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10 Original DIY Hot Glue Gun Crafts to Make at Home — LANGRIA

Check out these amazing, super easy hot glue gun crafts decor ideas and daily hacks you can make during this fall and winter seasons to decorate your home on a budget. Who said you had to buy it when you can make it! 🙂

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1. Make an artsy driftwood ball

Driftwood orbs are contemporary and eye-catchy ornaments that bring a piece of nature inside your home. These balls are purely decorative, very easy to make and look lovely.

In order to achieve this project, you need many (many!) short driftwood pieces, your hot glue gun, and a beach ball or balloon (depending on the size of the driftwood orb you want to make). Start by inflating the beach ball and work from the top to the bottom of the ball placing the pieces of driftwood and gluing them together as you go. It is important that you don’t make a complete circle, otherwise, your driftwood ball is going to roll around your furniture. Leave a base that you can later put against any surface where you want to place your masterpiece.

A trick to make this driftwood orb easily is to make the basic structure first. Then, add the smaller pieces later. Once you are done, let the structure dry and deflate the beach ball and remove it. Let your imagination fly and think outside of the box to integrate driftwood art with other traditional objects to create beautiful and original pieces like driftwood lamps or driftwood candleholders.

Do you like candles? Have a look at our post DIY Candles: Make Your own Candles with Leftovers

2. Add texture to boring vases

Among all the hot glue gun crafts, this is one of my favorites as it opened a new window of possibilities with my flower vases and candle holders. Use your glue gun to add interesting and unique designs to boring vases. Possibilities are unlimited as you can do, literary, any shape and design! If you want to do a spin line design around your vase, you just need to hold your vase with one hand while you use the other hand to draw a continuous line of glue surrounding the vase. You can start from the middle part and work your way towards the sides, or start from the bottom all the way up to the top. Don’t worry if the lines are not perfect, as an uneven pattern looks wonderful. Once you are done, let it dry and put your flowers in it! Isn’t it beautiful?


As I mentioned before, you can go for the pattern that you want. If you don’t fancy the spin pattern, you can make dots. If you want to make your vase or candleholder even more unique and colorful, once you are done using the hot glue gun, you can spray paint the vase in whichever color you like!

Isn’t this whimsical pattern in the candleholder amazing? Personally, I think gold paint goes perfectly with candle holders, but you can try other colors according to your mood. Are you preparing a romantic soiree? Then go for the red!


3. “Ho-Ho-Ho” Christmas decorations are here!

Yes, we are only in September and there are still a few months ahead of us until the most wonderful time of the year arrives, but now that summer is basically gone, it doesn’t hurt to start thinking of Christmas ornaments, does it? Use your hot glue gun crafts talent and make super cute ornaments for your Christmas tree as well as for your Christmas dinner table with your loved ones.


The melted snowman

To achieve this fun Christmas ornament you only need your hot glue gun, black beads, a piece of orange pipe cleaner, a string and tin foil.

First, put a piece of tin foil on a surface to comfortably work on it. Then, take your string and knot it, as it will be the string that you will use to hang this ornament in the Christmas tree. Take your hot glue gun and start creating your melted snowman ornament on top of your string. Remember that you are making a melted Olaf, so don’t make a perfect circle. Once you are done, add the beads to make the eyes and the mouth and finally, take a small piece of the orange pipe cleaner, fold it in half to create the nose and add it to the face of the snowman. Let it dry. Trick: if you put it in the freezer to dry, it will be easier to remove the tin foil.



As easy as to make a melted snowman is to make snowflake ornaments for your Christmas tree. For this hot glue gun crafts project, you will only need the string, tin foil, and your hot glue. Start tracing the long lines first making sure one of them goes on top of your previously knotted string. Then, add the smaller lines. A trick to make it look better is to use a continuous trace with even pressure.

This same ornament can be used to decorate your dinner table. Just don’t put a string. And if you are as in love as me with Christmas, you can make it extra Christmassy adding some glitter or painting them (and then adding the glitter)


Other shapes that you can give a try…

There are so many Christmas related images to make with a hot glue gun that sticking with the basics is very mainstream. Have a look at these ideas to find inspiration for your DIY decoration for Christmas.

4. Earrings holder made of popsicle sticks

I have a lot of earrings. That’s a fact. Another fact is that I always wear the same 2 pairs. My problem? Most of my earrings are in boxes and I don’t see them often, therefore, they “don’t exist”. Did that ever happen to you? If so, this hot glue gun crafts project is perfect for you.

