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10 Best Earring Organizers and Storages for you to Organize Jewelry — LANGRIA

Your piece of favorite jewelry is more than just an amazing accessory that goes perfectly with your outfits. Thus, keeping your jewelry organized is very crucial. You don’t want to lose a pair and make it worthless. There are so many unique and stylish earrings organizers available in the market these days that finding the best one for yourself might not seem like a big deal. However, what a lot of us do not consider while buying an earring organizer or storage box is that we need to evaluate it for the comfort of use and how well it blends in with our overall furniture too. You cannot put a green colored earring organizer on a table that is white and has pale pink furniture all around; it will look odd.

Thus, before you invest in one of the best earring organizers and storages, you must evaluate them properly and see how comfortable and easy they are to use. Here, we have listed the top 10 best earring organizers and sarees for you to organize your jewelry at ease in 2019. This year, buy an organizer that is worth every penny that you invest in it and not for the sake of just putting away your jewelry pieces.

On number 1, we have the all new and innovative LANGRIA jewelry cabinet for you and it’s a one recommended product because first, the quality with which it comes is just exceptional and the second and the most important thing is that  this cabinet is spacious and it can fit a lot of your stuff like your earrings, your chains, your necklaces and even  your other makeup beauty products. In a nutshell, this cabinet is an all-rounder, and you will love using it because it comes and serves as a mirror too. A jewelry cabinet that can fit jewelry and makeup products all at the same time and on top of everything else, it serves as a mirror too, what else do you expect from a perfect jewelry organizer? There is a total of this jewelry armoire has 90 earring slots, 48 earring holes, 22 hooks, 48 ring slots, 5 pouches, 3 shelves, and more. This isn’t it there’s a lot more space in this cabinet for you. You need to make the right wise decision and buy it right away. The mirror is 42 inches long, and it’s lockable too so no one can guess that it’s a cabinet until you unlock it and slide away the mirror to open it. Honestly, this is the one jewelry cabinet that we can bet is the best in town, so do consider it during your purchase decision.

You can get these cute concrete ring cones from Etsy. These are creative in themselves and are more like decor that is also a jewelry holder. These are available in some very pale and nude shades which makes them easily blendable with a lot of rooms and furniture. One can easily show off their best rings while having them safely in a good place with these cute little cones. However, they are just good for a bunch of rings and don’t serve as a smart jewelry organizer or storage. Yes, they are certainly aesthetic and eye-catching, but they are great for someone who wants a good piece of decor too and gives a lot of importance to beauty as these are pretty to stare at.

Do you want an organizer that is stylish and chic and helps you organize your necklaces? Well, this one solves the problem! It is a half mirror and half necklace organizer that looks nothing but unique and modern. It is made up of metal and glass and looks quite stylish on a wall. However, it is best for hanging things and not too good for smaller earrings as it has hoops. It is good for bracelets and necklaces and hoop earrings. Also, it is not too spacious and doesn’t provide you with much storage for jewelry either. If you want a stylish mirror and organizer then this is a good choice to make as it is pretty attractive as well.

Without a doubt, this exquisite piece of jewelry hanging is a delight to own and looks very contemporary and chic. It is made up of metal and has the perfect shade of gold that lights up your mood and the ambiance of your dressing table without much effort. Place it in the middle of your accessory table, and it will add the extra spark that you always desired to be there in it. It is perfect for hoop earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Also, it is easy to clean with the help of a wipe. Again, the jewelry hanging stand is not spacious and is not offering you much space to hang a lot of your accessories. However, you can buy 2-3 together to place them in one area and hang the items that you wish to, on it.

This marble lidded jewelry box is a trendy jewelry storage box that holds in all your accessory stash easily. It is a cute, medium sized, rectangle shaped box that can be placed anywhere. If you want to keep it out of reach from others, then you can easily place it on a shelf or in your drawer. This jewelry box has been made up of marble and is proportioned beautifully well. The gold handle on top gives it a very minimal yet attractive outlook which is enough to magnetize a jewelry organizer lover towards it. Wayfair marble lidded jewelry is glamorous and also holds in a good amount of jewellery. But If you have hoarded up a lot of accessories, then you might have to buy at least 2 boxes.

