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How to Store Necklaces to Keep Untangled with 10 Creative Solutions — LANGRIA

It’s always a treat to buy a new piece of jewelry and use it whenever you want. But as time goes by, you accrue more and more jewelry pieces. Necklaces, in particular, are a chore, because the more you have, the harder it is to keep them untangled. We are here to show you some ideas on how to store necklaces and keep them safe.

LANGRIA 10 LEDs Jewelry Cabinet 

The LANGRIA jewelry cabinet was created from a simple idea, and that’s to help you learn how to organize necklaces and jewelry the right way. Used adequately, you can store 36 necklaces, 70 earrings, and 3 rings. The product also has 9 compartments, 1 hanging rod, and even 1 pouch. You can even store some of your makeup here which is always exciting to have. The angle tilting design keeps necklaces from falling and the protective black lining prevents the jewelry from scratches. You even have a key system that you can use to store items safely and away from prying hands.

Curb Chain Necklace Holder

You don’t have to buy a necklace holder if you are very creative. You can learn how to make a necklace holder quite easily. There are tutorials online, just by getting a curb chain and hanging it on a piece of wood and securing it you will do just fine. Granted, this is not the ultimate way to learn how to store necklaces, but it delivers great results if you use it properly.

Wild Animal Hangers

The idea here is simple, you get a few molds in the form of wild animals, put clay in them, and then cut the posterior to keep the front of the animal. Glue it to a piece of wood, hang it on a wall and you will have lots of wild animal hangers. This is a great way to learn how to make a necklace holder. And you are free to add as many animals as you want.

Use the Key Holder for Storing Necklaces

You can also find key holders on the market, and these can be used to keep jewelry and more specifically necklaces. This doesn’t have the best impact, and it’s not visually appealing. But in the end you can use it, as it satisfies the need to store necklaces and that’s what matters. Use this idea to your own advantage, and you will be fine.

Tree Branch Jewelry Display 

The Tree Branch jewelry display can be used to bring in a natural appeal to the jewelry storage experience. You can go one step further and spray paint the rocks, add in a bit more color to it. Or you can buy it as it is and just go from there. It’s a very creative way to store your necklaces, but you can barely store any other jewelry this way. So if you have lots of jewelry pieces that will be a problem.

Woodblock Jewelry Holder

This is a wonderful way to learn how to make a necklace holder. You take a solid block of wood, it doesn’t have to be very large. And then you acquire a metal bar, it can be copper, stainless steel, etc. Glue that to the piece of wood and then attach the wood block on the wall. It will look great, and it delivers the visual appeal and quality you need without any problems.

Hinged Jewelry Hanger

If you want to know how to store necklaces and keep them untangled, this is an option that will work really well for you. The main idea is to take two identical wood planks, then spray paint them and attach them with hinges. Once you did that you can add hooks and then you will have a very interesting necklace holder. The problem with this is that you don’t have anything in front to protect your jewelry. But other than that, it will bring in a great experience, and that’s what matters the most.

Colorful driftwood necklace storage

If you have a large piece of driftwood, you can color that, and you can attach a few hangers to it. You are free to choose how many you want to add, but it’s safe to say that storing jewelry this way is very handy and it will help you immensely. That being said, you can do partial coloring if you want too, which is very helpful.

Clothing Hanger storage

Yes, this is not extremely elegant, but it can be a solution when you want to find the best way on how to store necklaces. It takes a bit of time to make everything work here since you need to add a few storage hooks. And while it doesn’t have an extraordinary look it gets the job done. And that’s what you have to strive towards. You can paint some parts of the hanger if you want or you can keep it all-natural. In order for this to work, you do need a wooden hanger, especially if you want to paint it.

Ombre Wooden Pegs

The Ombre Wooden Pegs do a good job at helping you create a proper necklace storage system. The problem is that this is a pretty complex DIY project, so newcomers might find it a bit hard to complete. It’s also time-consuming, which can be a problem. But if you take your time and give it a shot, you will find it to work super well.

We believe that storing necklaces properly will help a lot, and it all comes down to finding a good way to learn how to organize necklaces yourself. It makes sense to go for a DIY solution sometimes, but these are complicated and tricky to pull off. We recommend you to use something like the LANGRIA 10 LEDs Jewelry Cabinet, which is a very convenient and professional system. It’s one of the best methods you can use to obtain amazing results, and the return on investment can be extraordinary every time. If you get this product you won’t have to worry about tangled jewelry, so check it out today and we guarantee you will enjoy its great features and creative storage options!

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