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LANGRIA Donates Hundreds of Pillows to Helps Advance Sleep Health for

LANGRIA donated 100 sleeping pillows to the North American and European delegates of World Sleep Day 2020 as the silver sponsor in the opening ceremony of the event, which is held in World Sleep Day Society Rochester, MN office last week, focusing on the theme of Better Sleep, Better Life and Better Planet.

( The host of World Sleep Day opening ceremony is sharing the donated pillows from LANGRIA  to all attendees at World Sleep Society Rochester, MN office)

“As you probably know, the Covid 19 virus is currently spreading here in the US. Because of this, our event attendees were mostly digital (we livestreamed the event)” said by  Jess Hepinstall, the Program Assistant  of World Sleep Society.  That’s the reason why there are only few people on-site.

Every year, World Sleep Society will partner with some companies with different levels to advance sleep health to held World Sleep Day events around the world, more than 100 delegates will hold offline activities at the same day focusing on the same topic.  Except for LANGRIA, AMLife, fidia, sleepscore labs, THE SLEEP FORUM, VERVE LABEL GROUP and Argos are all sponsors for this event to provide physical or spiritual support.

The sponsored sleeping bed pillows are breathable, hypoallergenic, odor-free and shape-able, which is good for a great deep sleep. With pliable pillows, the users can experience optimal support for the head and neck. Regardless of different sleeping positions, every night will ensure an energized and motivated morning.  Pillows will be shipped to all World Sleep Day delegates for FREE to face those special nights.

Mrs.Wang, the founder of LANGRIA says, “LANGRIA is committed to providing healthy living products and paying attention to sleep health. We believe that good sleep products should be shared with everyone.  The world is suffering from Coronavirus, the arrival of World Sleep Day last week that appeared to be a tipping point is a timely reminder of the importance of restorative sleep. It’s honorable to sponsor World Sleep Day, which encourages everyone to pay more attention to people’s sleep and physical health.  “

“Additionally, we sent out the link, instructions for posting on social media, and the code in an email to all of our US/European Delegates. Thanks for your support and that’s a good idea to deliver internationally during this special period, those pillows are helpful for our sleep “, continues by Jess Hepinstall.


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