For this DIY project, you only need to collect a bunch of popsicle sticks, by eating a lot of ice cream (you can also buy them, don’t worry) and some paints. First of all, if you want to paint the stick in different colors, do it now and let them dry. Then, it is time to get the hot glue gun out 🙂 First, you need to glue 4 sticks into 2 equal Vs. Try to make them as similar as possible as they will be the main structure to hold in place the earring stand. Once the 2 Vs are dry, add sticks to the bottom. Secondly, you have to place horizontal sticks to connect both Vs. Make sure you glue the horizontal sticks straight, and that you leave some space between them to pass the hook of the earring easily. Repeat this process with a few more sticks. Finally, if you want to paint the earring holder in one single color, spray paint the stand and let it dry before you hang your beautiful collection of earrings.

5. Make your own jewelry

Does it sound scary difficult, doesn’t it? Well, it is not! Throughout this post, you will realize that a hot glue gun does wonders in the field of DIY projects. Let’s have a look at some super cute pieces of jewelry that you can make (and other decorative accessories) in this video


6. Downsize your ring

Let’s discuss the latest jewelry-related hack: temporarily downsizing a loose ring within minutes. If you own a loose ring or you want to wear a ring in different fingers, this trick is going to wow you. You only need to put some hot glue on a flat surface and “bath” the bottom of your ring on it. Immediately after, remove the excess of glue and roll it on a flat surface to flatten the glue. That’s all! When you want the ring back to its original shape, just peel the glue off. Please note that this technique won’t hurt your solid metal rings but might damage cheap rings. Have a look at how it is done in this super short video: 


7. Make rustic coasters

A good host pays attention to every detail around the dinner table, including coasters. If you want to have original, beautiful, and cheap coasters with a rustic vibe, you only need your beloved hot glue gun and some twine. Spin the twine around and glue as you go. Fastest DIY project ever!


8. Make super realistic Harry Potter wands

Brace yourself. It’s been 21 years since the first Harry Potter book was published… and with this new “Oh God, I am old” feeling, I want to show you this out of this world project to make Harry Potter wands that look so real that if you try hard enough, you might even open some doors saying the Alohomora Charm.


To make the wand you will need cooking chopsticks, brown acrylic paints in different tones, a foam brush, your hot glue gun and glossy sealant (for a better finish effect). First, you have to create the handle part of the wand by putting hot glue all over that part of the chopstick. You can create different shapes for the wand handle by applying the hot glue in different patterns. Then, let it dry and start painting it. You can either use a solid color for the wand or mixed a couple of browns together to get a more realistic wooden look. Let the paint dry and spray the, with the glossy sealant a couple of times.

9. Hot glue gun crafts art for your walls

Who said art is expensive? You can create your own pieces of artwork with some imagination, paint and your beloved hot glue gun.

In order to achieve this colorful painting, you will need crayons in different colors, a canvas of your preferred size, a cardboard (optional), blow dryer, and hot glue. First, you have to arrange your crayons however you want them to be displayed in your masterpiece. A lovely and easy way to make sure the colors combine well is arranging them like a rainbow. Once you know the arrangement, hot glue them to a piece of cardboard or, glue them directly to the canvas.

Place the cardboard with the crayons on top of the canvas and use your blow dryer to melt the crayons Tip: cover the floor and wall with newspaper to prevent stains. If you don’t want to use the blow dryer, there is another technique in which you insert the crayons in your hot glue gun. While the effect is also beautiful, once you finish, your hot glue crayon will never be the same. Our LANGRIA tip is that it is best to get a cheaper glue gun instead of using the good one. Check the image below so you can see with your own eyes the side effects on the glue gun after finishing this pretty paint.

10. Ready-to-use hot glue matches

As a DIY expert that you are, chances are that you’ve found yourself in a situation where you weren’t home but desperately needed your hot glue gun crafts kit “Ah… if only I had my hot glue gun”. To prevent the same situation from happening again, we have this hack for you! You only need some matches and the hot glue gun. The idea is to dab some hot glue near the match head, let it dry and repeat the process with a bunch of matches. When the emergency occurs, you just need to take your package of matches from the handbag, light the match and wait for the glue to melt again to use it. Isn’t this the best idea ever?



If you loved these DIY hot glue gun crafts, have a look at all our other DIY projects and feel free to share this post with your crafty friends!

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