and of course, small led candles. Take the paper rolls and make some cuts to achieve the effect of a candle that’s been burning for a long time. Then, take your hot glue gun and start dripping it down the sides of the paper roll to recreate the wax falling from the candle. Once you are done, let it dry. Now, it is time to paint the candle white. To hang the candles from the ceiling, you need to poke 2 holes through the cardboard under the LED candle (because the string will hold the LED candle in place) and insert the fishing string through them. Finally, place the LED candles inside the paper roll. You can follow the step-by-step video tutorial for this DIY outdoor Halloween decorations here.


If you are a hot glue gun lover, check this post with 10 Original DIY Hot Glue Gun Crafts to Make at Home.

A colony of bats is invading your front door

If the exterior wall paint of your home is light, this is a perfect Halloween decoration to try. You only need to get your hands on a piece of black felt and a pair of scissors. Trace a bunch of bat shapes in different sizes onto the piece of black felt and cut them out until you have enough to create a large colony of bats to stick to your front door.

Cheesecloth ghosts

We have already seen how to make floating candles. Now you will learn how to make floating spirits to hang on your porch or to sit on the ground. Here’s an easy tutorial using some cheesecloth, a balloon, black felt, fishing line (only if you are making the floating little fellas), and fabric stiffener.

Inflate a balloon the size you want the head of the ghost to be. Create a stand stacking cups or glasses to rest the balloon. Then, soak your piece of cheesecloth in the fabric stiffener and put it over the balloon. Let it dry. Once the fabric is dry, pop the balloon to reveal the shape of your ghost. Cut 2 pieces of black felt to make the eyes and glue them to your ghost. Finally, thread the fishing line through the top of the ghosts head, make a knot to secure it and hang it. Repeat this process to make as many ghosts as you like.

Giant Spider Webs for the Windows

Create big, dramatic, and creepy spider webs out of black garbage bags to decorate your home windows – indoors or outdoors. The great thing about this DIY outdoor Halloween decorations tutorial is that it is extremely cheap and you don’t even need to go to the store to buy the materials. You will only need black trash bags, scissors, and tape.

Check How About Orange tutorial here to achieve this easy project for Halloween.


Leave a Halloween Message in a Pallet

Wish everyone a spooky Halloween by leaving a big message on a Halloween candy corn pallet board. Get your hands on a large pallet and paint it black. Then, add some candy corn-inspired banners, which are super cute and totally add on the Halloweeny vibe. Finally, decide on a message that you’d like to tell everyone that walks near your front lawn and place your pallet surrounded by pumpkins to make the decor of the front yard even prettier.

Jack-O’-Lantern Topiary for your Entryway

Give some ghostly greetings to your guests with this stacked pumpkin topiary DIY project. Go to your nearest store and search for lighted pumpkins (take as many as you would like to stack, although we think 5 is a good number). Also, get a wood dowel, a pot, flowers, soil, and spray paint of your color choice for the pumpkins. First, spray paint your pumpkins and the wood dowel. Once dry, drill holes in the pumpkins of the circumference of the dowel so you can stack the pumpkins. Plant the soil and flowers in the pot, then, put the dowel in it, and stack your pumpkins.

Tin Can Luminaires

If you are running out of time and want to make affordable and easy DIY outdoor Halloween decorations for your front garden, try these luminaires. You will only need large tin cans, paint, and candles. First, you need to choose a design and puncture holes in the tins to achieve it. It is best to keep the design simple, like writing a word. Once you are done with the holes, paint the tin black with acrylic paint or with spray paint. Let it dry and take a pencil to poke the holes that the paint might have covered. Lastly, put the candles inside and enjoy this boo-tiful and simple way to decorate your front yard or the steps to your front door!

Give your Trees Eyes

Funny and original way to make your trees or bushes come to life for Halloween. You will only need two beach balls and a black sharpie to make the eyes. Isn’t it cute?

Chalkboard tombstones for the front yard

The DIY outdoor Halloween decorations for the garden are what people will see first when approaching your home for some trick or treating, and these chalkboard tombstones won’t leave people indifferent when walking towards your front door. For under $20 and after some cutting and sanding, you can achieve these super spooky tombstones for your front yard.

Get the full tutorial here thanks to Rogue Engineer.   How do you like these DIY outdoor Halloween decorations? Feel free to share this post with your friends! To check more awesome DIY projects, click here.

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