If you are looking for a storage box with plenty of room inside for your jewelry then you need to get your hands on the Kendal Huge Leather Jewelry box right now. This one is quite huge, which means more space for your stuff and on top of everything, what we love about it is the fact that it’s extremely beautiful. Yes, you read that, right! The quality of leather with which its made is just great, and it’s exceptional too so you won’t find such an amazing jewellery box anywhere else. On each side, there are total eight number of hooks and each there is a fabric pocket too just below the hooks so that you can make the chains rest in it if they are too long. There is a total of 4 drawers with divided compartments, and the fifth drawer is simply a drawer without any compartments or dividers. It’s going to last a long time so if you want something reliable and durable then yes, it’s a good option to go for.

If you want a jewelry organizer that’s easy to access and is visual too then you should get the Brotrade handing 80 pocket organizer. This one comes with a total of 80 small pockets, and the best part is that these pockets are appropriate for any jewelry item that you want to put. Whether it’s an eyelash curler, whether it’s some earrings or a necklace, this storage box is just perfect for it all. Especially if you have a little one who wears a lot of jewelry and if you want to teach her how to organize it in the best possible way then yes, it’s a great storage box that will help you with your goal. It’s not only a great gift for others, in fact, but it’s also a great gift to give to yourself too so you should try it once.

Want to put your husband’s studs and your earrings in the same jewelry box? Well, if yes then this co earring organizer by Glenor is the best thing that you should get right now. The sections are big enough for your husband’s hands to fit in, so don’t worry because he can easily access the studs whenever he wants to match them up with his suit. On top of everything, what we love about this organizer is that it’s airtight which means that all your stuff is going to stay safe, protected and it won’t even go all bad and rusty. It’s an affordable one too, so you should try it, and we assure you that you will love using it.

If you are looking forward to a perfect jewelry box to gift to your younger sister or your daughter then yes, you need to get your hands on the Vlando City beauty medium faux leather jewelry box right now. This one is a gem! It’s soft, and it feels like a bag, but honestly, it’s the best jewelry box in town till date. What we love about this one is that it’s made up of high-quality material and it’s durable too. All of these qualities together make it a one worthy jewelry bag, and it’s the best gift to give to someone. It’s spacious, and it has a lot of compartments too, so don’t worry about storage either.


If you are bored with the regular rectangle shaped jewelry cabinet, then Songmics brings you a unique shaped organizer which locks away all your jewelry possessions. It is a diamond shaped cabinet which sets itself apart from all the other jewelry organizers. This is a cabinet that is lockable and serves as a mirror upfront. Nobody knows what hides within it; your secret jewelry, heaven! It is perfect minimalism inspired mounted mirror jewelry cabinet which can easily be hung anywhere. This organizer has a large storage capacity with proper places for your earrings, rings, and necklaces to ensure that everything remains in place. Thus, it adds a very elegant decor to your space along with being a wonderfully spacious organizer too.

In summary, these are some of the best earring organizers and storages for you to organize jewelry with ease in 2019. You see, the two most important things you should consider before purchasing a jewelry box is the space and the second most important thing is the quality of material with which the box is made. After you consider these two things and after you are sure that both these things are perfect, you can then look for beauty too. Just make sure to buy the product that you like and think that it’s worthy of your hard-earned money. Lastly, everyone should have a jewelry box organizer, so don’t wait anymore and buy any one of the boxes mentioned above right away. Especially when it comes to our suggestion, we’d recommend you to go for the LANGRIA lockable jewelry box. It’s spacious, it comes with a mirror, and it’s lockable too so yes, all of these qualities make it worthy of your money.

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